1. B

    Power Supply Advice for internal AC-DC in system

    So I'm planning a system (haven't picked the case yet, for reasons that will soon become clear), and I'd like the whole package to be inside. I'm going to be using a Ryzen 3400g, a B450 itx board (itx, duh), and an appropriate cooler (TBD). But I also want the AC-DC power supply inside, so I...
  2. O

    New configuration SFF with AMD Ryzen 3900x

    Hello everybody! I'm planing to config my first SFF build. Im looking for ITX case and air cooler for cpu (3900x) anyone configured with FD Node 202 with 3900x? What about temps on burn (no OC, just as is)? What cooler for CPU? Share your experience. Also it will be perfect to set 3.5HDD...
  3. Colinreay

    Prototype 9L Inverted Tower | SC-9

    Hi everyone! I’m super excited to show you a new case project that I’ve been working on, that is finally ready for *very limited* production and community testing. The goal of this case: Simplistic, affordable, elegant, and open source. The case’s overall volume is just under 9L (excluding...
  4. jschmidt

    Motherboard ITX Motherboard Advice, Onboard Sound, Linux

    Finally, I'm dealing with more power-efficient computers that need less space, but I still have some issues deciding what to get. I will use it mainly for surfing the internet and for playing video and music files. I've built a lot of computers with ATX motherboards and there has been a big...
  5. 3lfk1ng

    12 cores in under 10 liters. [3900X, Sliger SM550]

    I'm just waiting on some much needed BIOS updates from AMD but overall I am very pleased to see it come to life. Huge thanks go to @KSliger for making this custom SM550, you and your team did a fantastic job. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.
  6. MAB941009

    First ITX Build - NCase M1, ASRock Z390 Phantom, Intel 9900k, RTX 2070 Super

    Hello, I'm new here, and I haven't built a PC before. With the release of Nvidia's new Super graphics cards, my goal is to build a long-lasting ITX system this July. I'd like that build to centre around the four components listed in this thread's title. The first three prove to be reliable...
  7. K

    Closed Ncase M1 V5

    I have been waiting for a V6 for some time now, and it seems like it isn't going to be ready till September, (Necere said late July early August at best) I want to build my PC 7/7 with a new 3900x, and am not looking to have my pc parts sitting on the table for another 2 months.. I would like...
  8. vluft

    Motherboard ASRock EPYC 3000 ITX boards listed now

    ASRock has listed a pair of EPYC 3000 mini-itx boards on their site; one with a 3251 and one with a 3101. They look otherwise identical; up to 6 SATA drives (2 on board, 4 via OCUlink), 2x10G lan (using intel x550 parts, not the chipset builtins), 1 M2, and 4 DIMM slots (U/R/LR supported). Like...
  9. T

    Concept 16l 3d-printed mitx case that fits the cryorig h7

    Hi all, I've been trying to design a uATX case on and off for about the past month after being inspired by this post, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it under 25l while still keeping all the components I'd like to. So, solution: itx (!). Because I lack funds, I decided to try and...
  10. X

    .SKP MSI b450i Gaming plus 1.0

    Measurements are guesstimates, with most components stolen from other motherboards. The IO heatsink is vaguely accurate in height/width, since my model of another heatsink fits within a similar tolerance to the real heatsink and motherboard.
  11. D

    Motherboard Best budget mini itx Mobo

    Building a new pc again, after using a laptop for a while, looking to build a PC for light gaming nothing hardcore. Not decided on amd or Intel yet but wondering what the best budget mini itx board out there at the moment. Any suggestions.
  12. Analogue Blacksheep

    GPU Low Profile GPU Potential/Discussion

    I've been recently looking at low profile GPUs; the 1050ti quadruplets, the P1000 and the WX4000, and it got me thinking: Is there any potential for low profile GPUs to get as powerful as their ITX counterparts with the current technology? Say RTX 2070 performance levels? I was wondering if...
  13. N

    NCASE M1 Build - Air Cooled Ryzen, Radeon VII

    Hey there, Long time lurker here. I finally pulled the trigger on an M1 and a new build. It’s going to be an air cooled Ryzen build with a Radeon VII. Should be an interesting build/balance between high powered hardware and acceptable temps/noise/size. Posting because any more builds/resources...
  14. DSmithBYU

    Buying [USA-CA] H: Paypal W: i7-8700 (non-K, no Ts please)

    Good day. I've made plans to upgrade to a more-core/more-thread setup and I've gotten myself a B360-I mobo back in December, so I'd like to complete this project. I'd like to request said part for around $250 or less. Thank you
  15. Theez

    Production Theez Designs - HUMBLE - customisable sub 7L cube case

    After the introduction post it only felt right to share with you an in depth look and some key information about HUMBLE. The case is now in production and available to order at Clearance diagram: You can get HUMBLE in any color you wish, even differently colored...
  16. N

    Zotac GTX 1080 Ti - Mod - 0RPM Bios - Liquid Metal - Undervolt

    I wanted to build a custom portable rig aiming to be as small as possible (6L) so I thought I'd do some modding to my Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Mini to prep for my build. Mods: 1) BIOS - EVGA GTX 1080 TI SC ( - thanks...
  17. Arrandale

    Stalled .

  18. UnnoTed

    Concept Expandable itx case idea

    Recently i have been looking at the K39 itx case 3.98L and the only thing that it seems to lack (IMO) is a bit of space for fans, hard drives and optionally a bigger gpu, about nearly 3 years ago i suggested a expandable itx case to corsair but haven't heard anything about it since... (...
  19. mikex921

    Closed NFC Skyreach 4 Mini

    I have decided to go with a watercooling route in a slightly bigger case. So this one is up for sale! Silver with black front. Comes with NFC feet, and riser card. This does fit a zotac 1080 mini card without modification. Asking $235 shipped priority - SOLD Paypal:
  20. Thehack

    Stalled Project Stealth - 5.7L, custom 400W PSU, 270mm GPU

    After project Pure I am working on my next case to address some of the needs/wants of the community in builds. The layout has the gpu and cpu fans on the same side. The goal of this case is reliably power a 400W of components in the smallest size possible. CPU Cooler: 40mm, Noctua NH-L9i GPU...