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What do you think of this build concept? Would it work power wise?


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Dec 23, 2017
I have a DIY portable PC project that will not accept an ATX psu because it is an ultra small form factor. I plan to use the following pico psu to power my CPU/motherboard/ram and ssd. I will use the Noctua Low Profile NH-L9i to cool my Ryzen 2600 (non OC).


Then I will use this eGPU dock to power my GTX 1060 3gb:


The trouble is that would mean carrying around TWO laptop power supplies and I was at first going to use a 150 watt laptop power supply like this one: http://www.chargers-pc.co.uk/hp-ac-...ger-hp-ed519aaaba-hstnnha09-cord-p-11347.html

However instead of that I want to use one Dell 330 watt laptop charger like this: http://www.chargers-pc.co.uk/dell-a...alienware-x51-i74770-i73770-cord-p-18336.html

The eGPU dock accepts DC-DC power supplies so I was thinking of using a two-in-one DC adaptor like this one: https://www.kenable.co.uk/en/cctv-s...Ow7EzTPW7LpuuWeDOV1MHUJLink5QeLxoC_p8QAvD_BwE

That would cut down on the amount of external accessories and mean I wouldn't have to do any sketchy soldering or anything. Would that work fine? The GTX 1060 3gb only uses 120 watts max and the Ryzen 2600 is a 65 watt CPU so I am well within a 300 watt power limit.

I would only use one SSD maybe a second m.2 ssd later on for a boot drive and additional storage. This would be for an ultra portable gaming PC that has to be very small and light to fit in a backpack since I travel a lot.

I already have the CPU cooler, graphics card, and SSD. I was planning on upgrading to Ryen in the near future and was going to go Mini ITX anyway and I have a shielded PCIE extension cable for the graphics card to lay it flat.

Any thoughts on this build?


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Oct 12, 2017
The eGPU from the link above, has a mini PCIe. This means PCIe x1. That is really slow on the texture transfer.
The number of power bricks should match the number of cases. If the eGPU and MB/CPU/RAM/SSD are in separate boxes, then go for separate PSU bricks.
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Oct 28, 2018
I have this Mini-Box Pico PSU you link to. Two actually. One has run 24/7 for months without issue. The other get restarted regularly and also has been flawless.