Power Supply I need help understanding the HDplex 400w


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May 23, 2018
Hi, so Im planning on doing a custom case for my next computer, see this reddit post:
And I planned on using the HDplex 400w. The components I wanted to throw in the computer were these:

My question is, I see that the HDplx is rated up to 500w. Does that mean this build will work in it?
And also, the highest wattage AC brick is some dell 330W one, is there a higher wattage one that doesnt require me to sell a body part for?


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Mar 6, 2016
You need to match both the rating of the DC-DC board and the AC-DC adapter.

Depending on how you tune it and what you use it for, you're on the line of how much power the Dell brick supports.

There are other ways to get external power, some of them can hefty once you move beyond 300W.

G-Uniq makes a series of 12V kits that can handle it.

I prefer 12V kits over HDPLEX, but there is less support for it in the market.