1. BryceK

    Modding GPU to single slot

    Hi All, A lot of the high-end GPU's in Smaller sizes like the Gigabyte/Zotac GTX 1070/1080 are 2 slots. Yet they are only 2 slots because of their heatsink and fans and because of the DVI port. Now if you would Watercool such a card, they become a single slot due to the waterblock being less...
  2. jaruri

    Cougar QBX Kaze - Custom Loop Build

    I've recently finished my custom loop in my Cougar QBX Kaze! I've already posted this to the sffpc subreddit, but why not here too! :) The start of the journey -- I picked up the QBX Kaze locally on a whim, and ended up wanting to do my first custom loop and PC update in it. Before this I had...
  3. F

    Concept 13L 360MM Watercooled Concept

    UPDATE 1: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/13l-360mm-watercooled-concept.7212/#post-93772 I've been looking for a nice looking case that can be done with a custom loop, either 2x 240mm or a 360mm and above. This case would fit full GPU cards, along with a 30x120x360 Radiator with 25mm...
  4. royalba94

    [GPU related] Watercool it, trade it, or wait to upgrade?

    Hey all! As the title says, I'm trying to analyze my options for watercooling my zotac 980ti - bitspower apparently made a block for it at one point but I can't find anywhere to buy it :/ And before anyone asks why I want to watercool it since it has such a great cooler already I'll answer...
  5. rosinbole

    Cooling Bykski GPU Water Cooling Block For Gigabyte GTX 1080/1070 mini

    Hi! Before buying anything, I'd like to make sure that this isn't some leaking, low quality chinese knock-off thing, but actually a good quality product, so if any of you guys have any hands-on experience with this block or just bykski blocks in general, please tell me about your experience...
  6. D10S

    D10S: DAN A4 ★ 7920X ★ 1080TI Mini ★ X299 ITX

    A X299 build inside a DAN A4: - DAN A4 SFX V2 - INTEL i9 7920X - ASROCK X299 ITX AC - CORSAIR 64 GB RAM - D10S AIO - ZOTAC 1080 TI Mini - PSU FLEX 600W P
  7. BryceK

    Custom Watercooling Radiator / Block

    Hi Guys, So I want to get a custom Radiator made for watercooling and a GPU specific block. Does anyone know a company that specializes in this? Cheers
  8. BryceK

    Cooling Any experience with the chinese brand: Barrow?

    Hi all, I found this chinese brand online: http://www.barrowint.com/ which makes a lot of watercooling solutions for specific GPUs. Now I was wondering, does anyone has experience with this brand?
  9. F

    Concept SLI, 2 x 240mm Radiators, below 20L

    Hi all, Just been experimenting with doing an ITX case and realised you could totally fit all of this into beneath 20L. This idea is very basic due to my lack of design skills, and probably wouldn't work airflow wise - but the idea would be similar to the "basement" in bigger cases with the 240...
  10. Webster971

    SZ170R8 V2 watercooling

    Hello everybody ! I bought myself a Shuttle SZ170R8 V2 barebone and I going to put it under watercooling. For the components: - Barebonne: Shuttle SZ170R8 V2 (of curse) - CPU: I5 6600k or I7 6700k depending on the budget - GPU: GTX 1070 or an GTX 1080 - RAM: 4x4 GO (model according to the...
  11. 10410039

    News EK Releases Slim (or narrow rather) rad.

    https://www.ekwb.com/news/ek-releasing-140-280mm-coolstream-slim-radiators/ The tittle that EK put on it's web is a bit misleading, the rad isn't that slim at 28mm but narrow to be exact, it's just as wide as the corresponding fan sizes. Unfortunately for now, it's only available in 140 & 280mm.
  12. sergiiua

    Completed Custom_MOD SFX 9.3L

    Specs: - CASE -- PHOTO ALBUM - Volume: 9.3L (265x220x160mm) - Weight 1.5kg - Production: ESI METAL factory (video), swiss solutions «Bystronic» - Material: 1.5mm Aluminium, Powder Coating - GPU: length <230mm, height <135mm - CPU Cooler: up to 60mm - Storage: 3x SSD/HDD 2.5" - PSU: SFX / SFX-L -...
  13. royalba94

    Concept Modular and Watercooling friendly SFF cases...

    Hello everyone! I'm working on a couple case ideas I have but today I thought I'd share my ideas regarding my Micro ATX version of the case. The Backstory: This all started when I was trying to come up with a way to mod an S4 Mini to accept watercooling. I started off with designing an...
  14. LocoMoto

    Cooling EKWB - Rotary Terminals for the Full Cover Blocks

    So, THIS, the Rotary Terminals from EKWB is something I personally find very exciting as it enables more widespread and in general just more uses of single slot cards that are liquid cooled in SFF enclosures! It features PTFE-coated forged brass with G1/4" threads for the ports and is...
  15. Zer0Sync

    Looking for some sizing help....

    Hey guys, first post on the forum, been reading and browsing the forum for a few months now but never made an account cause I'm weird like that. But I'm in desperate need of guidance..... I have a node 202 with custom made holes to fit a corsair H55 like Bitwit did in THIS video. However the...
  16. BaK

    Black copper NCase M1

    Hi SFF freaks! I will post some pics of my NCase M1 build which I started a couple of years ago. I made my MiniCube in the meanwhile, but that was still a long journey! Especially finding the right pieces for my first custom loop was a hard task. The choice is sort of limited here in...
  17. ChainedHope

    [Scratch Build Log] Challenge - An Abnormal Case - Growing the Acorn

    Welcome! To preface this you should take a look at the Acorn build log here: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/the-acorn-mitx-2-matx-evga-hadron-conversion.715/ Since then a lot has happened (gpu issues, complete failure of the water cooling loop, ssd failure, hdd failure, etc..) but I...
  18. zillatron

    Cooling SFF Water-cooling

    Squeezing as much power as you can into a SFF case can, as you all know, be quite a challenge. Cooling all that hardware *and* keeping it quiet is (arguably) even more challenging. One thing I really want to attack in a future incarnation of my toaster games rig is water-cooling. In fact, my...
  19. GuilleAcoustic

    .SKP EK Coolstream 240 SE 2016-04-22

    Sketchup model of the EK Waterblocks Coolstream 240 SE radiator. This has been modeled from the few mesurements I found on EK site and reviewing sites. Outer shell size, fan mouting point and water inlet / oulet position are accurate (from EK mechanical drawing).