1. K

    Closed Ncase M1 V5

    I have been waiting for a V6 for some time now, and it seems like it isn't going to be ready till September, (Necere said late July early August at best) I want to build my PC 7/7 with a new 3900x, and am not looking to have my pc parts sitting on the table for another 2 months.. I would like...
  2. Th3 Duck

    Ncase M1 v5 built help

    Hello (sorry if this is in the wrong place or done wrong , first post .) I recently bought a m1 and am in the process of transferring the content of my old htpc/lan build into this + my main rigs graphics card (asus 1070 strix) and ram(hyperX 2x16GB). After the week these will go back to the...
  3. Echoic

    Securing NCASE side panels from theft

    Hi everyone, I'll be taking my NCASE to Quakecon this year as I replaced my Node 304 with it. A few years back, someone popped the side panel thumb screws off my buddy's computer and stole his SSD. Since then, we have used security screws on our cases during Quakecon. With the NCASE having no...
  4. T

    There are 3D printing files for a small case like A4-SFX, Ncase, A50 etc.?

    Hello. Is there a complete list of 3D models (3D printing) for computer cases? With pictures and technical data (dimensions, max. Dimensions of the graphics card etc.)? But also pictures and plans for self-construction of wood or sheet metal? I currently would like a small mobile (no sensitive...
  5. F

    M1 ncase + AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XTREME?

    My first post! I just ordered my M1 today. I am looking for a 2080 TI card that will fit the case. I'd like to tick the following boxes: A) Fits in the M1 Ncase B) 2080Ti C) A card that is not scaled down in clock speed compared to the reference card (usually shorter cards are) D) Has more...
  6. K

    Ncase m1 payment with paypal

    Hi, Previously i order from sfflab n check out with paypal. Today i want to buy mcase but there is no paypal option. I dont have credit card, so paypal is only way. Help me please
  7. C

    Liquid Cooled NCASE + Tutorial Video

    Dear all, I built this Liquid Cooled NCASE M1 a while back, and always wanted to make a build vlog or tutorial for those interested in liquid cooling their NCASE but not knowing where to start. So at last, here it is. I hope it's helpful. Here is a list and a link to every part I used...
  8. Xyit

    Will the Ncase M1 be able to fit the Radeon vii

    title is the main question, it seems it will fit length wise but not sure height wise. anyone else think about this yet?
  9. Napostrophe

    Optimal M1 Cooling? (Air vs. AIO Water)

    Hello, all! I'm going off to college soon and plan on building a PC in the NCase M1 to bring with me. The system will have something along the lines of: Ryzen 7 3700x (once it comes out) GeForce RTX 2070 (or comparable AMD card if one comes out soon, exact spec not decided yet, probably EVGA...
  10. K

    Current and future owners of Ncase M1, please help me answer this survey

    Hello, everybody. One day ago, I contacted the friendly person behind u/NCASEdesign regarding the laser engraved logo on the front panel of the Ncase M1 asking if there were plans to sell it without that logo. The conversation went on briefly and he told me somewhere along the lines that for it...
  11. Drue

    Motherboard Need help with ITX Z390 Boards

    I just bought an NCASE M1, and I am planning on putting a 9600k in it. I am stuck between the Gigabyte - Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard or Asus ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING. I don't know if the $50 is worth the difference between the two of them. I also really dislike the...
  12. S

    Ncase+C14: Fan underneath benefit?

    Does anybody know if it benefits to add a third fan (underneath) to a Ncase M1 with C14 and 2x Noctua A12X25 PWM side by side on stock panel? I am talking about a third A12X25 PWM fan. This will of cause mean low profile RAM like Corsair Vengence LPX. The alternative is to use a 15mm fan...
  13. Wahaha360

    Prototype G-UNIQ ACDC, 7.7-8.5L Expandable Console Case

    Update 2019-08-25: PSU prototype received. Update 2019-04-14: I got bit by the CNC bug, making this case via Extrusion and CNC. Extrusion and CNC will give the most versatility for 2-3 sizes for this project. Thanks to an early backer, we should have enough MOQ to hit the same target price...
  14. Wahaha360

    Custom SFX PSU cable length

    ASRock X299E-ITX/ac mobo Corsair SF600 psu Titan XP gpu I need help with custom SFX cable length, anyone care to share theirs? I’m looking to buy it from, if anyone has experience, doshare. I have a full loop setup in my Mach One prototype. It would be real pain to take it...
  15. J

    slim ODD that works

    Hi, I have a NCASE and have loved it except for one thing. The two optical disk drives I have gotten for it have both failed. One was DOA and the other took time to die. Are others having this experience? I am tempted to get an external, but would prefer to have everything in the case. Can...
  16. J

    Trying to get a ODD that works!

    I have an NCASE with the ODD bracket. I have gotten two slim ODD for it and both have failed. The first was DOA. The second died not very long after installing it. Before I get a 3rd, I thought I would ask for a recommended model or source so I get one that would actually work. So where can...
  17. K

    Absolute best possible thermals for the cpu

    Hello everyone. With so many expert builders here I was hoping for some suggestions with how to move forward. I currently have this configuration: I7 7700k Asus Z270i 32 GB Corsair LPX Silverstone 700 watt SFX-L psu GTX 1080 ti founders edition. Current cpu cooler is NH-L12. There are three...
  18. P

    Cooling Passthru for Ncase M.1

    New to the party, late to the game... I'm building my first water cooled pc and i'm using an Ncase M.1 case for this build. I've chosen to mount the pump/res externally. I'd like to do a hard line for the line that goes to the top of the pump in the photo below. I was thinking of doing...
  19. winterfart1

    Ncase M1. The Grey Beast. 4.6Ghz with Noctua

    Built CPU: Intel 6700k @4.6Ghz CPU Cooler: Cryorig M9 with 1x 120mm Noctua NF-S12B & 1x Cryorig 92mm GPU: GTX1070 Gigabyte G1 Gaming with 2 x 120mm Noctua NF-S12B Redux 1200PWM as Intake for GPU SSD: Samsung 850 EVO SATA drive Mobo: Asus Z170i Pro Gaming PSU: Corsair SF600 w Custom Red Cables...
  20. N

    Ncase M1 - Fully Custom

    Much thanks to Josh from NFC for the window side panel. All other work was done by me. There's even a drain port hidden behind the front panel. Hopefully @Necere will make the Ncase M5 so I can do an ATX custom loop inside it.