Closed [EU-GER] - Cerberus mATX Case -- SOLD


as I changed my case to a FormD T1 I want to sell my Ceberus mATX case in Obsidian Black with one windowed side panel, one vented side panel, the hinged mouting for the side and the mounting plate for the top. For SFX there are both mouting options available ( usually needs to be purchased seperately).

The case is in very good condition, as you can see in the pictures. I've made a modification to the internal SFX bracket, so the PSU can be installed like aside to the board, like in the NCase M1. But it still can be installed in the normal way.

There are 12 pictures on imgur, if you want to see something specific on the case, just let me know


asking for 180€ + shipping

If you have any questions, fell free to ask =)

cheers Beard

update: description and price
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