Production S401: Salvo Studios <8L mITX Steel Unibody Chassis w/ GPU & CPU fans in same direction

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    This is a revision of the S400. The S401 has been enlarged slightly to support longer and wider GPUs, SFX-L PSUs, and 3.5" HDDs. The current specs are:

    Case Specifications
    Material: Galvenneal 0.04" thick, Stands: 0.128" thick
    Dimensions (External): 357.124mm x 68.2244mm x 324.358mm (14.06" x 2.686" x 12.777")
    Volume (External): 7.902L
    Orientations supported: Vertical & Horizontal
    Stands: Key-slotted with thumbscrews for easy removal

    Compatibility Specifications
    Mainboard support: mITX only
    CPU cooler height restriction: ~52mm
    PSU support: SFX, SFX-L, and HDPlex 400w+300w combo (interal mounts)
    Maximum GPU support: length 305mm, width 140mm, height dual slot (40mm)
    Fan support: 4 - 60mm x 15mm fan mounting locations
    Grille support: Demciflex filters supported (may require custom filter I spec for them)
    Disk Configurations:
    1. 4x2.5"
    2. 2x3.5" *
    3. 1x3.5" and 2x2.5" **
    * Requires no dGPU installed
    ** Requires dGPU less than 200mm installed

    Included Hardware
    Front Illuminated Power button (no reset button)
    PCIe extender (Li-Heat Type A, 30cm)
    Front mount USB (3.1A and Type C), Internal PSU (C14) extender with external inlet
    assorted screws and mounting hardware.

    Ordering available beginning October 31st!
    Visit my website to purchase the S401

    S401 with optional Handle
    S401 with optional custom acrylic panels
    S401 with optional handle and custom acrylic panels
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    Looking great! Few questions:

    What size power button is this going to take?
    Will you be taking pre-orders, if so, when?

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    I finally registered here so I can follow your S401. You probably don't remember, but I exchanged a couple of PMs with you on [H]ardforum a long time ago. I missed out on the S400, so I was glad to hear that you are going to do another. I'm excited to hear that the price target is $150.

    I like the stand on the S401 vs. what the S400 had.

    I'll have to say that I like the vent pattern on the S400 better. I'm not a big fan of being able to see the inner workings of the PC through large vent holes. I'm fine with seeing the components through a tempered glass panel (I'm not asking for a TG panel), but seeing them through vent holes makes it seem like you are seeing something you shouldn't. ;) But I understand the need for cooling.

    A few quick questions:

    1) Will you be offering the custom colors like the S400? The blue/black and red/black combinations were particularly striking on the S400.

    2) Could you post a picture of the S401 prototype next to the S400 to show the size difference?

    3) Since the case is made from Galvenneal, how much does it weigh?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!
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    BRAVO!!! Brilliant!!!
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    First and foremost: Thank you! As for your questions, the answers below are where everything stands now. Things may change.

    I will not be offering custom colors with the S401. The idea is to reduce as much cost as possible to allow me to offer the cases for the drastically reduced price. There is a possibility I will offer custom powder coating on certain panels/stands at a later date for an additional cost.

    Looks like CStein already got this one covered: Thank you!

    Not much more than the S400 as the material is about 1/10 as thick. I'll get a specific number once I get the prototype with all the parts so I can weigh it all together.
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    All right! We've got the new thread for this project! Unfortunately, the website doesn't work through whatever web filter they have here :\ Oh well, when I get home.

    I have to keep reminding myself not to go start buying a bunch of 60mm fans since projected availability date is July.

    I'm in to see what sort of filtering solutions come up (the dust filters on my RVZ02 are egregiously congested). The thought of swappable, colored panels is an intriguing one. Tangentially, what are we calling the different panels? "Front" I would think would be the power button side and "back" would be I/O. I suppose that "top" and "bottom" would depend on horizontal vs. vertical. I'll probably go vertical but then I'm faced with deciding which side of the computer to view... component side or a tricked-out reverse side...
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    Colored panels will definitely be an afterthought - especially if I don't get enough demand for them. I powder coat each one and it take a lot of time and I can easily ruin panels if I'm not careful.

    As for the names of the panels, that is a very good question. I have (and probably will continue to) differentiated the two panels by calling one the "vented" panel and the other the "solid" or "non-vented" panel. That is really the functional difference between the two.
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    Honestly pumped for this. I also created an account to follow. I really want to pick up this case when you start producing for my next ITX build.

    It's gorgeous and so well thought out. Looks like way better airflow then the comparable cases out there.

    Keep up the great work.
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    Not suresif you're comfortable doing it, but maybe provide the PDF for the technical diagram for the side panel so builders can print/cut custom side panels with precision?
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    Yes, this is a great idea. Thank you for suggesting it. I'll be creating a PDF anyway because I want to have an acrylic/wood panel made for at least one.
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    Sweet! As a happy S400 owner, I'm excited to keep following Salvo and see these new threads unfold. This guy's the real deal, folks.

    • Glad you stuck with the naming convention --- I know we talked about name changes some time back in the S400 thread, but this naming (400/401/700) feels like a luxury car series while keeping the brand name in focus. Probably helps searchability, too, especially now that the name is right in the thread title. :)
    • Are you still doing pre-drilled holes for SSDs beneath the video card?
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    I'm really glad to hear you're excited! I am still drilling the holes for drives beneath the GPU, but they are now slightly raised to allow for standard SATA cables to connect without any pressure put on the connector.
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    Sorry CStein08, I just remembered I failed to reply to you. The button size is 16mm. As for preorders, I might start taking them once I submit the order for the final units from the vendor. That would give me a lead time of at most a month to get organized for taking orders on the website.
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    No worries! Minor questions really; I know you're swamped! Super excited to see the next set of pictures. Thanks!
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    I forgot to add that I'm working with all the vendors to acquire the following:

    1. Power Switches (Submitted Order for more)
    2. USB Adapters (Paid and Ordered)
    3. C14 inlet + dongle (Looking for vendor)
    4. Mounting Hardware
    5. Packing/Shipping inventory (Ordering samples soon)

    Once I get all these items ordered, I should only have to order the actual cases from the vendor.
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    If one were to use a ASUS ITX motherboard with two M.2 SSD slots and back slot has a M.2 SSD installed, will there be space for a M.2 SSD heatsink, such as a kryoM.2??
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    I'm not sure about the front-mounted drives but the rear-mounted drives will not have the clearance for an aftermarket heatsink. What I am going to try and do though is figure out what thermal tape can be purchased that could be applied to the rear-mount m.2 and bridge the gap between it and the side panel. This would essentially make the side cover panel a large heatsink.
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    There are thermal interface tapes that are adhesive on one side to keep from pulling on the ssd when doing things with the motherboard. Something along those lines would work nicely in a lot of cases that obscure the m.2 mounts on the backs of motherboards.
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    Indeed - these are the kinds of tapes I'm going to research to find a recommendation for those that want to better passively cool their rear-mounted m.2 drives. Thanks!
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