Cooling im planning to do a custom loop in the ncase M1.. rad clearence??


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May 7, 2018
is it possible to fit the EK slim series 240mm radiator under the GPU for a custom loop and STILL use 25mm fans? im watercooling my asus gtx 1080 turbo with the bitspower waterblock, will that give me the 53mm of clearence i need between the bottom of the case and my waterblock to fit the rad and 25mm fans? i can go with 15mm fans but i've heard they significantly reduce performance, what is the performance difference between 25mm and 15mm fans?

my specs:

stuff i have right now: asus gtx 1080 turbo + i7 2600 and stuff from 2011.

what i plan to get and do a custom loop with:

i7 8700k
asus strix z370-i
16 or 32GB g.skill trident Z RGB ram
corsair sf600 power supply


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Feb 15, 2018
Won't fit, you can check out other custom watercooled ncase builds to see spacing, only slim fans will fit
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