1. G

    Motherboard X570 Bifurcation

    Is there a list of motherboards that support bifurcation? Specifically X570 or alternative AM4 chipset motherboards? I've looked through a few motherboard manuals and don't see this option specifically listed. I have a challenging wireless environment in my house, and no easy way to run ethernet...
  2. DeltaIndiaXray

    M.2 to MXM?

    Hey so let me start out by saying I’m fairly new to this shit but have been building computers for well over 5 years. I haven’t done a ton of SFF builds but a few. I’ve been doing research lately on some crazy ideas that I’ve been storming up in my head while stuck on deployment and waiting to...
  3. D

    (SOLVED) Need Help Understanding M.2 Slots

    UPDATE: Thanks everyone for their help. I understand things now ? ----- So I'm in the process of buying PC parts for an SFF build. I'm limited on space so I was planning on using a couple of M.2 drives and a 7mm 2.5" either SSD or HDD. The board im gonna use (ROG Strix X470-I) says this...
  4. P

    Concept pcie3.0 splitters-16x to dual 8x

    I noticed some of you guys using PCIE splitters that would be super useful to me, but im struggling to find what I need and was hoping I could get some help. part of what I need to do is split a pcie3.0 slot into two 8x slots and have a gpu in each. I have only been able to find splitters that...
  5. W4RR10R

    Other PCIe re-drivers, re-timers, muxs, oh my...

    So this is an entirely hypothetical idea at this point. So, sometimes I sit and ponder about "crazy" and/or "useless" things but I recently had one that I really like and did't know how exactly to try implement it. Bare with me. 3rd gen Ryzen is coming out in the (near) future and has been...
  6. B

    future m.2 bandwidth for PCIe adapters?

    My understanding is that your NVMe M.2 > PCIe x16 adapter has limitations of PCIe x4 speeds as the bandwidth is limited to that amount on the motherboard. As interest seems to be growing for this graphics adapter solution to be used with Mini-STX boards & that ultra small form factor, do you...
  7. royalba94

    X399 Motherboards with Bifurcation support?

    So in all my googling these past couple hours I cannot seem to find out which X399 motherboards support PCIe Bifurcation, can anybody recommend? Boards I have to choose from at the moment are: MSI X399 Carbon Asrock X399 Taichi Gigabyte X399 Gaming 7 Would love any help in choosing which...
  8. F

    Other In search for a PCIe Riser Card that doesn't block the Audioports of the Motherboard

    I guess you know those riser cards: https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_89105/merkmale.html They would be a good alternative to flexible risers but in my testing the PCIe bracket of a two slots graphics cards collides with the Audio Ports of a normal layout mini itx board just barely but just too...
  9. Reldey

    Possible EGPU connector Mod?

    So I was digging around, and found a nifty looking cable. https://cs-electronics.com/product/pcie-x16-cable-fully-shielded/ It is a cable with a seemingly small connector that allows the bridging of PCI-E x 16 signals. Could it be possible to say, transfer a standard PCI-E connector on an ITX...
  10. garyroks

    Other Unknown pci riser card?

    Guys, I just came across this piece of tech in mouser electronics website. The name of this tech is Pcie-03. Have you ever seen the below piece of hardware and can it be used in any of the sff builds?? Like can it support modern graphic card ? It also has another pcie x1 on the bottom right...
  11. S

    Motherboard Thoughts on using used / replacement AIO motherboards

    I want to start this off by saying that I realize this idea is highly impractical. Many AIOs use non-standard motherboard form factors, many have few to no standard sata connectors, awkwardly placed ports, and good luck finding them with standard power connectors. But every now and then you see...
  12. 10410039

    3.000 mm PCIE Riser

    Linus did a test on Thermaltake riser, you may want to check it out.
  13. yawacool

    Other PCIE flexible riser cable technology is relatively

  14. Biowarejak

    Splicing Sata to PCIE 6 Pin

    So, I have a couple of these guys: And I was wondering, is there a way I can splice one of them onto the SATA cable directly by removing the male and female ends? I would also be taking the opportunity to reduce my cable length and sleeve them, so I'm not concerned about soldering and heat...
  15. yawacool

    Other How to choose a PCIe flexible riser card

    According to the principle of high-speed differential signaling PCIe I / O interface, x16 is = 164pin; So do not want to be the victim of inferior products, Do not buy the total number of wiring, or power specifications marked unclear products, Detailed introduction to PCIE...
  16. yawacool

    The PCIe flexible riser card has standard features from Li-heat Ltd.

    Edit date 2018/9/12 Technical specifications The most complete PCIe x16 GEN3.0 extension adapter X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test: X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test: Support for Intel and AMD New published video: In fact,PCIe this interface,its pin contains three...
  17. QinX

    .STEP Reversed PCIe 4x to 16x Riser 1.0

    A CAD file for the PCIe Riser I've made for my project H2O-Micro. Should be dead on accurate.
  18. hardcore_gamer

    Here's an idea : <5L cube (Flex ATX, Multiple SSDs, 120mm case fan)

    Just a wild idea of an arrangement (3 "vertical columns") to provide good airflow and to support multiple 2.5" drives in a <5L/~5L case: 142mm x 180mm x 195mm mITX cube with FlexATX PSU Good air ventilation for CPU, GPU, PSU and MB 120mm slim front case fan Two 80mmx15mm top case fans upto...
  19. iFreilicht

    Part Flexible PCIe risers

    A lot of new case designs are using flexible PCIe risers, and for a good reason. They allow for flexibility when placing the GPU, enabling much more efficient layouts. There are many different risers out there, so I thought it would be helpful to have a thread where we can collect information...
  20. iFreilicht

    Making a PCIe x16 riser?

    I just stumbled upon a new connector series from Molex, the Nano-Pitch connectors, which seem to be similar to the size of HDMI and DP connectors, but with a whopping 42 circuits per connector. Allegedly they are designed for PCIe applications, supporting even the upcoming PCIe 4.0. So it seems...