DazMode watercooling radiators Quizz #1


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May 17, 2016
Thanks a lot to @DazMode for providing this quizz, avalaible here: https://www.dazmode.com/store/quiz-page/

I stumble on it days ago and as I played with it to get the right answers (did 70% on my first trial) I thought I would share them here for knowledge purpose.
Try it on your own first! ;)

In which order radiator dimensions affect your system cooling performance from the most performance gain to the least performance gain?
Length, Thickness, Width

How much gain can be achieved by using Push-Pull configuration (fans installed on both side of the radiator)?
1-2 °C

Which radiator type cools better: Standard (dual pass) or Cross-Flow (single pass)?
About the same

What radiator's fins density (FPI) offers the best performance: high, medium or low?
Depends on fans configuration

Will full copper radiator outperform copper-brass radiator in cooling performance?
Not really

Can you use an Aluminum radiator with Copper/Brass components?
You can, but corrosion will accure

Should I put my CPU right after radiator for the best performance?
It does not really matter

Should I clean my radiator with vinegar?
Better not, if you use plated parts

What fan's frame type works the best on radiators?
Simple square type

What is recommended bare minimum radiator size to cool single CPU and single GPU in one loop?
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Jan 21, 2017
I’m a fan of his. Got 2 of his crossflow 240’s in my rig. Not only are they slim, but their lengths and width are seriously some of the smallest I’ve seen. Even better, the cooling is top notch, within a couple percentage points of way bigger, and heavier rads.