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Production The First - Monsterlabo High Performance SFF case & Fanless CPU / GPU


Case Bender
Apr 20, 2019
Thanks ! I will upload it and it's nice to see your picture.

Do you have some temperature log before & after ?
Sure. I tested the same scene in Witcher 3 for one hour each:

Max CPU original skin: 76°C
Max CPU mesh skin: 64°C -> 12°C better temperatures

Max GPU original skin: 77°C
Max GPU mesh skin: 69°C -> 8°C better temperatures

Here is a graph from the measurement where you can also see that the GPU throttles with the original skin, otherwise the GPU temperature would be even higher.

yeahe - ML

SFF Lingo Aficionado
Original poster
Monster Labo
Dec 19, 2017
@McIntyre Very nice results ! So you win a lot.
This is with the top mesh removed also. Can you remind me the configuration (CPU & GPU) & if possible the maximum power consumption of each component ?
This is indeed really nice improvements.
Many many thanks !

@Nord1ing Nice job !!!

@Duality92 How are things going ?

Some updates on our side.
  1. Some prototypes you are waiting for will arrive at the office tomorrow ;)
  2. We are preparing Computex. New skin will be shown with art work of Gizmo2poche.
    Monsterlabo will be of for 10 days starting the 05/23/19
  3. Configuration are still available so as some pre-prod


yeahe - ML

SFF Lingo Aficionado
Original poster
Monster Labo
Dec 19, 2017
Zotac GTX 1660ti + Ryzen 1700 + Asrock H370-itx + Seasonic SGX650W - Full fanless mod + New skin (teaser)
--> Modified motheboard back plate possible and nice.
-->On the way to computex.



What's an ITX?
Apr 23, 2019
Hello guys,

I just received my (a bit customised) The First - High End this week (i5 9600K + RTX 2070) !

Thanks MonsterLabo team for :
  • the quality of your advices befory I bought it,
  • building it for me,
  • the quality of the shipping package,
  • this wonderfull product !
I am so glad to have a high performance computer in a nice small case that does'nt make any noise !! (my girlfriend is also very happy about that too!!)

Performances are very good with benchmarking tools (3D Mark score : 7 792) and games !
The heat dissipation seems to work very well as shown in this graphic (case closed).

Best regards,
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