1. Nouvolo

    Stalled Mini reservoir + fill port for SFF Cases

    After the creation of Aquanaut, there seems to be many requests for reservoir feature either included with the water block or as a separate unit. So this is what this project is about 😉. But I will need your suggestions. Lets gather ideas from other threads on this particular subject and let me...
  2. Nouvolo

    Concept Project Ficc (aka Thicc) - 16L case with 3 slot cards support

    With more and more thicc cards coming out, this poses enormous challenges for SFF creators. Going to start a project to tackle this. Project Name : Ficc (aka Thicc) Features - 3 slot cards support (primary) - AIO+custom cooling support - 240mm (+ 280mm, tentative) radiator support - layout -...
  3. Argofisto

    Prototype The appearance of Nessy

    Hi everyone, my name is Argofisto and today I want to present a design that I have been working on for a while. It consists of a 16.8-liter pc case with a lot of compatibility. The main objective is to create the smallest micro-atx case with a normal but vertical layout, obtaining the...
  4. anilgulalan

    Concept Coming Soon: LEDGE Horizon

    Hello, we are working on something that can please sff users by size, cooling and looks. We are proudly present you the HORIZON by LEDGE. SPECIFICATIONS: DIMENSIONS (H x W x D)Horizon 204 x 231 x 310 mm Bigger Horizon (Expansion part on front) 204 x 231 x 390 mm Vertical Horizon...
  5. Serf1r

    Funding CASEKRAKEN FLIP H1 - Cheapest stand

    Some fix: 1. In release stands, pci riser will be attached to the stand 2. We decided to add ventilation holes under power supply 3. Slightly changed the position of the holes for the ties / Velcro tape 4. Changed the mount for ssd, now you can put another one 5. Bracket for 120/92mm aio (and...
  6. Serf1r

    Concept Premium PC case for watercooling with distro plate

    Recently, I thought: why there is still not a single case made of anodized MILLED aluminum for custom watercool? What do you think about this idea? Front - distribution plate with touch power button. It's good idea? aprox price ~300$ Thanks for any comment
  7. _ONE_

    Prototype THE TINY BOY'S ADVENTURE! - Join me through the wonderful story of a tiny case... of 3.68L

    The Tiny Boy’s adventure From drawing to shipping, walk with me through this adventure where I create more than a PC case: A Product! Music suggested for reading my thread (c'mooon...just tryyy! 😇) :
  8. Colinreay

    Prototype $50 10L Laser Cut Case

    Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these tough times. I want to share a case that I hope to start selling soon. The design in question is a 10L, inverted-tower style composed of flat acrylic panels. I made and sold a few cases with a nearly identical layout last year...
  9. B

    Watercooled Node 202

    Hey Guys, This is the second time posting here on sffnetwork. I wanted to share my project of watercooling a Fractal design node 202 with a dual 240 mm radiator loop. Here is the parts list: Case: node 202 Psu: corsair sf600 platinum Cpu: ryzen 3700x Gpu:1080ti Mobo: Aorus x570 pro wifi...
  10. R

    Hackintosh SFF Case Advice Needed

    These are my parts. I have 2 constraints: 1. I have an HDPLEX 400w + HDPLEX 400W ac-dc unit. If I was in the US it probably wouldn't be so bad selling them and getting an SFX PSU but I live in Japan so I'd rather just use them instead of buying a new PSU. 2. It's a hackintosh so I can only use...
  11. S

    Mach 1.5 | SG13B

    Hi all! Just joined the community and thought I'd show my current build. I recently downsized from a Thermaltake Core V1 to the Silverstone SG13B due to the compact size and portability (not that I'll be moving the tower). I designed it to be a positive pressure build, but I did order an 80x10...
  12. S

    Stalled Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    Project Knarr This was designed as a liquid cooling oriented case with the capability of supporting a full custom liquid cooling loop, a 240mm radiator, or potentially two 120mm radiators for hybrid cooled GPUs + cpu AIO configurations. This is the update to an existing prototype that you may...
  13. Da_Korn

    7L watercooled SFF Case (Dual 92mm radiator)

    After building my first custom mini PC, I have had the idea of a Watercooled PC😉. A sub-7L SFF case that can accept standard mini ITX components and watercooling components. My finished Design ended up to be 7,26L in volume😐. My Choice of the radiator is a dual 92mm alphacool unit. my goal was...
  14. TinyLittleTechShop

    Pny XLR8 themed sub-10L project

    Hey Guys, thought I'd jump on here to show a preview of my latest SFF creation. This is my first project under 10L, so any thoughts and/or comments will be welcome and appreciated! Specs: GEEEK A50 9.7L SFF ITX case ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (8C/16T) Noctua l9a...
  15. A

    Built from scratch case: sub 9L

    Started my quest by twisting some wire fencing together to form some wire "rods" and JB welding them into a frame. I liked the result, but it needed some refining.. and I wanted to go SMALLER. Bought some 1/2" aluminum angle rods from Lowes and started putting together a frame with more or less...
  16. SFFTEC

    [SFFTEC] Jonsbo A4: Premium tower-style SFF PC case

    Specifications: Version: 1.1 Dimension: 169mm(W)*273mm(H)*340mm(D) Material: Top plate 3mm aluminum magnesium alloy Front/back/bottom plate 2mm aluminum magnesium alloy Hardware 1.5mm all black steel plate Side plate 3mm all tempered glass Motherboard: ITX Drive Bay: 2*2.5 + 1*3.5 System Fan...
  17. S

    Concept Project PD SFF 1 (Custom SFF Casing/Final Year Project)

    LINK TO SURVEY (14 Questions / 5 mins max) Hi everyone. As a long time fan of this forum and being heavily inspired by other creators, I have managed to convince my final year lectuerers to allow me to create a SFF PC Case! Exciting I know! Based on their advice and my own limited background...
  18. Serf1r

    Production CASEKRAKEN NEX X2

    That's cheap SFF case from 1.5mm powder coated steel. Hello guys We have developed a cheap, high-quality and roomy computer case Introducing to you... CASEKRAKEN NEX X2! Price - 100$ + shipping from Russia + Riser Li-Heat (35$) Tech Specs Riser - Li-Heat (+35$) Size - 33 × 16 × 21 cm...
  19. Platypus

    Creating Tomorrows SFF Case

    Hey there all. I have built my PC's and fallen into the rabbit hole of design, only to be led on to this forum where I have felt the need to bring up the idea of creating a case that stands out from the rest. I will post more later on as design continues. The goal is to create something for...
  20. B

    ZS-A4 Package A or B?

    I am looking into buying an ZS-A4 of Taobao. There is only one buying option at the moment Package A but before there was a Package B as well. Does anyone know the difference between them and if they own a ZS-A4 to share opinion about the case?