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EK, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing yet another unique pump-reservoir-water block combo. This time for AMD AM5 Socket, Ryzen 7000-series CPUs, and AM5 socket-based motherboards. It features the latest socket-specific EK-Quantum Velocity² cooling engine, while the CPU water block has an integrated DDC 4.2 PWM pump that is cooled by the metal part of the water block acting as a heatsink. The combo is the perfect companion for ITX (SFF) builds where space for a dedicated pump and reservoir is an issue. This product effectively combines four different products into a single small enclosure for ultimate space-saving.
The product combines a Velocity² CPU water block, a genuine DDC 4.2 PWM pump with a reservoir, and a DDC heatsink. All this is contained in an assembly significantly smaller than the sum of...

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