1. S

    Concept Project PD SFF 1 (Custom SFF Casing/Final Year Project)

    LINK TO SURVEY (14 Questions / 5 mins max) Hi everyone. As a long time fan of this forum and being heavily inspired by other creators, I have managed to convince my final year lectuerers to allow me to create a SFF PC Case! Exciting I know! Based on their advice and my own limited background...
  2. Serf1r

    Production CaseKraken NEX

    That's cheap SFF case from 1.5mm powder coated steel. You can buy it at casekraken.com/nex More info in these days
  3. Platypus

    Introduction Creating Tomorrows SFF Case

    Hey there all. I have built my PC's and fallen into the rabbit hole of design, only to be led on to this forum where I have felt the need to bring up the idea of creating a case that stands out from the rest. I will post more later on as design continues. The goal is to create something for...
  4. B

    ZS-A4 Package A or B?

    I am looking into buying an ZS-A4 of Taobao. There is only one buying option at the moment Package A but before there was a Package B as well. Does anyone know the difference between them and if they own a ZS-A4 to share opinion about the case?
  5. S

    Concept NEW CASE! Is there any interest in an SFF case capable of holding 2x 280mm radiators?

    Just as the title says: is there any interest in a case roughly the volume of the Ncase M1, but capable of holding two 30mm thick 280mm radiators? I am in the (early) process of creating such a case for myself; but since I'll be doing the work of creating the case anyway, I wanted to gauge...
  6. Crossfire Machines

    Kolink Rocket - Review

    With it's Rocket the budget manufacturer Kolink dares to enter the field of premium enclosures and thus the first ITX enclosure with "sandwich" design can hold its own in my tests. At the same time it is the (so far) smallest case I'am reviewing, so let's check out how this tiny case is doing...
  7. GDesign

    Prototyping Worst idea ever? A slightly different SFF case: the G-Design GD47

    Hi all, I'm testing the appetite of the market for a SFF design which I am considering manufacturing on a small scale. If it interests you, I'd love to hear your comments in the reply section below or by e-mail at: [email protected] Introducing the G-Design GD47: (X-box controller and...
  8. raiistar

    My first SFF build in the Sliger SM570

    So I wanted to upgrade from my old rig which ran an i5 6600k and a Fury X. These are the components I picked for this beauty. Sliger SM570 Ryzen 3700x Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX motherboard Corsair Vengeange RGB Pro 32gb (2x 16GB) running at 3600 mhz Corsair SF600 Platinum EVGA RTX 2080 TI 4x...
  9. D

    SFF AMD4 For Live Cinema Projections

    I'm an experimental film maker who does large screen live projections in cinemas and galleries. Based on what I've seen h264 near lossless, and Huffy lossless formats put large demands on the the CPU. So I'm starting the Ryzen 7 2600 and will update as budget allows in the following year/s to...
  10. Colinreay

    Prototyping 9L Inverted Tower | SC-9

    Hi everyone! I’m super excited to show you a new case project that I’ve been working on, that is finally ready for *very limited* production and community testing. The goal of this case: Simplistic, affordable, elegant, and open source. The case’s overall volume is just under 9L (excluding...
  11. M

    Selling Sliger SM560, Alpenfohn Black Ridge

    Hello all, I'm looking to part ways with my Sliger SM560 and Alpenfohn Black Ridge. I'm looking to ship in the US only (local is 11207). The case is in great condition, the only issue is that the screws for the top panel are stripped. The Black Ridge's AM4 bracket was modified to fit with my...
  12. J

    Black Ridge Cooler 92mm or 120mm fan?

    I am wondering if anyone has tested out the Alpenföhn Black Ridge cooler with a 120mm fan and has seen an increase in performance. I am debating whether to go this route however, I do not know if it is worth it considering that this cooler with a 120mm fan only allows VLP ram which is not as...
  13. T

    There are 3D printing files for a small case like A4-SFX, Ncase, A50 etc.?

    Hello. Is there a complete list of 3D models (3D printing) for computer cases? With pictures and technical data (dimensions, max. Dimensions of the graphics card etc.)? But also pictures and plans for self-construction of wood or sheet metal? I currently would like a small mobile (no sensitive...
  14. iAvoe

    Concept 8.7 Liter 320*85 Case with 120*38 Rad+Fan "CLDS" V2

    It didn't took me long, but a huge amount of brainstorm to get an upgraded version of this project, now it's named CLDS referring Clundus, a random name that also took me long to generate :) Disclaimer: I don't own this design As you can see, the drawing is much better, and the tilted GPU...
  15. G

    Concept New to SFF FORUM!!! First build converting my Midtower to "ATX" SFF... I know wtf? and lol.

    I'm not sure if I should Dew this build or not but I do see a case on the market that fits my needs. So I am going to build something I can throw in my backpack easily when I want to take it on the go. The basis for this build is using all air cooling with 120x15mm case fans 2 front and 2 top...
  16. T

    Smallest (and cheapest) Case and PSU options for APU?

    Hey everyone! I've been looking around the forums lately trying to find a suitable case and power solution for a computer I want to send to a friend as a gift. He doesn't have a PC and hasn't ever played on one so I'm trying to start him out on something cheap as a gift and allow him to get a...
  17. C

    Concept OriginPC Chronos like aluminum extrusion Frame Case

    Hi everybody, I'm very interested in recreating a case like the OriginPC Chronos SFF case. I like the internal layout of the components. I would like to create a similar case myself using aluminum profiles as it is easy to find and easy to create things around (mountings and stuff) I already...
  18. 3lfk1ng

    Announcement CES 2019 Giveway #2: Fractal Design Node 202 (x2).

    This special CES 2019 giveaway is sponsored by Fractal Design. At the ZOTAC CES party, Fractal Design was generous enough to provide one winner with a voucher for their 58.8 liter Fractal Define S2 which I was ever so lucky enough to win. Yay! Unsure how I could spin the S2 as a transport...
  19. Crossfire Machines

    ITX / SFF Case Contest #1 - Fractal Design Node 202 Review

    This time the Node 202 from Fractal Design had to assert itself in my tests. The case can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the included stand, these tests were conducted in the standing position. I'll explain disadvantages this might have for some GPUs later. In contrast to many other...
  20. Mortis Angelus


    I thought @Josh | NFC was pulling our legs when releasing this title on YouTube. But apparently it exists! I am amazed how you can make something this powerful in such a small form factor. Now I wonder why it is so difficult for big companies to make 750+ W SFX PSUs, if HDPLEX can make this...