Asetek 645LT for the SFF community!

Discussion in 'News' started by AseDen, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Does OCUK not ship to Russia? :)
  2. george5

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    yes :(
  3. AseDen

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    Ugh... I'll look into possible solutions :)
  4. kotproger

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    Often I do not see such characteristics as the area in the radiators. What is the area of this model?
  5. AseDen

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    Pump height: 29,8mm
    Radiator/Hex dimension: 118 x 97 x 35mm
  6. AlexTSG

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    What is the normal lifespan of a cooler like this?

    I saw a teardown of a Gen6 Asetek pump and the new impeller looks like it should last for a long long time. However, I’m assuming that the radiator is aluminum, so with the baseplate being copper, galvanic corrosion will gunk things up eventually.

    I just wanted to know if any accelerated testing had been done, or if anyone had experience with older AIOs to know how long this would last before needing to be replaced?
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    I do not mean overall dimensions. I asked about the square of the radiator fins.
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    Anyone got the asetek 645LT already? can someone confirm if you can install taller ram sticks and tuck it below instead of the common top config? 645 have a longer tube than 545. No one has a clear answer yet if it can go on the bottom of the ram stick and not above it. only reason i would like to upgrade from 545, would like to see some rgb ram on my a4 sfx. Someone mention the fitting on the radiator rotates 360 degrees? so we can change the orientation of the radiator from the usual? @AseDen could you please confirm? Thanks!
  9. kanth

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    Why can't you supply it through Caseking from EU , it's Sister Website of OCUK and they ship in more countries.
    I'm also in need of this Product and I will have to pay it 40 dollars more Due to Taxes applied if I buy it from SFFLAB