1. R

    Discussion How can I get permissions to sell in Trade?

    How do I get permissions in the Trade section? Mod Edit: Removed rule breaching info
  2. petricor

    .STEP S4M Heatsink Bezel 2.9 2.9

    This is a revision of my original (machined and tested) design V1.0. The modification allows for airflow as required for this (incomplete) build here. The part has not been machined/ tested and I share this in response to a request, but interface dimensions are identical to those of my...
  3. S

    .STEP Zotac 2070 Super PCIE Shift Bracket (Testing) 0.9.1

    A custom made bracket for the zotac 2070 super. Currently in testing so some dimensions may still be wrong. It may also fit on the 2060 Super. It should shift the 2070S down by 10mm towards the motherboard in the S4M. This needs taping at the small folding flanges with M3. The folding lines are...
  4. H

    S4M - Ryzen 3600 Idle Temperatures

    Hey guys, Just finished my S4M build. I'm running a Ryzen 3600 with a Noctua NH L9a-AM4 cooler. My idle temps are about 46-50C deg, I used to have 30-35C in my old build but that was a 1700x on a 212 EVO cooler. Anyone else tried the 3600 with the same cooler? Or have lower idle temperatures...
  5. K

    S4M brickless build with MSI RTX 2070 Aero ITX

    Hello, I was able to fit an MSI RTX 2070 Aero ITX into an S4M while keeping the HDPLEX 400w AC-DC inside, and without having to open the HDPLEX psu or cut/bend anything. The only "mod" is to remove the PCI brackets from the MSI card and cut out some foam. The end result is not perfect, but it...
  6. petricor

    .STEP S4M Heatsink Bezel 1.0 2019-03-06

    ...the title says it all: A ready-to-machine part, tried and tested, providing heat sink capacity at the S4M's front face as used in this build: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/brickless-s4m-w-gtx1080-and-i8700k-dual-psu.7519
  7. Derminick

    Buying [USA-IN] [H] PayPal. Buying Skyreach S4M and S4C.

    Hello gang, Just bought an S4MC off r/hardwareswap. Still looking to buy the Skyreach S4M. Please Let Know
  8. mikex921

    Closed NFC Skyreach 4 Mini

    I have decided to go with a watercooling route in a slightly bigger case. So this one is up for sale! Silver with black front. Comes with NFC feet, and riser card. This does fit a zotac 1080 mini card without modification. Asking $235 shipped priority - SOLD Paypal: michaeljfettig@gmail.com...
  9. nyxtom

    S4 Mini NAS

    Following up to the S4 Mini "top hat" design (https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/s4-mini-top-hat.9818/) I have another S4 Mini that I wanted to convert to a home nas server using the bay drive for 8 7mm 2.5" drives. I have a few parts and I'm measuring out the specs for this one...
  10. nyxtom

    S4M Black Side Panels

    It has just occurred to me that you can order the S4M side panels in black! https://www.sfflab.com/collections/parts/products/skyreach-4-mini-side-panels?variant=18582945497201
  11. nyxtom

    Cooling Micropumps Custom TCS Heat Exchanger

    So I recently ran across this website that makes heat exchangers out of the UK. https://www.micropumps.co.uk/TCSAcc-Cooling.htm I contacted them about customization options and I recently got a quote on a custom heat exchanger that can have the standard 1/4" fittings, and enough room to fit...
  12. nyxtom

    S4 Mini Top Hat

    I've been working on this design for a few weeks now, and I've managed to test out some components such as the AlphaCool XT45 40mm Triple and Double. I also have a few Magicool Dual 40mm. I have a number of ongoing variations of this design and I'm in the process of milling a prototype. I...
  13. S

    HDPLEX 400w W/ R9 Nano?

    Hey guys, I was wondering whether or not an HDPLEX 400 could power a R9 Nano adequately. The form factor of the card is perfect for an S4 mini brickless, but I am worried about the power consumption of the Nano, from what I have read it consumes under 200w normally, but Josh commented that it...
  14. Thehack

    J-HACK's Skyreach 4 Mini

    Moved from the Dancase to the S4M. Specs: MB: Asrock AM4 B350 ITX CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X @ -200mV CPU Cooler: NH-L9a with Thermalright Black/White 100mm fan HDD: MX300 500GB M.2 SATA GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Aero PSU: J-HACK ONE2 Distro 400 + Plugin DC-DC kit PSU: Meanwell AC-DC GST280A12 250W External...
  15. N

    Numb's Skyreach S4 Mini

    So after some setbacks on another project that I was working on I've decided to use the NFC Skyreach S4 Mini for my desktop computer system. It will be a pretty standard build with nothing too outrageous being done. The parts: NFC Skyreach S4 Mini Ryzen 2600 Noctua NH-L9a Asus Strix B450-I...
  16. itzmillertyme

    S4M HTPC Build with Dual 3.5" HDDs

    This is my first S4M build. I came across this case when surfing on youtube and loved what I saw, first for the size and quality. I wanted to build a home theater media pc to access all my Movies and TV Shows. It had to run Unraid w/Plex server. I wanted to access my files via the Plex app on...
  17. Gutzy

    Selling AMD Radeon RX580 4GB ITX (HP OEM)

    Selling an AMD Radeon RX580 4GB ITX HP OEM GPU Condition is like new. Only used for a few months for moderate to light gaming. Reason for sale is I recently upgraded to a Vega 56 nano. $240.00 $220.00 shipped. CONUS only. Paypal only. Item ships with signature verification requirement for...
  18. Tjo2012

    Cooling Titan TTC-NC25TZ/PW/V2(RB) Low profile cooler

    Performance https://infogram.com/coolerchart-intel-xtu-1hmr6gyjwkz96nl its in the same class as the LP53 and its AM4 compatible its 46mm tall with a 15mm slim fan with 3500 max rpm with a 31mm heatsink. a noctua a9x14 should be mountable on the inside of an s4m and another user on this site...
  19. Z

    Brickless S4M 1080 Ti 8700k Advice

    Hello, long time lurker but first time poster... Finally made an account today. When I first saw the S4 I immediately fell in love. It's such a pleasing case to look at, and the amount of power you can cram into it is absurd. I've been doing a bit of searching and this is what I've come up with...
  20. petricor

    Brickless S4M w/ GTX1080 and i8700k - Dual PSU *completed*

    This will be (another) attempt to squeeze both a GTX1080 and a 8700k into a brickless Skyreach S4 Mini - inspired by @JarrettP 's solution using two separate power supplies, but going for a passively cooled combo of a HDPLEX 160W for the motherboard, and a 200W Mean Well PSU to power the...