1. ondert

    Discussion Is there any STX case with built-in psu for APU system?

    Hey guys, Isn’t there any tiny case <2 lt for an STX apu system with built-in psu? I just can’t find any until now.
  2. enricko7

    .STEP Mount Plate for HDPlex 400W DC/ATX module 2

    This plate is to be attached to the backplate of the HDPlex 400W DC/ATX unit. It can then be rigidly attached to the inside front panel of the NFC S4M. Use 90 degree countersunk M3 screws in 4mm length for best results. ZIP Folder Contains: - .STEP 203 - .dwg file (for SendCutSend) - Solidworks...
  3. enricko7

    .STEP Mounting Plate for Panel Mount 6-Pin Molex Connector 002

    This part is intended for using the HDPlex 400W AC/DC unit as a power brick for the S4M. A 6-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr connector installs to this plate on the rear rectangular cutout. The 6-pin DC output of the HDPlex 400W AC/DC unit then plugs into the panel mount connector, which is connected to...
  4. D

    Discussion Pico PSU + HDplex AC - DC

    Hi, i plan on changing inwin chopin's psu and after reading this : https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/chopin-w-an-hdplex-200w.12392/#post-237116 apparently that combination doesnt work, so i'm thinking of using Pico PSU to plug it directly to the motherboard so that there's a room for...

    Production GxR-ONE ATX PLUGIN PSU / a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution / RTX3080 ready

    G-UNIQUE and REVOCCASES have teamed up to bring you a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution for your SFF build. GxR-ONE - a 600W DC-ATX PLUGIN PSU Limited quantity now on stock! Technical Data: Input: 12VDC (11.8VDC~12.3VDC) max 50A PCBA overall dimensions (mm): 38H x 55W x 14D...

    Prototype RCC-BRICKMOD200 / build your own small 200W power brick / active & passive cooled

    I have been asked to make a smaller version of my BRICKMOD-500 (aka BRICKMOD1) so here we go... smaller volume than FLEX With this kit you can build your own small external brick with up to 230W output power. planned specs (still WIP): black anodized aluminum case for improved passive cooling...
  7. Lone

    .STEP HDPLEX 200W AC-DC PCI Card Mount 4

    This PCI Card Mount concept would allow mounting the HDPLEX 200W AC-DC in the Lone Industries L5, or other cases with 40mm clearance. Redesigned into a 3D printable part. ABS filament recommended due to higher heat tolerance. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if this fries your computer. I do not...
  8. MrKoolKhai

    Closed HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX v2

    I'm looking for the version of the HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX shown below: It is called v2 in the SFF Network review of the HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX direct-plug, but Larry told me that there is not a formal version number for this product. A direct-plug power supply makes completing my build more difficult...
  9. Choidebu

    Stalled Possible VR Backpack : S4M with Hot-Swappable battery pack

    I spent some time in LTT forum the other day explaining some battery stuff to this guy, when I got this idea... As some of you may know, I am developing battery powered portable PC in S4M-C. It's self-contained: internal brick, pack charging, seamless switching on mains loss, and all that...
  10. N

    Selling [Selling] Skyreach S4 mini, Dell 330 Watt Ac adapter, HDPLEX 160 and 300 (combo)

    $175 plus shipping- skyreach s4 mini is in good condition. I do have the power button but it needs to have one of the wires soldered back onto it. It also comes with the pci adapter. SOLD!! $100 plus shipping- Dell power supply.is in great condition bought directly from dell last year. $150...
  11. C

    Skyreach 4 Mini + Combo 400W AC-ATX estimated value

  12. vluft

    Concept Sub-15 liter liquid cooled mATX dual GPU sanity checking

    I recently got around to upgrading my workstation, but the case I'm putting it in initially is absolutely massive; a whole 25 liters. Obviously this won't do, so I noodled around with some ideas and roughly blocked out something that I think might work – I would like to run this by some of the...
  13. Mortis Angelus

    Power Supply HDPLEX 800 W DC-DC?!? WAAAAAATTT???

    I thought @Josh | NFC was pulling our legs when releasing this title on YouTube. But apparently it exists! I am amazed how you can make something this powerful in such a small form factor. Now I wonder why it is so difficult for big companies to make 750+ W SFX PSUs, if HDPLEX can make this...
  14. nik0v

    Closed NFC S4 Mini (PayPal/International Shipping)

    Dear Seller, I will be happy to buy NFC S4 mini and if you are also sell HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX - i will be buy it too. I'm living in Moscow, Russia and I could not find a way to buy S4 mini here. I take all transportation costs for myself. Payment via PayPal Thank you!
  15. J

    S4Mini classic - black screen - advice sought

    Hi community, Problem: All components turn on but no video output when using with riser. Works fine without riser. (GPU plug direct into motherboard) Riser works fine when used on a seperate build (Matt, gtx970, desktop psu) Components assembled for my S4 mini build: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (65w)...
  16. E

    Recommended HDPLEX PSU for my setup

    Hey guys, how are u? Next month I'll buy a Skyreach case, and i'm in doubt about the best hdplex psu for my system. Could u help me? Ryzen 7 - 1700 Gigabyte GTX 970 mini GA-AB350N-Gaming-WIFI Corsair Vengeance LED Red 16GB 2x8 (does it fits?XD) I saw about hdplex 400, but i think it's too...
  17. Ross Siggers

    Concept Help with power delivery [STX+GPU]

    Hi all, first time posting aside from an intro thread :) I'm jumping into the world of SFF and whilst planning my first build, the thing I'm finding that's the most different from normal sized builds is power delivery. I've not really used anything apart form a regular ATX supply, nor have I...
  18. ricochet

    UV Siamese 2 Has Landed!

  19. C

    What do you think of this build concept? Would it work power wise?

    Hello, I have a DIY portable PC project that will not accept an ATX psu because it is an ultra small form factor. I plan to use the following pico psu to power my CPU/motherboard/ram and ssd. I will use the Noctua Low Profile NH-L9i to cool my Ryzen 2600 (non OC)...
  20. C

    Is there a way to fuse two barrel jacks together?

    So I wanted to fuse two barrel jack connectors together because I am going to work on a project that requires a Pico PSU and eGPU dock. However that would mean I'd have to use two laptop power bricks. To cut down on the cost and the amount of bricks I wanted to use one 330 watt brick since that...