Completed DSE Breathe - A 7.3L Vertical Format ITX Tower


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Feb 7, 2018

there are two photos the second one shows the backside cable management

did i route the pcie cable incorrect?

could someone post a picture of their cable management?
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Jun 23, 2018
That 90 degree adaptor does not work. Lol

My thoughts so far with building in this case.
  • Wow this case is light! the aluminium really makes it great for portable builds. But there is ALOT of flex that kind of scares me at times. Especially when I'm holding it in my hands and I can see it bend really far. (perhaps steel is better for the Spine)
  • DEFINITELY USE CUSTOM OR PREMIUM CABLES. You really need that flexibility. Buy the Corsair Premium SF PSU's coming out or cablemod or your favorite modder.
  • As was previously mentioned, the PSU 24 pin is way too thick with the SF450/600 cables (non premium) gets in the
  • I have 4 2.5" drives I want to use. I honestly have no idea how its supposed to be mounted with the available cables from the PSU. It is definitely not possible with the stock SATA power cables. No matter how much you pend and twist, it is not possible with the cables coming out the sides. @DSE what did you use in the photos? I'll probably end up only using 2.
  • If I have an M.2 on the back of the motherboard, it is covered by the PCI-E riser cable, I am concerned for the temps as there is no active airflow over it.
thats my only concerns so far. I will not be able to complete my build

I had the same issue. Used a NCASE M1 power cable.

Works like a charm!

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