1. W

    CPU anybody know where I can get replacement front panel power cable for Deskmini GTX?

    cables have come loose from my deskmini gtx b250 pled board. I was able to start the machine by making contact with one of the exposed wires but obviously this isn't ideal! I'm not very handy so I could take a shot at trying to solder this stuff but I'm worried I will mess it up. i have no idea...
  2. C

    What do you think of this build concept? Would it work power wise?

    Hello, I have a DIY portable PC project that will not accept an ATX psu because it is an ultra small form factor. I plan to use the following pico psu to power my CPU/motherboard/ram and ssd. I will use the Noctua Low Profile NH-L9i to cool my Ryzen 2600 (non OC)...
  3. BryceK

    Modding GPU to single slot

    Hi All, A lot of the high-end GPU's in Smaller sizes like the Gigabyte/Zotac GTX 1070/1080 are 2 slots. Yet they are only 2 slots because of their heatsink and fans and because of the DVI port. Now if you would Watercool such a card, they become a single slot due to the waterblock being less...
  4. T

    GPU Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box - GPU only?

    Hey i just stombled across this: So i ask myself is it possible to buy this GPU alone? It looks like sick cooling performance^^
  5. R3venger

    Slim PC build under 25mm

    Hello guys, girls, ladies and gentlemen, This is my first post in this forum. I had an idea about a small system, which could be attached behind a screen or perhaps ( maybe its possible) to attach a display to this build. I´m planning to build a Pc with a Thin-ITX-motherboard, an intel 45w or...