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  1. M

    NFC S4 Mini brickless build power connector ground

    Howdy folks. Newbie in the forum here. I just joined the S4 mini cult and migrating from a Node 202 build. Below is what I currently have: Asrock Z390 ITX motherboard Intel 9400F CPU 16 GB DDR4 RAM NVME and 2.5" SSD drive Zotac 2060 Mini (twin fan model). Exactly the same dimensions as Josh's...
  2. C

    A4 or S4 mini for 2700x

    So I'm definitely going to purchase one of these cases, I just can't decide between them. At the end of the day, it just boils down to which one has better cpu cooling performance. I'm just not seeing too much about the 2700x in either of these cases and would love any help.
  3. L

    Build Advice S4 Mini R4

    Hi everyone, My first post so I hope it's in the right forum! I'm enjoying the challenge of doing my own SFF builds. I started with a DAN A4-SFX as an HTPC and light gaming build and that build went very well. I love the SFF and silence of the PC so I've decided to replace my home office PC that...
  4. Xyit

    2019 S4 Mini (Skyreach) with Ryzen 2

    .This has been a long time in the making and I've finally settled down with the right part list that should fit my needs. I went with Ryzen because the new Ryzen boards will be backwards compatible with the upcoming Ryzen 3 7nm coming out later this year and hopefully they have a powerful low...
  5. S

    looking for a cooler for a FCPGA988 (mobile) CPU in an S4

    I took the CPU out of my laptop and got a desktop motherboard that takes a mobile CPU and mobile RAM. I want to get a better CPU fan/liquid cooling system, but I am having trouble researching it since it is a mobile CPU, which you typically wouldn't buy an aftermarket cooler for. Right now I am...
  6. nyxtom

    S4 Mini NAS

    Following up to the S4 Mini "top hat" design (https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/s4-mini-top-hat.9818/) I have another S4 Mini that I wanted to convert to a home nas server using the bay drive for 8 7mm 2.5" drives. I have a few parts and I'm measuring out the specs for this one...
  7. nyxtom

    S4M Black Side Panels

    It has just occurred to me that you can order the S4M side panels in black! https://www.sfflab.com/collections/parts/products/skyreach-4-mini-side-panels?variant=18582945497201
  8. nyxtom

    Cooling Micropumps Custom TCS Heat Exchanger

    So I recently ran across this website that makes heat exchangers out of the UK. https://www.micropumps.co.uk/TCSAcc-Cooling.htm I contacted them about customization options and I recently got a quote on a custom heat exchanger that can have the standard 1/4" fittings, and enough room to fit...
  9. J

    S4Mini classic - black screen - advice sought

    Hi community, Problem: All components turn on but no video output when using with riser. Works fine without riser. (GPU plug direct into motherboard) Riser works fine when used on a seperate build (Matt, gtx970, desktop psu) Components assembled for my S4 mini build: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (65w)...
  10. nyxtom

    Concept External “deskmate” radiator with integrated reservoir

    So I’ve been toying around with an idea/design for a simple 240mm external radiator. The goal would be an anodized black matte aluminum case, custom integrated acrylic reservoir block, ddc pump, 240mm slim radiator, room for 2 25mm 120mm fans. Why so small? Well I’m hoping to have something...
  11. S

    EKWB Backplate R9 Nano

    I want to put an EK Backplate on my R9 Nano going into an S4 build. I do not plan on water cooling it, but i wanted a backplate on the card. Do you guys think the backplate will work with the stock cooler? Thanks
  12. TheHig

    Closed [US] Skyreach Mini : Parting out

    Long story short I have been going ham on my CerbX and don’t get to use my other rig too much these days. Case is amazing but sadly not getting much use. Skyreach mini with fan brackets , gpu riser and drive plate. Normal install wear but free of major scuffs externally. $185 shipped US...
  13. T

    Concept How expensive / difficult would it be to manufacture a custom radiator / heatsink?

    I've been looking at my S4 Mini a lot and I've been contemplating what I could do with all of the extra volume inside of the case. I currently have an i7 8700k / 1080ti which both perform pretty well, but under heavy load they both end up throttling eventually. I'm currently planning to get a...
  14. Cat5niper

    MSI RX 580 8G v1 -- inside the s4 mini.

    I am looking for a graphics card than can handle 1080p 120hz with freesync. Since I cannot find any suppliers in the UK that sell a vega nano I was looking at this card https://www.newegg.com/global/uk/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137244 Has anybody tried this card inside the s4 mini...
  15. VatosInTheBarrio

    Closed [US-CA] NFC S4 Mini+HDPlex400w+Dell OEM 330W Power Adapter

    Selling a used NFC S4 Mini Case with power solution (HDPlex 400w+cables and Dell 330w power brick). Got the S4 Mini around fall last year and my Dan Case A4 in the same week. Used the S4 mini setup for 2 days then moved over to Dan Case A4. Everything has been sitting in storage since then...
  16. R

    S4M-C + MSI 1070 Aero ITX + HDPlex 400W + internal HDPlex 300W AC-DC plausible?

    I currently have just finished building my rig with an i5-8400 and an MSI 1070 Aero ITX. I used an HDPlex 400W and a Dell 330W adapter. I was thinking maybe I can cram an HDPlex 300W AC-DC inside to make it brickless. I saw someone cram the internal brick with a Gigabyte 1080 mini here...
  17. G

    Selling DSE Breathe v1 Black itx case, S4 Mini Classic Silver

    ***EDITED FEB 26*** Selling 2 itx cases: S4 Mini Classic Silver w/power button and included pcie ribbon cable. $200 DSE Breath Case in Black (manufactured by sliger) with pcie ribbon cable. Its the first batch (1 of only 10 believe) , it is not the 2nd batch version. Has tiny manufacturing...
  18. petricor

    Brickless S4M w/ GTX1080 and i8700k - Dual PSU *completed*

    This will be (another) attempt to squeeze both a GTX1080 and a 8700k into a brickless Skyreach S4 Mini - inspired by @JarrettP 's solution using two separate power supplies, but going for a passively cooled combo of a HDPLEX 160W for the motherboard, and a 200W Mean Well PSU to power the...
  19. Selendipitous

    Projekt: Xephyr Driftr (Brickless S4M)

    ╭─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╮ ╭ ◦ ¤ ◦ ◦ ╮ XEPHYR DRIFTR West Wind Drifter ╰ ◦ ◦ ¤ ◦ ╯ ╰─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╯ TL;DR: Newbie to PC-building, fell in love with S4M. My budget weeps but my heart has hardened. Halp ╭ ¤ ◦ ╮ P C • P A R T • P I C K E R • L I S T ╰ ◦ ¤ ╯ I've been looking into build videos...
  20. eunai

    Hello from Los Angeles!

    Hi, SFF forum! I'm Francis from Los Angeles, California. I came upon this forum through NFC and Tek Everything's YouTube channels. I instantly fell in love with the idea of the HDPlex and have really been exploring different cases in which I can use the HDPlex to save more space and maybe water...