1. Trouffman

    XWORKS 70 xFrame

    This thread acts as the main thread about the XWORKS 70 xFrame SFF chassis. We will try to answer/discuss and provide as much information as possible on the choices made and the ongoing evolution of the xFrame series. XWORKS 70 xFrame "The XWORKS 70 xFrame is a small-form-factor open air...
  2. fabio

    Selling [EU-DK] HD Plex 400 NEW + DELL 330W Brick

    Hi Guys! I am getting rid of a few things, jope they can find a better user.: HD Plex 400W NEVER Used + Dell 330W Brick: 100EUR + Shipment
  3. D

    Discussion Any suggestions on enhancing pcie extender ribbon cable shielding?

    I have several of these FPC (Flat Printed Circuit) ribbon cable M.2 M-key extenders, see this as an example of the most recent unit I have tested: These are great because of their compact size and will always fit well underneath sandwiched GPUs and such extremely tight SFF environments...
  4. Joonst

    Concept Introducing the Smol Big X1 (10L, 240mm AIO, 126mm aircooler, 297mm 2.5slot GPU) and the X1 (6.9L, 120mm aio, 126mm aircooler, 183mm 2.5slot gpu)!

    Smol X1 and Big X1: Not just another sff case Hello everyone! I'm very proud to introduce to you the Smol Big X1 and Smol X1. You might have seen the Smol X1 before, as I've posted it here before, and I'm very active on reddit too (u/SmolSFF). I just finished the design of the Big X1. It's just...
  5. infoberg

    Log 3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen

    3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen Part 1: The journey begins Introduction This build was inspired by (or blatantly copied from, depending on how you look at it) the build log by BaK titled "B01T3 ...a 3L Brickless APU Build..." - genius title btw, love the...
  6. mwal

    Concept 15.5L mATX case with 240mm side mount radiator support, Part 2.

    Hello again. I've finished my visual prototype of my case, and I personally think the front isn't great, but the side panels look pretty good. Not much else changed, the Rad bracket does still have widened mounting holes for more room. The two side panels, and the top panel are all connected...
  7. mwal

    Concept 15.5L mATX with 240mm radiator support for water cooling.

    I have found an extremely space efficient mATX layout supporting many mainstream components. My goals were to have: To have absolutely, the smallest, most reasonable fully mATX compatible case possible. Support for a 240mm AIO. Mainstream PSU support, it being SFX and SFX-L. A simple build...
  8. mwal

    Concept Idea Dump #2

    Back at it again, but this time, I figured out how to make my larger cases substantially smaller, without too much compromise. So now here are those ideas with a slight redux. 16.6L tower has been eliminated as a viable option. All cases support: SFX-L PSUs up to 125mm long. mATX and ITX. Liquid...
  9. B

    Log SFF build FINALLY complete - 3+ months in...

    First SFF build, first custom loop, first RGB...a lot of firsts for me. And it went...slowly. Parts were not available, something came broken, didn't fit, wasn't compatible, needed to order something I didn't realize I needed...etc. It's not perfect by any means, but I'm happy the way it turned...
  10. Firebear

    Cooling New Alphacool SL-15 (120x120x15mm) SFF fans - Noctua budget competitor?

    Alphacool released their new SL-15 fans today https://www.alphacool.com/detail/index/sArticle/27633?fbclid=IwAR23Kn_tOv0JDo0AQ4ul09b7-OPPTIwBe2tiJXwYy1C5hUWbn4sf2L8d3HY They price at € 11.69 (US$ 14,17). Technical Data Alphacool SL-15 Noctua NF A12x15 (as comparison) Speed 600 - 1800rpm...
  11. Tyzam1

    Concept Conduit Z: 10.2L Configurable ITX Chassis

    Conduit Z: 10.2L Configurable ITX Chassis Custom water-cooled chassis with hardline tubing and custom distribution plates. STATUS: Design complete & ready to order. Troubleshooting electrical compatibility. High 3080 transient load causes OCP to trip on 7660b. Specs & Overview: Status...
  12. Serf1r

    Concept CaseKraken JET - 10.4L XBOX-X Premium case

    Please vote - https://strawpoll.com/7hv4y82v9 it's very, very difficult. You got me thinking about size again, and yet which is better? Maintain the size of the Xbox with large iron restrictions or make an enlarged version with a volume of about 10 liters, which even water cooling will fit...
  13. Nouvolo

    Stalled Mini reservoir + fill port for SFF Cases

    After the creation of Aquanaut, there seems to be many requests for reservoir feature either included with the water block or as a separate unit. So this is what this project is about ?. But I will need your suggestions. Lets gather ideas from other threads on this particular subject and let me...
  14. Nouvolo

    Concept Vertico- Small foot print, mini tower case

    With more and more thicc cards coming out, this poses enormous challenges for SFF creators. Going to start a project to tackle this. Project Name : Obelisk Features - layout - traditional, PCIe 4.0 friendly - 3 slot cards support (primary) - custom cooling (Aquanaut) friendly - 240mm/280m...
  15. Argofisto

    Stalled [it didn't work] Nessy 3-Slot GPU SUPPORTS AIO 92-120-240mm GPU MATX-SFF 15,47 Liters

    Hi everyone, my name is Argofisto and today I want to present a design that I have been working on for a while. It consists of a 16.8-liter pc case with a lot of compatibility. The main objective is to create the smallest micro-atx case with a normal but vertical layout, obtaining the...
  16. anilgulalan

    Concept Coming Soon: LEDGE Horizon

    Hello, we are working on something that can please sff users by size, cooling and looks. We are proudly present you the HORIZON by LEDGE. SPECIFICATIONS: DIMENSIONS (H x W x D)Horizon 204 x 231 x 310 mm Bigger Horizon (Expansion part on front) 204 x 231 x 390 mm Vertical Horizon...
  17. Serf1r

    Funding CASEKRAKEN FLIP H1 - Cheapest stand

    Fixed: 1. In release stands, pci riser will be attached to the stand 2. We decided to add ventilation holes under power supply 3. Slightly changed the position of the holes for the ties / Velcro tape 4. Changed the mount for ssd, now you can put another one 5. Bracket for 120/92mm aio (and maybe...
  18. Serf1r

    Concept Premium PC case for watercooling with distro plate

    Recently, I thought: why there is still not a single case made of anodized MILLED aluminum for custom watercool? What do you think about this idea? Front - distribution plate with touch power button. It's good idea? aprox price ~300$ Thanks for any comment
  19. _ONE_

    Prototype THE TINY BOY'S ADVENTURE! - Join me through the wonderful story of a tiny case... of 3.68L

    The Tiny Boy’s adventure From drawing to shipping, walk with me through this adventure where I create more than a PC case: A Product! Music suggested for reading my thread (c'mooon...just tryyy! ?) :
  20. Colinreay

    Prototype $50 10L Laser Cut Case

    Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these tough times. I want to share a case that I hope to start selling soon. The design in question is a 10L, inverted-tower style composed of flat acrylic panels. I made and sold a few cases with a nearly identical layout last year...