1. JKBBG

    Production [Open Source] JKase D3 v1.0 -- Triangular Vertical mini-ITX Case, 3.5 slots GPU support, 280mm support, 3 Different Forms, Vertical Airflow, Modular

    2023-07-11: Massive Update, JKase D3 v1.0, Open Source JKASE D3 is a case that values the DIY spirit. It is based on an equilateral triangle, you can change the side panel and parts on your requirement. For example, from General Form to Duo Systems Form, or from General Cooling Mode to Duo...

    Production RCC-MID2 | compact industrial style vertical case

    REVOCCASES RCC-MID2 | a minimalistic SciFi inspired vertical case Specs: Case Dimensions: (ca.) 390 x 180 x 140mm Material: powder coated aluminum Motherboard: mini-ITX Power Supply: SFX(-L) CPU Cooler: 120mm AIO, 53mm pump / CPU-block clearance Graphics Card: up to 3 slots / 60mm thick...
  3. Argofisto

    Stalled [it didn't work] Nessy 3-Slot GPU SUPPORTS AIO 92-120-240mm GPU MATX-SFF 15,47 Liters

    Hi everyone, my name is Argofisto and today I want to present a design that I have been working on for a while. It consists of a 16.8-liter pc case with a lot of compatibility. The main objective is to create the smallest micro-atx case with a normal but vertical layout, obtaining the...

    Production RCC-BIG1 | vertical small footprint 13L SFF case | supports 300mm 2.5 Slot GPUs and NH-L12S

    Introducing REVOCCASES - RCC-BIG1 | vertical 13l wind-tunnel SFF case - RTX3080 FE ready for orders and more info: Many thanks to hi9x for sharing some pictures of his awesome build and confirming that the RTX3080FE works well in the BIG1!
  5. DSE

    Concept DSE Vertex - A 10L Inverted Vertical Format ITX Tower

    The Story Ever since I made the Breathe case, I was always wondering: Would I ever make another case? Could anything new be done with the component layout? Could I ever deliver on the features so many people wanted in the Breathe? Now I've got my answer: Yes; and its name is Vertex. The first...
  6. DSE

    Completed DSE Breathe - A 7.3L Vertical Format ITX Tower

    Hi everyone. This is a project I started in late September 2016. With that being said, I am proud to present the Breathe. The Story Specifications, Dimensions, and Features The Breathe supports a variety of configurations in its second compartment due to an array of mounting holes I...
  7. E


    Hey everyone, After having implemented my first custom case, the EVE-01, I'm now ready for my next project, the EVE-02! The motivation behind this, is to continue polishing the idea of my original design, for a vertical SFF case, this time taking the opportunity of using a PCI-E riser cable to...