Off Topic What did you do today?


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Mar 6, 2017
AKON happened over the weekend. That was fun but the venue was meh. Started looking at building a Quadruped robot since my friend showed me a robot planter thing. Today has been mostly taking notes on the components I'd be using.

On the SFF side, ugh. I lost my Radian files. At least it was simple enough for me to start over.


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Feb 12, 2016
Ended another week of work at one of my jobs. Playing Iconoclasts on my Switch and Pokemon Glazed on my Pocket-Go when I can to keep my mind active.

Listening to the soundtrack to Iconoclasts right now. Currently on Family (Settlement 17) and it really like typing to this beat.
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Dec 23, 2018
got my rig running ninja quiet. Shoehorned a pair of 140mm fans into an LZ7 by binning off the GPU.

CPU fan 600/700~ rpm
System fans 650/700~rpm

CPU idle 45c
chipset 46c
"system" where ever that is 36c

PSU fans not moving probably because the 600W PSU is so under loaded now (215W or there abouts)

Next up load tests, should be amusing.

Debating going down the HDPLEX route, 400W incase I fit a graphics card in the future.