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Discussion in 'KMPKT' started by Kmpkt, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Kmpkt

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    Solders have been finished and if inspection next friday is good I am hoping to get units finished ASAP. Slooooowww and steady I guess.
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  2. scatterforce

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    Exciting news. =)

    SFF building requires patience. We can wait.
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    Can't wait to see the performance on these !
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  4. dragon50305

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    Hopefully there will be some news on performance and maybe even units available for my next build!
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  5. ECHO

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    Next build? I live in hope that one day I'll be able to put the side panel back on my S4M-C build haha XD
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  6. Kmpkt

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    So apparently soldering copper to aluminum is a bitch but copper to copper isn't. Will hopefully be getting the full copper prototype soldered next week. Alu/Alu, Cu/Alu is off the table for the time being due to the limitations of the people I've been able to find with the capabilities to put a prototype of this together.
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    I'm finna git that copper sucka.