Stalled S700: Salvo Studios <23L ATX Steel Watercooled Unibody Chassis

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    This is a brand new form factor chassis for me. The S700 has been designed to support full-sized ATX mainboards with a dGPU, SFX/L PSU and 360mm water-cooled radiator. The current specs are:

    Case Specifications
    Material: Galvenneal 0.04" thick
    Dimensions (External): 14.731" x 5.85" x 16.1" (374.1674mm x 148.59mm x 408.94mm)
    Volume (External): 22.736L
    Orientations supported: Vertical Only

    Compatibility Specifications
    Mainboard support: mITX, mATX, ATX, *some* E-ATX
    CPU cooler height restriction: ~52mm
    PSU support: SFX, SFX-L
    Maximum GPU support: length 280mm, width 140mm, height dual slot (40mm)
    Radiator support: 360mm radiator
    Grille support: Demciflex filters supported (may require custom filter)

    Flex Slot
    The S700 will introduce a "flex" slot for expansion use for an extra PCIe device, disk drives, PSU, or Radiator/Fans. This "flex" slot resides between the default GPU location at the top of the case and the SFX/SFX-L PSU mount at the bottom of the chassis. Users will need to specify at purchase time their desired configuration. Currently, the designed options for this slot are:
    1. Disk Option: †
    I. 3x2.5"
    II. 1x3.5"
    2. PCIe Option: 1 additional PCIe x16 device, full height, full length.*
    3. Radiator Option:** †
    I. 1 x 240mm x 38mm radiator with 2 x 120mm x 15mm fans.
    II. 1 x 120mm x 38mm radiator with 1 x 120 x 15mm fan and 1 x 2.5" disk drive.
    4. PSU Option: 1 additional SFX or SFX-L PSU may be installed. ††

    * Reduces the maximum width of the GPU to 120mm. Supported device dimensions: 280mm x 120mm x 40mm.
    **Exhaust clearance will be approximately 15mm so performance will be degraded compared to other solutions.
    † Disk option and radiator option are same hardware.
    †† Additional PSU is always an option as it is designed into the chassis.

    Side Panels
    I do not plan on producing metal side panels for this case. Instead, I am going to work on a design for Acrylic panels and hopefully will find a good source for these that don't increase the cost too much. If I fail to find a good supplier, I will revert back to sheet metal panels.

    Included Hardware
    Rear Illuminated Power button (no reset button)
    1 x PCIe extender (Li-Heat Type A, 50cm)
    Assorted screws and mounting hardware.

    Fine Textured Satin Black Only (Powder Coated)

    I am targeting ~$200US for the case. Shipping will be additional actual cost at buyer's expense.

    I will ship directly to North America, most EU countries, and Australia/New Zealand. I would prefer outside US shipments go through a 3rd party like (Ship It To). I then ship to a US warehouse for you, and they save you money by shipping from that facility to you.

    Currently working with vendor to produce prototype revision 2. This will be the first revision to include all mounting hardware and panels. Assuming there are only minor hole adjustments to be made, the target goal for production will be August-September. Orders will be taken via my online storefront at


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    Following both S401 and S700 threads to see where they all go. Interested to see the different flex options on v.2 proto, hopefully. I'd be a ways off from building a system in one but still... it's too cool a project not to follow.
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    Thank you!

    Today I got some time to take an initial crack at one of the flex options. This is the bracket that will allow for 3 x 2.5" drives to be installed inverted, or a combination of one 120mm radiator and one 2.5" drive or just one 240mm radiator. Below are renders of the bracket and the radiator as it would be installed with two 15mm deep 120mm fans.



    This upcoming week I'm going to work on the second PCIe adapter option. I may also try and merge the back cover plate seen above into the mounting bracket for the drive/radiator combo.
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    Update: Li-Heat will not support any PCIe Gen3 extenders over 500mm, but will sell them. So I'm going to purchase the 600mm extenders from them instead of try and modify my design to allow for shorter cables. The biggest reason I don't want to modify my design is that the PSU would have to be relocated to the top and the GPU would only support oversize widths when installed in the flex space. They have sent me a sample already of the 600mm for me to review.
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    Ok, I need some feedback from users as I need to make some important design decisions soon. Please respond to any/all items that you can.

    1. I am not sure a single SFX-L PSU will be powerful enough. Right now the largest one I've found is an 800W PSU from Silverstone. I think this will cover *most* users with one GPU, but if the flex slot is designed to support a second GPU, I had to ask how it would be powered. I can increase the overall size of the case yet again to allow for:
    a. standard ATX PSU support
    b. add another SFX-L mount so that users can run two SFX-L PSUs alongside two GPUs.
    c. Add a non-standardized PSU mount for something like the HDFlex where the mainboard or second GPU can be powered by that unit and the other SFX(L) PSU will provide power for the GPU(s) and accessories.
    2. Speaking of GPUs, I was wondering how many people still run with two GPUs anyways. Item #1 might really be moot if the number of users running two GPUs is so small that I decide there's really no reason to provide support for them. That said, users might decide to run a second PCIe device instead of a second GPU, but in that case I think I still wouldn't be worried about an 800W PSU not being enough.
    3. How many 2.5/3.5" drives should I support? Right now I have designed for 8 x 2.5" mounts and 2 x 3.5" mounts (not all can be used at the same time). Is this enough?
    4. DVD/Blu-Ray drive: Anyone care about this? I've figured for a long time that an external drive would provide more flexibility as I don't see a consistent need to have one of these drives consume internal case space.
    5. What should be the target price? Given the number of custom brackets I may have to make for the "flex" spots, If I decide to include all "flex" options with the case, this is going to increase the cost (to me) anywhere from $20-40. As it stands, I think the basic case (without side panels) is going to cost around $150 for me to have made.
    6. What side panels do I provide? I could investigate acrylic, steel, wood, etc. but if I decide to include a single material with all the cases it will reduce the cost. Another option would be to sell it without side panels at all and stand up a storefront on with pre-configured designs and users can purchase whatever material they want directly.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
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    1. A single SFX-L PSU will be powerful to run most dual GPU system:
    CPU: 150W (light overclock on 8700k/2700X)
    GPU: 2x 1080 Ti = 500W
    Various: 50W
    Total: 700W.
    Most powerful SFX-L: 800W. It's when you start going for massive OC, or threadripper that you start hitting issues.

    2. No one really runs dual GPU except for pro-work.

    3. 2x 3.5 I believe is good.

    4. Haven't seen anyone use a blu-ray drive. Most people using it use a HTPC, and are better served by ITX+GPU.

    5. $200-250 should be the target price for a boutique powder coat build. I would say $230 shipped is good.

    6. For such a large item, I'd say you just run a ponoko storefront, or else you'll overextend yourself with the logistics of too many items.

    To be honest, I find that you're hitting a weird situation where you're competing against the Cerebus X, with a lot more complexity but not that much more function.
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    Am I the only one who hates that this looks like two Skyreach 4 mini slapped together with honeycomb vented holes, and a power button hole that should have been better spaced?
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    What's wrong with two skyreach slapped together?
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    @dumplinknet Yes. You're the only hater in this thread.
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    Yes you’re the only one, plus, prototype? Uh, hello?
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    I'll have to agree with theHack.

    One thing that I'm a bit on the fence about is how the chambers are split. I don't think that it adds that much of benefits as it is right now. not sure how troublesome that would be to change.
    if you could use shorter pci-risers and showcase both gpu and motherboard on the same side, that could help solve some issues.

    good luck, I like the idea of this case
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    Hmm, owliwar has got me thinking now, is there a benefit to eliminating the back-to-back chamber design and just just letting the gpus mount in front of the pcie brackets attached with shorter risers? Would that save on manufacturing costs?

    I'm imagining a cerberus-x that is super slim and only uses 2 vertical gpu mounts, and a aio cpu cooler, if that clears things up.
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    Probably not, but the pci riser would be cheaper and maybe more reliable?
    I think this case has great custom loop potential
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    Thank you - the biggest reason I have the chambers like I do is two-fold: First, I wanted both sides of the case to have their components on display through windowed panels. Secondly, if the GPU and mainboard faced the same direction, I'd have to find a new place to locate the PSU. I might play with this though as you're right in that it would simplify the PCIe extender lengths. I could go horizontal with the SFX(L) PSU and place it either above or below the mainboard with the drive mounts in the same place. This also makes maximizing the space above the CPU would be challenging and anything placed over it would prevent things like waterblocks to be on display.

    I like your thinking though - I first tried to keep everything in one chamber, but for me it makes it more difficult to maximize internal space unless I cover up the CPU waterblock.

    That said, I'm still going to rethink some of the design with your suggestions - thank you!
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    Ok, I've been redesigning the flex slot quite a bit and I think I'm nearing completion of the 1st revision. Below is a video I made of the current options available for accessories in the "flex slot" using the single bracket I designed. I will most likely be designing a second bracket that will allow for additional 3 x 2.5" drive bays and can be installed either beneath the primary GPU slot or on top of the flex slot if the user doesn't want to use the space for a 3.5" drive, GPU, or 240mm radiator.

    You will note that the flex slot no longer supports adding a second SFX PSU. I've decided instead to allow for the addition of a Flex ATX PSU to the mainboard side which I will use in my system to power the mainboard/CPU and onboard devices. The SFX/L PSU on the back side will power all accessories not on the mainboard (2 x GPUs, Water pump, lighting, storage devices, etc.). The flex PSU will not be required if you deem your system capable of running on one SFX/L PSU.

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    That's a pretty amazing amount of customization in a form factor like this. Curious to see what options you are planning to use for your own build in this case (pending full system build which will also be fantastic to see)
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    Thanks! I've got most of my parts either ordered or ready to order to build my new CAD machine. My specs for the new system will be:

    Threadripper 1950X (or 2990X if it takes that long)
    64GB DDR4 366
    400W Flex PSU + 600W SFX PSU
    ASRock X399 ATX mainboard
    AMD WX9100 Pro
    1 x 256gb toshiba gx3 m.2
    2 x 512gb toshiba gx3 m.2
    2-7 x 240gb SATA III 2.5" SSDs
    2 x 2tb SSHDs 2.5"
    1 x 360mm NZXT radiator
    1 x 240mm NZXT radiator
    NZXT SP3 water block
    NZXT Vega full water block
    All 16mm hard tubing
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    I’d be interested to see size comparisons with other cases
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    So how do you use these together? Multiple power supplies is a mystery to me.
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