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Nov 5, 2018
So I recently ran across this website that makes heat exchangers out of the UK.

I contacted them about customization options and I recently got a quote on a custom heat exchanger that can have the standard 1/4" fittings, and enough room to fit 4x40mm fans. There aren't really many options for small form factor radiators that this is currently the best option I came across for a heat exchanger that would fit in the S4M with a 20mm height 40mm fan that could reasonably cool a lower-watt cpu (like a Ryzen 5 2600, or an Intel 7700); so long as the heat exchanger were customized to suit the needs.

I got a quote back today, but it will require a minimum 10 piece order.

We could make a version of the heat exchanger that is 78mm wide by 120mm high. This looks like you could fit 4 40*40 fans onto. These would also require some modification to get a ¼” pipe fitting attached.

The NRE fee to design these would be £250.00.

The cost would be £178.55 per piece based on a minimum 10pc order.
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Jan 27, 2017
Those are as cool as they are expensive. The larger one on their site looks nifty for dual 50mm fans, though.