pico psu

  1. graphichasan

    Concept Project Thundercreck | Designing an 200W - 400W active cooled ac-dc brick.

    Project Goal : Support at least 3 models 200W, 300W & 400W. Output & input have hydrophobic/hepa filter for IPx4 Resistance. At least IPx4 level of water spell protection of for long service life. Auto Load Shearing of these models if combined with a sli bridge like 2cable sense line. Handle...
  2. B

    Advice for internal AC-DC in system

    So I'm planning a system (haven't picked the case yet, for reasons that will soon become clear), and I'd like the whole package to be inside. I'm going to be using a Ryzen 3400g, a B450 itx board (itx, duh), and an appropriate cooler (TBD). But I also want the AC-DC power supply inside, so I...
  3. PennerG

    Help with ac to dc adapters

    Hi. I'm relatively new to SFF building and PC building in general. I bought a 250w pico psu and it has been working well powering my i5 7400 and 2x8gb of ddr4 2133 ram. I was using a 12v 10a portable charger with a lot of adapters to plug into the pico psu (kinda a bad solution). I just bought a...
  4. T

    Smallest (and cheapest) Case and PSU options for APU?

    Hey everyone! I've been looking around the forums lately trying to find a suitable case and power solution for a computer I want to send to a friend as a gift. He doesn't have a PC and hasn't ever played on one so I'm trying to start him out on something cheap as a gift and allow him to get a...
  5. N

    Will this build work with a 250w pico psu?

    Hello! So I'm building a SFF PC to use for interactive multimedia and performance projects, as well as a workstation for video and graphics editing. Running stuff like Max MSP, Processing, Ableton, Touch Designer, Unity, Maya, and After Effects + Adobe CC stuff, and hopefully doing a few of...
  6. B

    Concept APU Case, semi passive

    Hey I'm Chris from Germany, i have a dream ;-). A steal case, high airflow, positive pressure and dust filtration. It has to be dead silent, a clean look and robust. - exept the front fans no moving parts. That is what i ended with. I want to use a hd plex pico, if its available in near furure...
  7. C

    What do you think of this build concept? Would it work power wise?

    Hello, I have a DIY portable PC project that will not accept an ATX psu because it is an ultra small form factor. I plan to use the following pico psu to power my CPU/motherboard/ram and ssd. I will use the Noctua Low Profile NH-L9i to cool my Ryzen 2600 (non OC)...
  8. C

    Is there a way to fuse two barrel jacks together?

    So I wanted to fuse two barrel jack connectors together because I am going to work on a project that requires a Pico PSU and eGPU dock. However that would mean I'd have to use two laptop power bricks. To cut down on the cost and the amount of bricks I wanted to use one 330 watt brick since that...
  9. A

    Pico Psu not working with Micro Atx Board

    Hello, I was using a Mini Itx Asrock Z170 board (now broken) so I had to temporarily replace it with Micro Atx Gygabyte H110. I use one 120gb SSD , one 3tb 3.5 HDD. No video cards. Processor is a Pentium G4400/Ram 8gb DDR4. Now my Pico Psu 160w (with regular 5 amperes transformer) is not is not...
  10. G

    Buying Buying HDPlex 160 combo

    Looking to buy an hdplex 160w combo or anything similar, building a brickless ryzen s4 mini pc for my younger brother so he can bring it to college after the summer. Don't care if its a pico branded psu or anything similar, as long as its part of an internal psu layout that I can fit inside the...
  11. Windfall

    Cisco LAN UPGRADED- i5-7600k, 8GB DDR4, PicoPsu

    Some have you may have seen my 3.5L HTPC One- The case I got inspiration from had belonged to my brother, who is interested in Industrial Automation. I managed to trade a 32GB flashdrive for it. Upon closer inspection, I found it was a Cisco Wireless Lan Solution Ee 2.13. I gutted it, as seen at...
  12. E

    picoPSU 160W

    Hi, everyone! I want to build small mini ITX system with 160W picoPSU+192W power brick in Streacom F7C case. 65W CPU - i7 8700 Noctua NH-L9i or alternative 30W GPU - Low Profile GT1030 2*16GB DDR4 1*m2 NVMe SSD 1*80mm fan + sometimes 1-2 external USB HDDs. Most demanding task will be...
  13. Biowarejak

    The Pico Thread

    The use of Pico PSU's seems worthy of discussion for use in future projects and such. I figure this is the best place to kick off the conversation. I don't have much to ad myself, But I would love to hear more from you all before I go that route with an internal AC-DC solution. :)
  14. Cawa

    Completed Ocelot Boreal (B35) 3.5L

    Hello guys! Just a brief introduction: I'm an electrical engineering student in the San Francisco bay area, and love industrial engineering. I have been thinking about the idea of making my own case for a while, but haven't had the time to sit down and do it until now. That being said, I do...
  15. R

    PicoPSU 160xt cable mods

    In the process of building a mini itx system using PicoPSU 160xt i wanted to make some modifications to the wires/cabling. Having never done anything like this before i have a few questions that overall falls into the 3 headlines below. Shortening the CPU power cable - 4 pin EPS female...
  16. E

    AC/DC with 127W cubic inch power density

    I was looking for meanwell PSU at mouser and stumble across this AC/DC converter it's 400w efficiency 92% with output 24V, 16.7 Amps and really small footprint; so I was wondering if this could be used with any pico PSU to power a GTX1070?
  17. iFreilicht

    How to reduce cable clutter to a minimum

    We all know about the 24pin problem. There's this one, unbelieviably bulky cable in our machines that supplies the mainboard with power. It takes up an unnecessary amount of space, is hard to route and in general hinders the advancement of SFF (a little bit). Some of us already imagined a...
  18. Tek Everything

    Simple Dual Pico PSU Set Up

    Recently I was setting up a SFF system in an S4 Mini, I wanted to run a GTX 960/970 but the HDPlex required to power those cards has not been in stock since January. I decided to try and use a dual Pico 160-XT set up instead of endlessly waiting for HDPlex stock. There is a small device made...