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    Also, where can we find out more information about your chickens? Do those come in black as well?
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    I'd definitely be interested in these if they're still available. I literally just got my HDPlex AC/DC yesterday. I tried to PM you about it, but it looks like you can't do that as a new member?
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    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but I am having an issue with my HDplex 400 watt ATC. I am using it with a Dell 330 watt brick. The issue is I can't boot with either the GTX 2070 or 2060. The HDplex just squeals for a moment when I press the on button. I'm pretty sure this is a genuine dell brick, so I'm thinking it's an issue with the PSU. The system works fine with a 1050 that only draws current through the PCIE slot and doesn't require the power cable.

    EDIT: Larry from HDplex walked me through getting it working. Turns out I was using an incompatible PCIE power cable, which I did not know was even possible. Huge thanks to Larry for dealing with my dumb ass and even offering to replace the unit (just barely) out of warranty, if it wasn't working.
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    Was your old one unshielded? That's the only issue I can see unless a connection was bad
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    It looks like I'm already stuck with my Era-Adapter solution to fit a firewire card into the S4M! (Probably for sale in the near future!)
    Previous post:

    I'm trying to install the firewire card in the bottom slot, the era-adapter gets stuck against the sidewall of the motherboards PCIe slot... Asus X-470 ... big bummer!! Moving it to the top slot then prevents the case from closing later on, as the 4 pin power connector sticks out...

    So I'm looking for a solution or a workarround...

    A) Thinking of having a custom bracket 3d printed that nudges the card a little bit to the left.
    Or B) Find a bifurcation riser that could work with the S4M... but this might conflict with either the GPU performance or the firewire card as they would share an IRQ in the hardware settings....

    Suggestion are welcome!

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    Desolder the power connector and solder an angled one like this

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