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Ultra Low Profile G1/8 Port Module for Corsair Hydro XG7 3080 and 3090FE

.STEP Ultra Low Profile G1/8 Port Module for Corsair Hydro XG7 3080 and 3090FE 16

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A custom and ultra low profile port module for machining in aluminum or acetal designed for my S4Max build - details, photos of the finished part machined in aluminum and context in my build log here.

Key features:
- Designed for minimum viable bounding box volume
- Designed for compact Festo G1/8 fittings
- Designed to work with the original o-rings coming with the Corsair Hydro XG7
- Adding a second direction for both inlet and outlet ports, allowing for connections parallel to the PCB plane
- Designed to stay fully within the projection/ height of the Corsair Hydro XG7 3080 FE - including Festo G1/8 fittings to not intersect with the PCB plane - essentially allowing for the more compact 3080FE version of the Corsair HydroX to be used on a 3090FE

- Tried and tested - works!
- Requires attachment screws different form those included with the Corsair block - check the build log for specs

- Includes two versions of the model - one with and one without countersunk threads, as, depending on manufacturing process, the threads may be cut after CNC machining the piece
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