1. A

    GPU In need of rtx 3080 waterblock with inlets/outlets running lengthways

    I'm looking for a waterblock for rtx 3080 (any model as I don't have the gpu yet) where the inlet and outlet ports run along the gpu's length instead of sticking out the sides (the sides where the block and backplate are). It's not the easiest thing to google for and when I do find non...
  2. Tact1calBeard

    Closed [EU-GER] - Cerberus mATX Case -- SOLD

    Hi, as I changed my case to a FormD T1 I want to sell my Ceberus mATX case in Obsidian Black with one windowed side panel, one vented side panel, the hinged mouting for the side and the mounting plate for the top. For SFX there are both mouting options available ( usually needs to be purchased...
  3. Firebear

    Cooling New Alphacool SL-15 (120x120x15mm) SFF fans - Noctua budget competitor?

    Alphacool released their new SL-15 fans today https://www.alphacool.com/detail/index/sArticle/27633?fbclid=IwAR23Kn_tOv0JDo0AQ4ul09b7-OPPTIwBe2tiJXwYy1C5hUWbn4sf2L8d3HY They price at € 11.69 (US$ 14,17). Technical Data Alphacool SL-15 Noctua NF A12x15 (as comparison) Speed 600 - 1800rpm...
  4. Gerold

    Buying [EU-AT] [H] Paypal, wire [W] XSPC TX240 ultrathin, Alphacool Eissation 40

    Hey all, I'm looking for - XSPC TX240 ultrathin radiator // 50€ - Alphacool Eisstation 40 DC-LT // 30€ - Alphacool ES Reservoir 1U - DDC Version // 40€ preferably in Europe to keep down shipping costs. Prices negotiable and dependent on shipping :) I'm based in Austria, please get in touch if...
  5. Nouvolo

    Production Aquanaut Combo/Extreme [new] - Ultra Low Profile CPU Block & Pump Mount Combo

    Aquanaut is an ultra low profile CPU block & pump mount combo optimized for space saving, clean and minimalist custom loop builds. It is now offered in 2 versions: Aquanaut Combo - available now OG / basic / budget model Stock configuration or standard builds Features : cold plate with micro...
  6. MultiDoc

    Ncase M1 v6.1 build log (X570, 3950x, 2080Ti, semi-water cooled)

    This will be my second build in the Ncase M1 (current PC in my sig below), this time using the v6.1. Spent a couple months gathering parts and reading extensively on similar builds and difficulties and problems that might arise and finally gathered all the parts for it. The most difficult was...
  7. B

    Watercooled Node 202

    Hey Guys, This is the second time posting here on sffnetwork. I wanted to share my project of watercooling a Fractal design node 202 with a dual 240 mm radiator loop. Here is the parts list: Case: node 202 Psu: corsair sf600 platinum Cpu: ryzen 3700x Gpu:1080ti Mobo: Aorus x570 pro wifi...
  8. A

    Concept Chimney - 18L dual 360 rad / dual graphics cards mATX case

    Just a sketch of this balls-to-the-wall idea... A case supporting two dual slot graphics cards (given that a mATX board can be found with the right pcie slot pitch :p), and where you can mount dual 360mm radiators, and a SFX/SFX-L PSU. The case is vertically oriented with a footprint of 25.5cm...
  9. S

    Concept NEW CASE! Is there any interest in an SFF case capable of holding 2x 280mm radiators?

    Just as the title says: is there any interest in a case roughly the volume of the Ncase M1, but capable of holding two 30mm thick 280mm radiators? I am in the (early) process of creating such a case for myself; but since I'll be doing the work of creating the case anyway, I wanted to gauge...
  10. Enter Plasma

    Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X - watercooled, oc'd to the limit, RGBW custom cables.

    A huge ITX system that is all about beauty and raw power. Supported by Watercool Made with <3 by Enter Plasma Main Features: 9900K & RTX 2080 with heavy OC in a Shift X Custom, high end, high performance Watercooling Custom RGBW Cables in MDPC-X Sleeve Custom Illumination "Fixing" the Phanteks...
  11. BaK

    DazMode watercooling radiators Quizz #1

    Thanks a lot to @DazMode for providing this quizz, avalaible here: https://www.dazmode.com/store/quiz-page/ I stumble on it days ago and as I played with it to get the right answers (did 70% on my first trial) I thought I would share them here for knowledge purpose. Try it on your own first! ;)...
  12. acuraway

    ITX Watercooling Questions

    Good day, I'm planning to watercool my current system. Is 25mm thick 240mm radiator with two noctua A12x15 slim fans enough for 1080ti and 8700 both stock ? Should I go for a thicker 30mm radiator ? (Im not sure whether the noctuas have enough static pressure to push air through)
  13. R

    Custom Watercooling loop DAN case v3 / ITX gpu / HDPLEX 400W / R5 2600

    Hey everyone, So I was one of the people who jumped on top of the new v3 case with support for 92mm and and 120mm aio cooling. I started off with the Asetek 545LC with a full length card and an SFX PSU, I liked it but my god the pump tubes were stressed. Next I ventured into 120mm AIO cooling...
  14. Arrandale

    Stalled .

  15. K

    Cooling Does Fan Clearance Matter for Radiators?

    I'm very slowly dreaming about a watercooled SFF. Love the stuff shown on the forums and elsewhere, but I keep wondering if fan clearance matters. Sometimes I see a radiator setup with 15mm fans where 25mm could fit. Both are obviously tight, but how much intake clearance do you really need...
  16. rosinbole

    Cooling Micro fittings?

    Hi all! I've searched and searched and searched, but I haven't been able to find any place that sells those fittings which Josh used on his CPU block in his "Miniest ITX, maximumest cooling!" video: Could any of you clarify that? I'm so sorry if I just missed it in the video, but I've...
  17. rosinbole

    Cooling Asus x470-i monoblock?

    Dang I'd like one, but I can't seem to find any... Is that because no monoblocks exist for that motherboard? I've begun designing one myself, but the problems in both design and manufacturing (as well as cost) are just too big for me, so probably no luck there... At least not right now...
  18. BaK

    News XSPC Launches TX Series Ultra Thin Radiators

    Let me relay here an info @Wahaha360 published in the [H] forum: https://www.techpowerup.com/246298/xspc-launches-tx-series-ultra-thin-radiators-20-thinner-than-a-typical-fan The world's thinnest available PC radiators at just 20.5 mm thick Available in 120mm, 240mm, 360mm and 480mm sizes.
  19. R

    M1 watercooling questions

    What's the max radiator size (length)? I'm thinking about moving a build with the EK MLC phoenix watercooling kit into the m1 and the rad+fans dimensions are 295mm x 133mm x 68mm. Is it possible to fit this on the bottom of the case, or would it have to be on the side panel? How much room would...
  20. B

    What are 140mm Fan/Radiator Hole Spacings

    As the title would indicate, I'd like to know the exact hole spacings (and also diameter) of the mounting holes for a 140 mm fan/rad. I'm looking into making a small-ish AIO that needs a 75x75mm to 140x10mm adapter. But given the width and height of the fan itself is 140x100 the mounting holes...