1. Ek1

    GPU The best mITX sized GPU [2019/2] Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 MINI ITX?

    When looking GPU that does not need more space than the mITX motherboard, have you seen better option? For 500$-600€ it seems to be the holy grail. Model: GV-N2070IX-8GC
  2. Phuncz

    SFF.Network The first Intel Z390 board has been revealed, by ASRock

    Read more here.
  3. grsychckn

    Completed S401: Salvo Studios <8L mITX Steel Unibody Chassis w/ GPU & CPU fans in same direction

    This is a revision of the S400. The S401 has been enlarged slightly to support longer and wider GPUs, SFX-L PSUs, and 3.5" HDDs. The current specs are: Case Specifications Material: Galvenneal 0.04" thick, Stands: 0.128" thick Dimensions (External): 357.124mm x 68.2244mm x 324.358mm (14.06" x...
  4. H

    Enclosure CaseLabs Bullet BH4 VS. Cerberus KIC11U for mITX Build

    Hello All! I've been looking at the forums for some time and am just now posting! I've have recently gotten into PC building and am looking to transplant my mITX build into a SFF case. Excited about options available for beautifully designed USA made cases! My requirements for space are an...
  5. Mortis Angelus

    Project HoRizen GTXbox - Worlds most versatile Xbox Original

    I have finally reached the state in my project of converting an original Xbox into a mITX PC that I am confident enough to start showing off a build log! In this first post I will show some images of which state I am in now, and also tell the background for the project and my personal criteria...
  6. XiCynx

    Closed [SOLD] Price check on a Soldam WiNDy Cube

    Hey there peeps, I've recently been downsizing quite a bit and selling off lots of things that I have acquired over the years. I have one case that is like a new born baby to me. I have not been able to bring myself to use it because of how gorgeous I think it is and was looking to give it a...
  7. Thestarkiller32

    Motherboard AM4 mITX Chipset

    Hi, I'm planning a Build in a RVZ02 and the question is: [X370/B350] OR [X300/A300] because the 4 now available Mainboards are mostly junk in terms of Vcore temps, layout and specs....:( So sould we simply take a bag of SoonTM and wait for the holiday launch of Raven Ridge + X300?
  8. Pat-Roner

    News ASRock Unveils the X299E-ITX/ac: Mini ITX + X299 + Quad-channel Memory

    Mod edit: Detailed overview of what we know about the X299E-ITX/ac thus far here: Original: ASRock did it! Finally, there's an Intel HEDT platform motherboard with full quad-channel DDR4 memory. The new X299E-ITX/ac...
  9. Bambam625

    Motherboard Need some help

    Hey guys, Im in the process of building a rig for my girlfriend. Ive been slowly buying parts whenever I can, so far ive managed to grab an r9 nano, a 21:9 29 inch monitor, an e3 1270 v1, a desk, and weve finally decided on what case she wants. (there is no rhyme or reason to why I did things...
  10. ChainedHope

    [Discussion] Your "dream" AM4 mITX config?

    Just wanted to have a discussion of what you would want to see in an AM4 mITX setup as only 1 board has been announced and there is plenty of time before any more get announced and specs given. I've been thinking about it a lot and I have seen some pretty damn good ideas. This is a "dream"...
  11. papakier

    K-13R - mITX build

    Hi internet, I would like to share my SFF build. "What's in the box?": CPU: Intel i5 6600K (will be overclock in the future) CPU cooler: Cryorig C7 MB: Gigabyte Z170N Gaming 5 GPU: Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070 RAM: Gskill TridentZ 2x8GB PSU: Corsair SF600 Storage: Samsung 850 Evo Extras: I will be...
  12. Shattucknick

    m-ITX that isn't the smallest - Brainstorming

    Ok so not to long ago I started some design work on a mini-ITX case as I am hoping to make my system more compact. Now I am going to continue the design on here and essentially brainstorm ideas as I try to refine my build. I will not be able to prototype it for at least 2 months so I have some...
  13. 4RTEX


    Hello fellow designers! Quick introduction. I have been to the forum for while, but never really shown the project here. FPS-CASE1 has been out there for few years. It's a simple custom made mITX enclosure that also fits ATX power supplies and wide graphics cards. Purpose. The case was...
  14. hardcore_gamer

    Here's an idea : <5L cube (Flex ATX, Multiple SSDs, 120mm case fan)

    Just a wild idea of an arrangement (3 "vertical columns") to provide good airflow and to support multiple 2.5" drives in a <5L/~5L case: 142mm x 180mm x 195mm mITX cube with FlexATX PSU Good air ventilation for CPU, GPU, PSU and MB 120mm slim front case fan Two 80mmx15mm top case fans upto...
  15. ChainedHope

    The Acorn - mITX-2-mATX EVGA Hadron Conversion

    *I wasn't sure if I wanted to port the build log over since a lot of people here are from OCN, but I figure I might as well so I have something to show anyone I haven't had the pleasure of talking with about it. Introduction Let me start this by saying that I absolutely love the EVGA Hadron...
  16. Tek Everything

    News NFC Systems S4 Mini Review

    The Mini-ITX case market has seen significant growth in the last few years, from small upstarts and titans of industry alike. However, finding the proper balance between features and size still seems to be a tough nut for most case manufactures to crack. It is with this backdrop that we see NFC...
  17. J

    Silverstone SG13B X99 build

    This build was inspired by Shawn Faherty's Ncase build so thank you for documenting it. This is my first SFF machine and budget had a strong influence in this build. For this reason, there are things that I would have done differently and I'm considering a GPU (980ti?) upgrade, along with a PSU...
  18. iFreilicht

    Freilite Spiramentum: Two chamber case concept

    Spiramentum - Latin for "gap, split" After I posted an update to Brevis S that showed an extension module, @pazoo asked whether it would be possible to make a case that separated the components into two chambers. This is a very basic concept for now, as there are quite a few challenges with...
  19. Simwalh

    [Scratch Build] It's finally done! Custom case, custom watercooling, custom cables, custom everythin

    I recently built my first gaming pc by myself, and it was great fun. But now that I'm done, there is a large gap in me that needs to be filled! So i first thought about watercooling (just for looks really), but the watercooling support of mitx cases (mine in particular) is either rather poor, or...
  20. iFreilicht

    Stalled Freilite Brevis S: <5L Gaming Case with internal PSU

    Small poll: A GPU is not the only thing one might want to put into the GPU compartment, and I've recently made a change to allow for a fan swap. What would you put there? Latest update: First hinge and Front I/O prototype. Full update. Current status: First prototype has arrived, and while...