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Jun 11, 2019
Hello (sorry if this is in the wrong place or done wrong , first post .) I recently bought a m1 and am in the process of transferring the content of my old htpc/lan build into this + my main rigs graphics card (asus 1070 strix) and ram(hyperX 2x16GB). After the week these will go back to the 16gb and the gtx970 listed on the PCPP below

Old Build

Plans For The M1
I plan on doing mods, upgrades and ascetic changes here is a short list
Adding Noctua NF-B9 redux 92mm at rear of case and 2 fans under the GPU
Cpu cooler fan
Custom cables (ever done by me or pslatecustoms when his shop reopens )
Glass side panel (Optimum Tech style)
5inch mini internal display
GPU upgrade

Help With The Build
I am sort of in a predicament on what to do with a couple things regarding cooling ,and would appreciate it if i could get some pointers or tips.

1.the current cpu cooler that is being used is the Noctua - NH-L9i 33.84 CFM CPU Cooler, I am torn ether to change the fan for a Noctua NF-B9 redux 92mm As it will fit the the aesthetic more than the stock one. or straight up change the cooler as I have a lot more clearance to work with

2. finally Fans Under the GPU. I currently have x2 Noctua - NF-F12 PWM 54.97 CFM 120 mm Fan and would like to change these to something Gray or black ,I am also unsure whether to have these as exhaust or intake . Recommendations would be much appreciated

Any Suggestions Tips and Pointers will be gratingly appreciated
again sorry if this is in the wrong place/formatted wrong and for any grammar or spelling mistakes