1. VegetableStu

    ASUS Z370-I Gaming

    Someone got early access to review that board :o

    SG13P +1080ti + 7700k + 2xAIOs + 2xfans

    Hey everyone! Been lurking the site for a while now, and building SFF for several years. Just put together a gaming machine for my girlfriend's birthday and wanted to share it with you fine folks. After checking out the many gorgeous nano sized builds and custom mods you're all posting, my sg13...
  3. Illoominatty

    Z370 ITX motherboard

    We already have an ITX contender by Asrock for the ITX lineup of the Coffee Lake platform.
  4. Illoominatty

    S4 Mini Build Custom Paint Job

    I'll be posting photo soon but you can get the jist of it based on the main S4 mini thread where I've posted most photos recently but anyways. I bought a used S4 mini and USPS decided to sit on it or something causing it to get bend on the wrap around side panel. I got the dents/bend out but was...
  5. goerkem

    Cooling the CM Elite 110

    So this Cooler Master Elite 110 is my selection to join the family. With the Wraith Spire cooler of Ryzen 5 1600 and ATX size CX500M PSU, I had hard time with the ventilation. Turning the PSU upside down is one option, puts extra heat on the PSU. I also have another 120mm fan to install...
  6. W

    Completed Ryzen Wood Box Build

    Completed with help from @NATi - his modular ITX tray kit worked beautifully for mounting the motherboard.
  7. T

    Completed Open source Case: 4.5L flex case Type Zero

    I made this case about 2 years ago and sold a dozen in China, after several version upgrade, this is a pretty solid design already, I do not want do any case business(customer service is sucks, and do not really make money), thus I put this case open source. Before you download: 1.I gave up all...
  8. Thestarkiller32

    Lian Li’s new PC-Q39 tempered glass Mini-ITX (wide) tower

    Lian Li have released an upgrade to the PC-Q37 with the new mini-ITX PC-Q39 with tempered glass side panel and a larger internal volume. The aluminium case will be large enough to fit a three slot GPU, with the extra width allowing a separated second chamber to house an ATX PSU of up to 160mm...
  9. M

    Lian Li PC-Q21

    Is it just me or does this case not get no shine or respect on these forums, up until today I never really looked at other cases being made on this forum in the custom cases and projects section and now know that there are smaller cases? (I'm not sure) To me this case is the smallest I can find...
  10. Thestarkiller32

    AM4 mITX Chipset

    Hi, I'm planning a Build in a RVZ02 and the question is: [X370/B350] OR [X300/A300] because the 4 now available Mainboards are mostly junk in terms of Vcore temps, layout and specs....:( So sould we simply take a bag of SoonTM and wait for the holiday launch of Raven Ridge + X300?
  11. TheHig

    Cancelled! AsRock x370 Gaming itx build

    Edit: Long story short. My x370 gaming itx ac died and early death. I have RMA'd it for a refund , thanks Newegg, and picked up the AsRock x370 Taichi. Ultimately I wanted the r7 1700 to overlock so... @Aibohphobia looks like another Cerberus X customer waiting! Any more news on that front...
  12. nextechnews

    Portable PC 2: Geeek A10/A20 SFF ITX Build

    This build is my second try at making the most portable and powerful PC that I can possibly make. With each build the system keeps getting smaller and smaller. The ultimate goal will be for it to become completely portable, i.e. battery powered, which is my next step. I ordered an HDPLEX 400W DC...
  13. IntoxicatedPuma

    BLWS - Brave Little WorkStation

    Once upon a time in a Galaxy Far Far Away, a Brave Little…….Oh sorry that’s from Star Wars: Brave Little Star Destroyer. Let me find the right one. Ah yes, there once was a Brave Little ITX Case on Taobao. He was a lonely case, as he was only on the 7th page under “ITX” search. But he was...
  14. SteGa

    Closed Dan Case A4-SFX

    Hey all, Very interested in purchasing a Dan Case for a new build I am planning. I was excited to see a 2nd version go up on KickStarter, and needless to say, was very eager to back it. But the estimated shipping date of January 2018 slowed my roll a bit... Being the impatient person that I...
  15. C

    AM4 ITX Cooler Compatibility

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer my question of whether or not the Dark Rock TF would have any compatibility issues on both the AsRock AM4 ITX or the Biostar X370GTN which I am about to be using until the AsRock board becomes available. Also probably worth noting that I am using...
  16. B

    Closed White Sentry Case - DR ZABER

    SOLD Backed the indie campaign and not received it yet, but due to a change of plans I will sadly no longer be needing this case. The white one looks so damn sexy as well. Ugh. Anyway, I'm based in the UK so keep that in mind for shipping. PM if you think you might want it. I'll be slow with...
  17. TheHig

    DDR4 5000 on MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC itx!

    SFF FTW! Just stumbled upon this looking for a bios update for my MSI board. AAAnd it might be like a year old.. LOL *facepalm
  18. nextechnews

    First Take: Portable PC Kaby Lake Edition in Silverstone Milo SFF Build Hey, so this is my first time on the forum and decided to post my video build log to show off my first take on a portable desktop PC. I'm already working on my second rendition of this now and will be sure to share it with you guys the second I...
  19. P

    Prototyping C4 - Completely Customizable Computer Case, Max flexibility Infinite possibility

    For a while now, I have been planning to build a case for my special requirements, such as - small and light (cabin bag size friendly) - full size GPU (easy to get, better cooling), - ATX PSU (cheap, easy to get, high W) - modular (exactly as big as I want it to be) + good ventillation, not...
  20. 3lfk1ng

    SFF Network ASUS ROG STRIX H270I motherboard coming soon

    Read more here.