Thermalright Silver Arrow 130mm Tower Cooler

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    1. The supplied fan mounting clips/brackets are 'non standard/universal', meaning you cannot (without modification) use the clips to mount other 120mm fan. (But I suppose one can improvise with zip ties?).
    2. looks like heatpipes are not soldered onto the fins. (this might be a cut-cost decision).
    However, both 1 and 2 are going to be adjusted in a future version.

    I have no actual experience but just scan through posts in Chiphell to gather the above info.
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    Meaning: The iron wire clips used to install fans are not currently available for installing other fans, such as noctua 120mm fans.You need to make your own iron wire clips.

    Not Reflow soldering:if not this process. The heat conduction is not the best, so it's just a little bit stronger than D9L (maybe 15%+, I guess), not a lot stronger.

    This information comes from the Chiphell Forum. I think it should be able to control the TDP of 7980xe or 9980xe in ncase m1, but I'm not sure if it can allow OC.

    In fact, I don't know whether ThermalRight is a Chinese brand or an international brand, but it seems that their factory is in China, and their technicians often seem to browse Chiphell forum, so I can get some more internal information in this forum, such as the improved version of this air-cooler.

    But I can't guarantee that this message is 100% accurate.

    Even if the message is true, it's impossible to know the exact time.
    (perhaps the new version of 130 Silver Arrow will wait six months or One year later or more).

    At present, there is no temperature test for 7980xe or 9980xe in ncase M1.

    These need someone or team to try and share the test results.
    (It's best to have a YouTube video)

    There are still too few tests for 130 Silver Arrow.

    If 7980xe and 9980xe have no problems, next year's zen2 16C should have no problems.
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    ‘But I suppose one can improvise with zip ties?’

    I don't know. You can try...
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    Thermalright is Taiwanese. They definitely have the chops -- when they released the Ultra Extreme 120 in 2007 it absolutely destroyed every other air cooler in performance (it's on my outgoing rig). I'm not sure how there current offering stack up, since you rarely hear about them anymore.

    And not soldering the heatpipes to the fins seems like a really odd design choice -- why hamper it so much?

    When I talked with the support guy, he had no estimate for the world wide release. He said it was from heat pipe availability because they were using a new design. Maybe they wanted to do a little market testing and give some more time for manufacturing.

    With these two current issues, I don't think I'd be so interested. If they fixed those, it would be great. I do wonder for the fan clip if you could just swap out for some other brand fan clip and still work or how specific they are this design.
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    Because of the time (from project to design to production, it is said that the time is very short, they can not make more improvements to the product) and cost, so the product is designed like this. About cost savings: I think they really underestimated the needs of users.

    In addition, through the replacement of fans, such as Noctua NF-A12X25 or NF-F12 industrial PPC 3000, the performance should be improved by at least 5~10%. Therefore, it is a qualified product, but it can not meet the expectations of users.

    But I'm very curious.

    Why hasn't Noctua research and development 130-140 mm air-coolers? (In fact, the Silver Arrow 130 is the only known 130-140 mm air-cooler.)

    Noctua's plan for 2019 is to improve their fans products.
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    Yeah, I'm surprised Noctua hasn't made something like the SA130 themselves. The U9S is already 125 mm, and designed to fit in the CPU keep out zone. Which is good. But they could easily make a shorty tower that is still small case friendly and improve on the D9L -- which would really just be it's successor. They already have the fan tech to bundle with it, and probably the best mounting hardware.
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    Yes, Thermalright used to dominate the air cooler market, especially the high end segment. When air coolers were switching from down-blowing to tower type, TRUE was the king. Who could forget TRUE True Copper?
    I think, with the rise of AIOs, air coolers are being hit hard. Higher end air coolers are being hit the hardest and basically only Noctua and Thermalright are in this segment. Maybe, as the demand for higher end air coolers is diminishing, both Noctua and Thermalright are putting less effort to develop new products.
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    Thermalright is producing standard 120mm and 92mm fan buckles.
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    That's good to know. Do you happen to know if they are going to solder in the heatpipes for the international release?