1. Kaji

    Closed 2x Seasonic SSP-300SUB 300W Bronze FlexATX PSU

    Hi all, for sale I have two (2) Seasonic SSP-300SUB 300W Bronze FlexATX power supplies. Both of them have modified cables for non standard power connectors so you will be required to re-run the cables as you see fit for your build. These are fully modular. Please only make a purchase if you are...
  2. Valantar

    .SKP & .STEP Flexatx PSU cutout cover with C14 and 40mm fan mounts (for MW RPS PSUs etc.) 1

    This is a PSU cutout cover plate for cases meant for FlexATX PSUs, for folks wanting to use an internal AC-DC PSU of some kind (like MeanWell's RPS series). It has a cutout designed for snap-in panel mount C14 sockets, which partially relies on the adjoining case panel for structural support for...
  3. Maestria

    Cooling 600W Custom Modular Flex ATX

  4. sergiiua

    MOD PSU Flex Seasonic SS-250SU

    Based on the usual model PSU Flex Seasonic SS-250SU Made for our mini FLEX mini 3.99L case. The wires are replaced by shorter braids. Added a connector of VGA 8pin and SATA power. The case was repainted. Also we replaced the fan by a quieter from the Noctua NF-A4x10 flx Result of...
  5. B

    A Powerful Gaming Rig at <5L

    Hello all! So I always look at mini-itx cases nowadays and think, "huh, those are nice and small, but if I buy a mini-itx graphics card, that's a considerable amount of space going to waste." On the other hand, there's really no good way to optimize that space, because let's say the mobo, GPU...
  6. H

    Power Supply SFX to Flex ATX bracket?

    new to this forum, but just wandering if anyone knows where I could buy a bracket to mount a Flex ATX psu in a space with mounting holes for an SFX psu. I can find ones for ATX to TFX and the obvious ATX to SFX, but nothing to suite my needs. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. hardcore_gamer

    Here's an idea : <5L cube (Flex ATX, Multiple SSDs, 120mm case fan)

    Just a wild idea of an arrangement (3 "vertical columns") to provide good airflow and to support multiple 2.5" drives in a <5L/~5L case: 142mm x 180mm x 195mm mITX cube with FlexATX PSU Good air ventilation for CPU, GPU, PSU and MB 120mm slim front case fan Two 80mmx15mm top case fans upto...
  8. BaK

    6.8L MiniCube

    Hi guys, As an SFF builder I am glad to post here, thx Mr FlexATX aka iFreilicht for the invitation and for having helped me out with this build and especially with the choice of the PSU! ;) My goal is to have a fast and silent rig, with a decent iGPU to work with 3D stuff (i.e. Sketchup) but...
  9. iFreilicht

    Other How to reduce cable clutter to a minimum

    We all know about the 24pin problem. There's this one, unbelieviably bulky cable in our machines that supplies the mainboard with power. It takes up an unnecessary amount of space, is hard to route and in general hinders the advancement of SFF (a little bit). Some of us already imagined a...
  10. iFreilicht

    Power Supply The Seasonic SSP-300SUG fully modular 150mm FlexATX PSU

    Just received this unit today and thought I would take a look at it. I won't actually turn it on until I get the prototype parts for Brevis S, but I got pretty excited just looking at it. Here are my first impressions: Thanks for reading!
  11. Chris Howell

    Diesel Engine (ITX / SFF / Console) - COMPLETE!

    Final Pics of the three consoles that I made in the end. Scroll to Page 4 for more Final Pics! ------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone - Welcome to my build log for my current project, a scratch-built PC / Games Console designed for the living room...
  12. iFreilicht

    Enclosure Geeek A10: ITX, LP dual slot and FlexATX

    This looks like a simple but interesting case for the folks that wanted FlexATX support for the Lone Industries L3. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of space wasted at the front and it's currently only available for preorder, so I don't know when it's going to be released. Store page.
  13. iFreilicht

    Freilite Spiramentum: Two chamber case concept

    Spiramentum - Latin for "gap, split" After I posted an update to Brevis S that showed an extension module, @pazoo asked whether it would be possible to make a case that separated the components into two chambers. This is a very basic concept for now, as there are quite a few challenges with...
  14. iFreilicht

    Stalled Freilite Brevis S: <5L Gaming Case with internal PSU

    Small poll: A GPU is not the only thing one might want to put into the GPU compartment, and I've recently made a change to allow for a fan swap. What would you put there? Latest update: First hinge and Front I/O prototype. Full update. Current status: First prototype has arrived, and while...
  15. iFreilicht

    Power Supply 500W FlexATX PSU

    Sorry everyone, this project is stalled indefinitely. The interest for a PSU like this is too low to create a custom unit at this time. However, you can get a stock FSP500-50FSPT from Amazon.us. Original Post: Introduction: The FSP500-50FSPT is a short FlexATX PSU rated at 500W power output...