What are 140mm Fan/Radiator Hole Spacings


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Oct 22, 2016
As the title would indicate, I'd like to know the exact hole spacings (and also diameter) of the mounting holes for a 140 mm fan/rad. I'm looking into making a small-ish AIO that needs a 75x75mm to 140x10mm adapter. But given the width and height of the fan itself is 140x100 the mounting holes would be smaller and I need the dimensions to create an accurate bracket with.

Thanks in advanced


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Apr 12, 2018
mount for 140mm fans are 125mm, for 120mm fans, they're 105mm. Holes are 7.5mm from the edge of the fan if it has a full frame. As far as hole diameter, I think they're between 4mm and 4.5mm usually.
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