1. darksidecookie

    (scratch build) project "Tall boy"

    Who am I? I'm a first year student product development with a highschool diploma of electromechanics and have an interest in pc's Why am I building this case?: Obviously to build a pc in it (parts suggestions are welcom) Inspired by @Selectivereviews , She loved E and @Jeffinslaw I...
  2. R3venger

    Slim PC build under 25mm

    Hello guys, girls, ladies and gentlemen, This is my first post in this forum. I had an idea about a small system, which could be attached behind a screen or perhaps ( maybe its possible) to attach a display to this build. I´m planning to build a Pc with a Thin-ITX-motherboard, an intel 45w or...
  3. confusis

    .SKP CoolerMaster Elite 120 2015-12-14

    Highly accurate Coolermaster Elite 120 all parts grouped so removal is easy
  4. Minefoxi

    Prototype [Scratch Build]Project REAL CUBE (Back online, V3.0 soon)

    My first Scratch Build wooden PC Case: PROJECT REAL CUBE Maximum Specifications and Features: ●ITX Motherboard (i7 7700K (i7 5960X) + 32GB RAM) ●ITX Style (17cm length) Mini Graphics Card (GB GTX1080) ●SFX Power Supply Unit ●Slim Slot-Loading Optical Drive (DVD/Blu-Ray) ●Decent...
  5. iFreilicht

    Stalled Freilite Brevis S: <5L Gaming Case with internal PSU

    Small poll: A GPU is not the only thing one might want to put into the GPU compartment, and I've recently made a change to allow for a fan swap. What would you put there? Latest update: First hinge and Front I/O prototype. Full update. Current status: First prototype has arrived, and while...