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Aug 25, 2016
Hello to SFF maniacs,

I would like present our year long project which slowly comes to the end........
As mini-itx and watercooling maniacs we coud not find the case with right watercooling support so we have started our own journey. For the holy grail of mini-itx plus extensive watercooling with easiest possible work-space inside the case.And smallest possible factor for such idea.

SFX prototype arrived:

past full atx version:

Specification of the case:

Length:415 mm
Width:258 mm
Height: 221 mm plus feet

Side radiator (3x120mm)maximum dimensions:
Length : 415mm
Width: 135 mm
Thickness: 60 mm

It does fit such units as EKWB PREDATOR

Rear radiator (1x120mm) maximum dimensions:
Length: 160mm
Width: 134mm
Thickness : depends on cpu socket location

total height space is 189 mm
recommended length will be 150mm to have space for connectors and cables.

Maximum length 302mm:

Window bracket:
one HDD drive and two SSD drives
Bottom of the case:
Two SSD drives

water pump/res Combo brackets:

For the Horizontal bracket:
Maximum height is 189mm or 208 mm(bracket mounted upside down)
Pre-drill holes for Laing DDC mounting - internal and externall ones
Pre-drill holes for DDC pumps with heatsing housing - 50mm spacing

It does fit all the Laing DDC pump variants, as well as heatsing options.
In terms of height it does fit such units as:
Aquacomputer aqualis DDC 150 ml
Aquacomputer aqualis DDC 100 ml
Alphacool Laing DDC310 - Complete Edition Eisdecke

Pre-drill holes for Aquacomputer aqualis D5 100ml
Pre-drill holes for EKWB EK-XRES D5 pump/res combo
First we wanted to make it vertical, but after scrap build we gave up the idea as everything was enormus in size and hectic to work with.
Some expirments with flexi pcie cable

than moving psu next to motherboard

Adding radiator and pump ......

Left no space for tubing and cabling:

Incresing the width or height would kill the idea of SFF.

First try of horizontal scrapbuild where quite well:

Was not bad for hand made, only 19cm hight but radiator was almost lying on the cpu block, and nothing could be mount properly. this one had 40cm in lenght and ability to fit 120(rad)+240(side).
This gave us the idea of rotating the psu to vertical position and rising the case, which gave us whole side free for the 360 rad :)

Early Machine cut version:

This gives two options for rad setups, the old one 120(rear)+240(side) or new one 360 rad on the side.

Than the painting and plexi side test:

main cover with old top vents design.

Beutifully finish 5mm plexi :

got it running as well:

Currently we do await another painting run and tripple check of all components.

What do you think ? need some opinion.......
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Feb 28, 2015
I like it, the design is simple but appealing, gives a nice view of the components (especially the SSD, nice touch!) and seems to be relatively easy to build in. The way the cables are hidden underneath the PSU makes builds look very clean, too, so that's nice. Dedicated pump mount is a pretty good feature as well.

It seems like you could optimise it a little bit, though. 24L are quite large for an ITX case, even if it offers such extensive watercooling support.

First, you should consider moving to an SFX-L PSU. They offer more than enough performance for an ITX build, even with the beefiest GPU, and are very quiet as well. Though I do see the appeal this might have to someone who has built in a large ITX case like the Manta or Prodigy and wants to downsize. They don't have to buy additional components. Still, worth a consideration. Would also open space for more 2.5" drives.

Second, maybe you could shorten the case further by moving the 3.5" drive somewhere else or removing it entirely. At that point, there won't be space for a 360mm rad on the side anymore, but I don't think that is a particularly good setup anyway, as it looks like there's barely enough room for rad+fans, so they will get starved for air. I think you should focus on the 120+240 configuration, so make the case a little wider if needed, and shorten it if possible.

Though it seems a perfectly valid case as it is, and I'm not in the market for it anyway, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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Aug 25, 2016
Thank you IFreilicht for your opinion.
Yes cabling is clear and hidden. SSD we like too.

Regarding the size it is very difficult to shorten on lower the case as it has to fit 360 radiator.

Yes have done research on i7 and gtx 1080 power consumption and yes modern SFX can handle this without the problem.
The space will be re-arrange with SFX PSU so the thick radiators can be easily used in push setup.
Did try 120+240 and didn't like that much as case would have to very wide for proper rad mountings and fans setup.
Also any shortening will kill the SSD window which I do like very much.

Will post new re-arranged psu cage space tomorrow.
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Aug 25, 2016
Returning after break period with updated design - moved to SFX power supply which provides support to 60mm thick radiator :)

Currently awaiting production prototype of new SFX design ....

Final Renders:

Now the SFX power supply can be installed facing either radiator or storage bracket.
Additionally PSU can be installed form top or the front:

Three options for radiators:
Dual setup with 240 and 120
360 radiator with push or push pull
60mm thick 360 radiator in pull config
Total free space for side radiator thickness is 86,5 mm

water pump/res Combo bracket (separate horizontal and vertical parts):
Shown low and top positions of horizontal bracket:

Lastly, for easy modding all the parts are removable:
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Feb 28, 2015
Looks good! Moving to SFX really is a logical step here. I see you've got parallel projection in most of your pictures. While it's easier to work with that, I would recommend using perspective projection for posts because it doesn't "look weird" to those who aren't used to it.


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Aug 25, 2016
Finally after the long brake got the SFX prototype painted revision :)

Some of the pictures taken
full gallery on imgur

With SFX power supply 60mm rad can be used with pull setup:

With good distance to the psu(which can be roated other way anyway)

38mm radiator setup(16/10 tubbing)

Distance to psu:

Combo bracket with various pumps/res combos mounted:

Got the video of first setup tested(CPU on water and Gpu on Air). Will try to post it tomorrow as well.