skyreach 4 mini

  1. S

    Selling [MY] Skyreach 4 Mini, HDPlex 400W combo

    Hi guys. Letting go of my Skreach 4 Mini, bought the case mid 2021. Prefer selling with the HDPlex 400w 1 x NFC Syreach 4 Mini Silver (bracket, screws, pcie cable etc) R6 1 x Skyrech 4 Mini 3D Bezels - American Walnut with half SkySlots 1 x HDPLEX NanoATX Combo 400W (HDPLEX 400W Hifi DC-ATX...
  2. S

    Log Skyreach 4 mini build: 5600x + 3060ti

    Had this case for roughly a year now, thought I would share some pictures and thoughts around the experience. Ive previously built systems in a louqe ghost, DAN case and sliger s620. The build currently has the following: Asus rog strix B450-i (old but still a solid board with frequent bios...
  3. Germanator0414

    Log Skyreach S4M Space Heater (Ryzen 9 3950x, 2070 Super)

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently in the process of making an expensive space heater for winter. ha jk. Anyways this is my 3rd skyreach build. I'm still undecided whether I want to go brick-less or not. Here's the components I have so far : Core Components: ItemModelPriceStatus CPURyzen 9...
  4. Brandon86

    Discussion New Skyreach S4M keeps shutting down. Advice needed!

    As the title states I just built a brand new system in one of Josh's AWESOME cases. Skyreach S4 Mini moving on from my S4M Classic(previous travel build). Here's my issue. Every time I start a game the system crashes. It also crashes on 3dMark as soon as the test begins. I believe it may be...
  5. K

    How to Purchase Skyreach 4 Mini

    I have been watching the webstite for the case but in shop it says it’s sold out and its been like that for a while. And when I go to the main sky reach 4 mini tab in the page and scroll down to BUY NOW it takes me to but I get a 404 error code please help
  6. G

    Using a DC-LT Pump without pump top

    Is there any way I can modify this Aphacool DC-LT 2600 to integrate into a reservoir-less, soft tubing G 1/4" loop? I need to be able to fit a very small, standalone pump within the system, and without using any pump tops. Is there anything I can do, whether purchasing a 3d print, or other, in...
  7. N

    Selling [Selling] Skyreach S4 mini, Dell 330 Watt Ac adapter, HDPLEX 160 and 300 (combo)

    $175 plus shipping- skyreach s4 mini is in good condition. I do have the power button but it needs to have one of the wires soldered back onto it. It also comes with the pci adapter. SOLD!! $100 plus shipping- Dell power in great condition bought directly from dell last year. $150...
  8. S

    Build Doubt: is HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX compatible with Zotac 2070 Super Mini

    Hello, everyone! I currently have a Skyreach 4 Mini, and I'm interested in Zotac 2070 Super Mini. However, I'm not sure which PSU should I choose, while I found the HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX combo is perfectly fitted in this case. My thought about this PC is an i7-8700k + Asus Z390-I + Zotac 2070...
  9. J

    skyreach 4 mini shut off itself when play games

    Hi everyone I have problem with this setup as soon as I turn on a game. The pc will shut off about 5 second after I open game app. I do not know if I did sth wrong, any suggestion? thank you parts I am using: I5 9400F Asus b360i motherboard 16g ram zotac 1070 mini dell 330w ac adaptor HDPLEX...
  10. E

    Power Supply Crashes under load

    Hi all, I've just gotten my S4 Mini but I've been having some problems with my PC crashing. I had a working Node 202 build and decided to swap cases. Basically hardware wise the only thing that changed was the case, of course and the PSU. My PSU of choice was the HD-plex AC-DC/DC-ATX 400W...
  11. B

    Selling NFC Skyreach 4 Mini Silver *Brand New* SOLD - might have a used one for sale later

    hi ordered two NFC Skyreach 4 Mini cases, only get to build one. Build the other system on Louqe Ghost S1 instead ? now selling the other brand new, untouched one NFC Skyreach 4 Mini Silver / HDPLEX PCIe X16 Riser selling for $220 including shipping the case will be sending out from Taiwan...
  12. D

    SFF AMD4 For Live Cinema Projections

    I'm an experimental film maker who does large screen live projections in cinemas and galleries. Based on what I've seen h264 near lossless, and Huffy lossless formats put large demands on the the CPU. So I'm starting the Ryzen 7 2600 and will update as budget allows in the following year/s to...
  13. R

    Power Supply HDplex 400w AC-DC + DC-ATX and AMD R9 Nano(IT WORKS!)

    Hey everyone, (TLDR at the bottom) I picked up a 2nd hand Skyreach 4 Mini, hdplex 400w dc-atx, and Dell 330w brick from r/hardwareswap a couple months ago. When I found out the AC-DC was coming out I pre-ordered it almost instantly. I grabbed an R9 Nano from offerup for $145 shipped because...
  14. L

    Build Advice S4 Mini R4

    Hi everyone, My first post so I hope it's in the right forum! I'm enjoying the challenge of doing my own SFF builds. I started with a DAN A4-SFX as an HTPC and light gaming build and that build went very well. I love the SFF and silence of the PC so I've decided to replace my home office PC that...
  15. Derminick

    Buying [USA-IN] [H] PayPal. Buying Skyreach S4M and S4C.

    Hello gang, Just bought an S4MC off r/hardwareswap. Still looking to buy the Skyreach S4M. Please Let Know
  16. S

    Skyreach 4 MINI Build - Help With Missing Cables

    I was building a brickless Skyreach Mini last year, I moved and it was packed up and all cables that came with the power adapters seem to have not made it. I've looked on Amazon for the cables I would need, but I either don't know enough to find them or they were made by the manufacturer of the...
  17. Fluttex

    Skyreach 4 Mini PSU confusion

    Hi, basicly im new to SFF systems, but this amazing case has made me decide to get one, but i dont understand the PSU side of things for a 1060 do i only need the HDPLEX 400w and the 330w dell laptop block? and if i want a 2060 instead wold that still be good, or is there more options to...
  18. nyxtom

    S4 Mini NAS

    Following up to the S4 Mini "top hat" design ( I have another S4 Mini that I wanted to convert to a home nas server using the bay drive for 8 7mm 2.5" drives. I have a few parts and I'm measuring out the specs for this one...
  19. nyxtom

    S4M Black Side Panels

    It has just occurred to me that you can order the S4M side panels in black!
  20. nyxtom

    Cooling Micropumps Custom TCS Heat Exchanger

    So I recently ran across this website that makes heat exchangers out of the UK. I contacted them about customization options and I recently got a quote on a custom heat exchanger that can have the standard 1/4" fittings, and enough room to fit...