1. AseDen

    News New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    Figured this might be of interest to some of the builders of not-so-small Small Form Factor builds (Micro-ATX) sorry :( I’d love any feedback you might have on our new Technology :)
  2. AseDen

    Cooling Asetek 645LT and more (FAQ / AMA)

    Hello wonderful SmallFormFactor Forum! I tend to get quite a few questions from wonderful users of the Asetek 645LT, and I wanted to create a go-to place for the most common questions, as well as somewhere everyone can feel welcome to ask any question that relates to the 645LT, Asetek or even...
  3. AseDen

    Cooling Asetek 645LT now available on

    Greetings all you wonderful SFF builders! I wanted to give you some updates on the 645LT and its availability. We have added the 645LT to our own webshop. It is priced at $99 fan and bracket excluded. The reasoning behind making it available on our own webshop is, that we currently don't have...
  4. AseDen

    Cooling Asetek 645LT Performance

    Hello wonderful SFF Forum community! :) I've been a busy little bee today, doing some testing of the 645LT for you. I have a couple of important notes to go along with this post: Testing was done on an open bench (as I don't have custom cables for the A4, which means that my airflow when...
  5. Thehack

    Cooling Petition for short tube sff specific 120mm AIO

    Hello, I'd like to tag @AseDen for this thread. So when designing chassis, some of it is a bit of a chicken and egg problem. We had a few chassis built around specific coolers in mind: namely the Big Shuriken 2 and the NH-L12. The Dancase A4 had also been modified to fit the Asetek 92mm in its...
  6. AseDen

    News Asetek 645LT for the SFF community!

    SFF Forum, thank you for being patient with me! It's finally time. We are launching the successor of the 545LC. It will be called the 645LT and will be shipping via Overclockers UK and SFF Labs. Overclockers UK should have stock, as I have been informed, by early April with SFF Labs following...
  7. AseDen

    Performance teaser... What would you prefer?

    Hi SFF Forum, We're getting closer to having meaningful information about our new cooler. Let's say I was to do some performance teasing for you... What would you prefer having me do; Ryzen 1700X, Core i7-8086K or Core i9-9900K ? Bonus: I will probably be able to do all. But which would you...
  8. AseDen

    Asetek says Hello

    Hi SFF Forum, I wanted to stop by and say hello. My name is Dennis and I work at Asetek (you might now our coolers). In the future I will be stopping by as much as I can, to see what is shaking in the SFF community. If you have any questions, ideas or just want to chat - please don't hesitate...
  9. AseDen

    News New Asetek SFF Solution

    Hi SFF Forum users, As many of you in the SFF community might have noticed over the recent months we, at Asetek, has EOL'ed the 545LC. Sorry! :( We know that this has been very popular in the SFF community, and that it's ideal for the Dan Case A4. I want to share some great news with you...
  10. Tsuchinoko

    "L type" Asetek 545LC?

    Hi friends! I was impressed with the Chinese A4-SFX build. That is a very nice build! Please look at this forum first. There is AIO that fits A4 there. Does anyone know something about MSI 545LC? I want to know the location where this AIO can be...
  11. cj360

    Asetek Discontinuing 92mm aio

    Tried to vist the page eairler, 404'd. Then emailed them and got a definitive "its done." Email
  12. BryceK

    Damaged fins on radiator

    Hi all, So im busy with setting up a test bench to test delitting on different 115x cpus with Thermal Grizzlys Conductenaut and the RocketCool custom Copper IHS. Now for testing I bought a Asetek 545LC directly from their shop. But it has some damage to the fins in the rad. Now I don't know if...
  13. Necere

    .SKP Asetek 545LC 2018-05-06

    Most dimensions +/-0.5mm Some details omitted
  14. darksidecookie

    Cooling asetek 92mm aio measurements needed

    so, i'm working on a case and would would like to include compitability with the 92mm aio from asetek. But i can't seem to find any measurments or 3d models, so my question now is: does anyone have or have acces to one and if so could you share them with me? I'd need all measurment shown on the...