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Jan 5, 2017
Dang, it's been a while. Hey friends!

Today I took a final exam, I didn't do any preparation but I think I actually did okay on it. After that, I got lunch with some classmates, came home, lost a bunch of time to Magic Arena (War of the Spark is a pretty awesome draft environment), and did some cleaning around my apartment that I've put off for too long. I've been using a lot of excuses to keep myself from doing stuff, that's general mental health issues for ya. But, the biggest excuses I've been using are "Oh, this semester is busy" and I joined a sports team that practices for ~12 hours a week, which are both valid but they shouldn't have been such large obstacles.

Checking in and becoming more active here is one of the things I've been putting off. So this is a good sign!

I moved to Taipei, Taiwan to study for a bachelor's degree... this is something I never would have considered doing if it wasn't for this site's staff and I honestly can't wrap my head around how grateful I should be for that. To some extent, I think I should thank everyone who uses SFF.Network. So, thanks? A lot. I genuinely was too busy with school to help much with SFFN stuff throughout Computex, but it was great to catch up with @confusis and @PlayfulPhoenix after hours.

This MSI GS63VR is a trooper, it survived water damage in Vietnam. My desk setup right now is a mess first and foremost, but it's the Anne Pro mechanical keyboard and Logitech G603 I took traveling with me last year. The laptop is powered by a HP ~135W AC brick that's probably half the size and weight of the brick that came with this GS63VR, my dad helped me replace the connector so it's compatible. The laptop is hooked up to a 43" 4K Samsung TV I bought here for about $500 USD. I chose a TV for my monitor because I wanted something I could use at my desk and watch TV from bed in my studio apartment. Going from a ~34" ultrawide for a while to this has actually been pretty comfortable. I figured one display was the frugal choice, and Samsung was basically the only brand that I could find specifications (input latency, especially) on so it's what I opted for. This TV supposedly has ~10-20ms latency in game mode, and I haven't noticed any issues playing League. That's about as twitchy as I get these days. That said, with the Ryzen 2 hype train, I'm considering building a desktop. I'll actually be returning to the US for a short visit over the summer so I am trying to figure out if I should buy any parts while I'm there. Niche parts, especially cases, can be a pain to get internationally.


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Apr 4, 2016
Doing app production load this morning (7 AM here). Tiring but has to be done. Then will go to a company event at 10AM to man our booth. Sigh.

On another note.. Been thinking about getting a console style case for the living room. I know the popular ones: Sentry, S4, Node202, the Silverstones, Logicsupply M600.. but I wonder if there are other alternatives currently in production. Taobao, anyone?
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Jan 20, 2018
Picked up my first glasses since ... 2nd grade? Something like that. I've always been a bit farsighted, but as I've come into a more consistent desk job (which also involves a lot of reading) I've really started to notice the eye strain. The optometrist was ... kind of surprised I managed that job without glasses up until now. I'm only at +1,5 on both eyes (for reading glasses, +1 for normal glasses, which I haven't decided on yet), but apparently I have some astigmatism as well - which I didn't (or at least wasn't told of) last time I did an eye check 7-8 years ago.

Have to say the difference when sitting at my desk is very noticeable. Happy I got around to this.


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Nov 18, 2017
Bought some 2400MHz memory because my machine doesn't boot with 2666MHz when my 8100 is in it.


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Dec 9, 2017
Just finished repaint SS Rival 95 with grey metallic. 2 years in my drawer
Actually, this mouse is my testing object before repainting my keyboard, but the keyboard failed miserably... I should repainting at noon.

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May 9, 2015
Looks excellent ! Have you put a clear coat on it ?


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Dec 9, 2017
Installed the keyboard case. I'm using the keyboard without the top case for around 2 weeks.
The repainting job is disappointed. I considered it only 90% surface is good.
I just realized 1 hour ago when talked with my friend about my helmet, the color is match up with the mouse and keyboard. except my helmet is using glossy coating.