1. timginter

    Custom case question - mesh panel design to minimise interference

    Does anyone know if mesh panels need specific "hole" sizes and if mesh panels help with interference? I have a custom portable PC https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/diy-laptop-portable-pc-5-4-litres-17-screen.15795/ but interference is really bad. From my tests it looks like the GPU...
  2. BobyMadrox

    Log RGEEK L65S modded build - (MSI Z390I + I7 8086K + RX570 with riser)

    Hi there, Wanted to present a little project I made a couple of months ago! Being used every day for 8 months without a problem. Was stressful to make it initially, because something could have gone very wrong (had to cuts the cable and resolder to make them shorter for the build, cut the case...
  3. Curiosity

    .SKP ADTLink R43UR M.2 to PCIEx16 riser (150mm) 1.0

    Modeled this for planning for my A300-M(AX) build, so I'm uploading it in case it's useful for someone else. It's as accurate as I can manage with mechanical calipers and jeweler ruler, simple model for ease of use and also because I saw no reason to model in screws holding things together that...
  4. D

    X570 & Riser Cable Problems for 5700/XT

    So apparently there's issues running the RX 5700/XT on a riser cable or vertical mount when using X570... X570 Riser Issue I guess imma have to swap from the Dan case to something else??
  5. sergiiua

    .SKP Li-Heat riser pci-e x16 2018-06-02

    Li-Heat rizer pci-e x16 Tupe - A Tupe - B Tupe - D
  6. aquelito

    Prototype Neutrino : a 4L case dedicated to thin mini-ITX with discrete GPU

    Hi there, I'm glad to share one of the projects I've been working on for quite some time. Some of you may know my interest for thin-itx boards. I experimented quite a lot with various combinations of hardware and cases but Neutrino is by far my favourite project. To make it short, I purchased...
  7. kotproger

    Production Project CPR - Customizable PCI-E Riser (up to X16)

    Hello, friends! I want to share with you my ideas and developments, to get feedback or even help! The essence of the project is to create a universal platform for PCI-E riser, which allows to use it with various devices - from nettops, laptops to stationary PCs. Local page devoted to...
  8. 10410039

    3.000 mm PCIE Riser

    Linus did a test on Thermaltake riser, you may want to check it out.
  9. Morris

    NFC SILIFLEX Riser in a MC600

    I'm mostly-positive the answer is "no" based on what I've found, but I thought I'd reach out to the folks here and get a definitive answer. I'm planning a MC600 build and would like to track down the right riser. The NFC S4 Mini is nearly identical in size and has a custom riser from HDPlex...
  10. yawacool

    Other PCIE flexible riser cable technology is relatively

  11. I

    Are there any special PCI-E riser with 2 input sources and hardware switch?

    Hey guys, here is the idea. I want to put the Thuner2 eGPU PCB into my mini-ITX PC. So I could utilize the SFX PSU and GTX 1060 in my PC when the PC is turned off. Maybe that also need to do some mod on PSU. If there exist such PCI-E riser with 2 input sources, one from PC motherboard and...
  12. D

    Other Powered pcie riser cable for unpowered graphicscards

    TL;DR: This riser good. Use if card no haz extra power. This thread is about powered riser cables for graphicscards that have no auxiliary power connector, pulling the full 75W from the PCI slot. The PCIE standard does not specify that 75W can be delivered safely through a riser cable. I.e...
  13. yawacool

    Other How to choose a PCIe flexible riser card

    According to the principle of high-speed differential signaling PCIe I / O interface, x16 is = 164pin; So do not want to be the victim of inferior products, Do not buy the total number of wiring, or power specifications marked unclear products, Detailed introduction to PCIE...
  14. yawacool

    The PCIe flexible riser card has standard features from Li-heat Ltd.

    Edit date 2018/9/12 Technical specifications The most complete PCIe x16 GEN3.0 extension adapter X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test: X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test: Support for Intel and AMD New published video: In fact,PCIe this interface,its pin contains three...
  15. QinX

    .STEP Reversed PCIe 4x to 16x Riser 1.0

    A CAD file for the PCIe Riser I've made for my project H2O-Micro. Should be dead on accurate.
  16. iFreilicht

    Part Flexible PCIe risers

    A lot of new case designs are using flexible PCIe risers, and for a good reason. They allow for flexibility when placing the GPU, enabling much more efficient layouts. There are many different risers out there, so I thought it would be helpful to have a thread where we can collect information...
  17. iFreilicht

    Making a PCIe x16 riser?

    I just stumbled upon a new connector series from Molex, the Nano-Pitch connectors, which seem to be similar to the size of HDMI and DP connectors, but with a whopping 42 circuits per connector. Allegedly they are designed for PCIe applications, supporting even the upcoming PCIe 4.0. So it seems...
  18. Sigmaeleven

    Project Exometry: An Endeavour on a Functional Prototype

    Thanks for spending the time reading all of that! I appreciate every critiques or comments, so don't be afraid to do so!
  19. iFreilicht

    Other The HDPLEX Silicon flexible PCIe riser

    Received the HDPLEX Silicon riser (click "Package contents" for more pictures) today and boy what a great riser that is. This might be the one I've been looking for all this time. Short facts: Costs about 1/3rd of the 3M riser, about the same as the LiHeat Is thinner than any other riser in...
  20. iFreilicht

    Other Dissection of the LiHeat flexible PCIe riser

    Welp, here goes nothing. As you all know, run-of-the-mill PCIe ribbon cables have all sorts of issues regarding EMI, effectively reducing the maximum possible bandwidth, apart from looking like IDE cables from the 90s. LiHeat promises to offer a reliable and better looking but affordable...