Production The First - Monsterlabo High Performance SFF case & Fanless CPU / GPU

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    "The First" = SFF Case + Double Fanless cooling + Custom design
    = An innovative Fanless solution for Gaming and workstation
    = No noise !









    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The First is available on our site for purchase.
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    Project presentation:

    The First is a project in which the cooling is the central piece of the design.
    Like no other system we developped the case around. This is 2.7kg of cooling able to cool high end configuration without any noise.
    Also the cooling is designed for both GPU and CPU. This design is totally unique and patented.
    You can have the configuration you want without compromise between size, performance and noise.


    2019/02/09 - Assembly guide - Part 1 - Unboxing
    2019/02/06 - Starting deliveries
    2019/01/20 - CES Newletter here
    2018/11/27 - First performance video on Youtube here
    2018/11/19 - Compatibility list with RTX support here
    2018/11/12 - The First review -
    2018/11/08 - Galeries "Inside lab" here
    2018/10/27 - Paris Games Week - Zotac gaming
    2018/10/19 - Uploading pictures to the website gallerie
    2018/10/15 - Step by step assembly photo report here
    2018/10/12 - How can we ensure compatibility here

    Part 1/ Specification

    Dimensions: 205mm x 215mm x 430mm - 19L
    Weight: Heatsink = 2.7kg - Assembly around 7kg (without electronics)
    Motherboard: Mini-ITX (1150-1151-AM3-AM4)
    DIMM: Up to 60mm height
    PSU: ATX (Fanless) - SFX (semi-passive solution available)
    Storage: 3 SSD (All) + 1 HDD (SFX only) in standard
    Fan slot: 120 to 140mm for high configuration

    Part 2/ Product assembly.

    How to mount my motherboard here

    Part 3/ Compatibility

    The case is compatible with some electronics withtout using Riser. Please see list here.
    But using Riser you can eventually mount any graphic cards on the market.
    We tested with 2070 .... This works pretty well

    Part 4/ Thermal resistance and performance

    Update 2018/11/27 - Youtube performance video
    Update 2018/11/06 - Furmak test - 21C ambient air
    The First V3 with GTX 1060 at 62C in fully closed chassis
    The First V3 with GTX 1060 at 53C in open chassis

    First in house performance made on proto V2 - GTX 1080 / i7 6700K - AIDA 64 - Closed case configuration. Full details here

    Temperature raise regarding ambients as below:

    Fan used this is NF A14 PWM

    Letting breath the electronics, you can win some degrees. Semi open configuration is when you remove the bottom.


    Skin option will be soon available for "open configuration". In the meantime if you want to put more holes, go ahead !

    In terms of thermal resistance for the most expert one:

    Open case - Fanless -> Rth CPU = 0.54K/W - - Rth GPU = 0.35K/W
    Open case - Fan 50% -> Rth CPU = 0.39K/W - - Rth GPU = 0.25K/W
    Closed case - Fanless -> Rth CPU = 0.59K/W - - Rth GPU = 0.39K/W
    Closed case - Fan 50% -> Rth CPU = 0.46K/W - - Rth GPU = 0.3K/W

    Warning: Please note we used a very bad 6700K with concave shape. A lot to win here for CPU !!
    Really need to get some delid hardware.

    Part 5/ VRM cooling - Yes we have to talk about this

    Part 6/ Options description

    Part 7/ Questions

    1/ The first is fully assembled (without electronics). There is no need for you to put 100 screws !
    But if you want you can totally dissassemble everything like a lego.
    This will help us to customise any parts of the design. A lot to do !!

    2/ DDR height dimension. Right now you can use any standards memories. Max height is 60mm.

    3/ Storage: Using SFX PSU and fan option you have 3 SSDs slots and 1 HDD.

    Part 8/ The Team
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Just somes words about the team: - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I'm Nicolas (I will be the guy on SFF), thermal engineer.
    There is Elisa which is focused on press, media and she's also doing the website.
    Quentin is mechanical engineer and also focus on aesthetic.
    Finaly, there is Maxime that works on finance and advertising (the guy that has a lot of stress).
    Don't worry Jon Snow !!

    We are bad gamers but PC builder enthusiats. We are focused on cooling first and most of time we do and like what other don't ;). Definitely we don't like RGB and don't like standard.

    We are also "half time entrepreneur" even if Monsterlabo is a lot more than a hobby. It let us free to imagine and developp what we want. Quality and performance is definitely the most important and we will take the time needed to do the best we can.

    Also I want to say a big thanks to our friends from Watermod. They are an important help for us to do things right. Aesthetic and functionality has been think and imagine with them. THANK YOU !
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    Welcome on board ! Glad to have you here.
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    Thanks. Let me know if I missed anything, presentation or any recommendation.
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    I think that our members will ask questions if they need too.

    You're a French-Belgian company, right ? So, special welcome from me (French) and I think that @Phuncz will be happy too (Belgian).

    Also, feel free to ask @confusis or @PlayfulPhoenix for a vendor badge.
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    Yes you right. Shared between France and Belgium.
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    Hi and welcome to our forum ! I'm very intrigued by this design and I can't wait to see people build in these !
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    I dig the concept, if you pair it with Silverstone fanless psu it becomes an awesome system, I would suggest you put the possible specs that this casing can hold like the GPU, number of HDD etc.
    Some render of the actual final look of the system, or this the final look?
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    and MOAR picture, at least two more !

    Even if, I already know your project through Facebook sponsorship!
    Welcome aboard!
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    • Maybe I rushed too fast through your site but I can't find any expecting temperature values. I think this is the most important question for a passive /semi passive system like this. I think it would be great to see these values for your recogmented passive and semie passiv configuration while running Prime95+Futuremark (i5 8500+GTX1060 / i7 8700 + GTX1080).

    • Furthermore is it corrected that the motherboard is only physical connected to the case over the heatsink?
    • On the rendering you use push pins but on the real pictures (assembly guide) there are only holes but no plastiv clips is this correct?
    • In your guide there are no visible power cable installed. I think this process will be not that easy can you share pictures of an full assembled system including the cables? Same for the top I/O.
    • For semi passive mode: Where is the mount point for the fan?

    With best regards
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    Thanks all, I will complete and prepare the section. What I think

    Part1/ Specification
    Part2/ Pictures and product assembly.
    Part3/ Compatibility
    Part4/ Thermal resistance and performance
    Part5/ VRM cooling - Yes we have to talk about this ;)

    Also regarding your question
    • I will prepare performance summary. We already show some results here.
      Also for "expert mode", I will communicate thermal resistance.

    • The motherboard is directly connected to the cooling threw the fixture. With the GPU card also sloted it creates a really strong assembly

    • For the plastic clips, this is not the standard mounting way for the aesthetic. This is used for other skin that will be released but I'm not sure this was your question?

    • I will show you some pictures with the cables. We will change the gallery on our website to host all the pictures we have.

    • For the semi passive mode, there is a metal sheet plate just under the heatsink to mount the fan. We also provide anti-vibrating silicone mount from Noctua
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    Why waste so much space with an atx psu support?

    Supporting only an sfx/sfx-l psu would have made your case smaller and just as functional.
  13. eiselx86

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    ATX support makes it more convenient as it is the standard form factor and cheaper.
    Future customers might hesitate if they have to buy a new PSU along with the product. I know I did before switching to SFX.
  14. greyhound

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    We are talking about a 430€ case...not a 50€ one.

    And btw all other sff cases like dan, sentry or ghost aren t having any issue selling sfx/sfx-l only cases.

    This is a passive/semipassive case so the extra power reachable by an atx psu isn t even needed
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    Also, today if you want a trully 100% Fanless case, there is only good ATX solution.

    But using ATX slot isn't bad that way because it changes only some cm regarding SFX. We already have a so huge heatsink ;)
    Finally you also have the space to put storage inside.

    it's definity something we choose. We could have done that smaller, using external PSU for exemple but sacrifying a lot of features at the end.

    Maybe next time ;)
  16. Arion

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    I really like your concept! Some questions from my side:
    1. When do you expect the first external reviews to be available?
    2. What was the reason for slightly increasing the measurements in the final product compared to previous prototypes?
    3. Can you tell us more regarding the material and finish of the "skin"?
    Thank you!
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    Thanks !

    1. We are packing one today;). There is one guy that will have it in his hand let say wednesday. EDIT: This is a very early stage for us but as I said, try and learn...
    Next week, we will be at PGW, we have the chance to be hosted by our French support from Zotac. --> Painting job this weekend !!
    After that we will send "smoothly" some cases to who you know.

    2. We have added some margins and also increased a little the case to have smooth bending on the back of the case.
    This helps also to have same tooling.This is indeed more aesthetic.
    We are now already at V3 of the case.

    3. So all the sctructure is black powder painted (why we also add margins ;) ) unless the bottom which is orange.
    This is 1.5mm and 2mm steel. The skin, two U shape + top and back is 2mm aluminium which is anodized.
    "The belt" is 2mm slightly brushed Stainless steel.
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    Yes but adding 80-100€ on top of that is not appealing buisness wise nor good engineering. Limiting your hardware options to squeeze height of the case makes no sense.

    You're comparing it to the smallest cases on the market with bad expandability for hdd/peripherals. Except for the Ghost with it's modular top. This case cost twice as much with an even smaller market to compete in.
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    This case looks great! Excited to see something like this come along.

    Essentially I've been tinkering the idea of a vertical case - like the Breath (still love) - but has a cross section of a square where the sides are ~180mm (ITX dimensions + tolerances, etc.). The cables can exit the top but are hidden away and slyly come out the back out of sight out of mind...

    And the design cues would be inspired from Devil's Tower.


    This is pretty much there already :D I just need to see what the cover looks like.
  20. yeahe - ML

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    Thermal resistance added