1. Tact1calBeard

    Closed [EU-GER] - Cerberus mATX Case -- SOLD

    Hi, as I changed my case to a FormD T1 I want to sell my Ceberus mATX case in Obsidian Black with one windowed side panel, one vented side panel, the hinged mouting for the side and the mounting plate for the top. For SFX there are both mouting options available ( usually needs to be purchased...
  2. F

    [Close] Ceberus hard drive mounting

    Hi, the Cerberus can be ordered with 3 2x3.5" hard drive brackets. Where do they mount and how much space is left for other components? Do they mount at the bottom side by side? With the hard drive brackets installed and populated is there room for a 2.5 slot graphics card? And would that work...
  3. P

    Cerberus uATX dream machine advice

    Looking for any suggestions on how to improve. No OC planned, just want a quiet powerful machine that is easy to bring upstairs and downstairs for Oculus Rift and other gaming. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/pheonixblade9/saved/KxLtgs
  4. Dezroxx

    #NotABuildLog - Transplant with some added flair

    I purchased my Cerberus (non-X) at Christmas this past year, and have been slowly tweaking things over the past month, but with my new addition this week (RTX 2070) I thought I might share my own build and thoughts on some customization ideas I had for the case. My setup is mostly a transplant...
  5. timsburg

    First Gaming PC Build - Chimera Cerberus (mAtx)

    Howdy I am absolutely NEW to building new PCs and have accomplished my first ever build in the best looking case! Full build is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fjGDNQ I have big plans for this beauty and ((((((I am in need of finding a cost efficient way to manage the cables for the modular...
  6. TeutonJon78

    Cooling Thermalright Silver Arrow 130mm Tower Cooler

    @MTMeow has been providing us some leaks with this potential new tower. It seems like a good contender to unseat the Noctua U9S/D9L as the top tower coolers for the NCase M1. I just thought I would condense the info and give it a focused thread rather than being in the Dan-A4's heatsink thread...
  7. B

    Closed Cerberus mAtx Case in Slate Gray

    Hi Everyone, I am selling my Cerberus mAtx / micro itx case in Slate Gray. I have had it for a few months and have decided I wanted something different. The case has no visible damage. Just a tiny tiny like super tiny little chip by the power button on the top panel that isn’t visible...
  8. VegetableStu

    The Long Game: A build (mATX Chimera Cerberus)

    in order of assembly (off the top of my head): Case setup Handle mount goes on top. I tried mounting the Cryorig slim 140mm fan with the motherboard in during dryrun, but the rubber feet and CPU cables were rubbing against each other, so that has to go in first. SFX PSU mounting. The SSDs...
  9. C

    I'm putting together a Cerberus w/ dual GPU for 3D modeling/rendering. Looking for input!

    This will be my first custom built PC. Originally I was going the laptop workstation route w/ an eGPU, but after some research I decided the tech wasn't there yet and I wouldn't want to burn out my laptop on the longer rendering tasks. So the small form factor PC fits my needs well, allowing me...
  10. H

    Enclosure CaseLabs Bullet BH4 VS. Cerberus KIC11U for mITX Build

    Hello All! I've been looking at the forums for some time and am just now posting! I've have recently gotten into PC building and am looking to transplant my mITX build into a SFF case. Excited about options available for beautifully designed USA made cases! My requirements for space are an...
  11. A


    New to the forum. First forum I have ever joined. Names Ally and I'm from Scotland;) Not the best pics of the build but here are the specs Cerberus matx case Slate grey (side panel with window on its way) ASUS ROG MAXIMUS GENE Viii motherboard Sli enabled i5-6500k cpu AIO cooler Aigo 120mm...
  12. S

    SFF noob who is gonna crush first build

    Hi all, Product designer here - new to building cpus. ~9yr old Vaio is dying ---> was gonna buy the latest Razer Stealth laptop. ---> decided on building a pc instead and the Cerberus case brought me here. (I use mac at work, prefer pc at home, especially for 3d modelling.) Soaking up info...
  13. Ankacat

    INARI - Cerberus in sand

    First thread, first proper build log, yay! (I hope I don't mess this up) After over a year of stalking this project, I'm glad to say that I'm the happy owner of a Kimera Cerberus mATX case! As my setup is only as old as Black Friday 2015, this was a relatively simple component transplant of a...