S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

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    History of the S4 MINI (S4M-C):
    SFF.net Interview
    I introduce the S4 MINI

    Differences between S3 and S4M-C:
    Twitter Link

    LP53 VS NHl9i DELID:

    8700K in a S4M-C THERMAL TESTING:

    Undervolting and tuning a 8700K (and other CPUs) on an ASUS board


    Best 1070s for the S4M-C and how to fit them:

    1080 in a S4M-C:

    How to install a 1080ti in a S4M-C (and the 3D Bezels)
    YouTube instruction video
    Youtube full build video

    How to remove studs from R1 and R2 S4M-C:

    Wrapped S4M-C (Obsolete due to SkySkins)
    My Attempt

    S4M-C Size Compared to other SFF cases:

    "Brickless" 1050ti S4M-C:

    My thoughts on Dust Filters for the S4M-C

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    Alive and kicking! Man, I have had so many setbacks and battled so many lawyers separating the IP but I have put in the P.O. for the run! I will be showing off the system at PDX LAN in July, and expect to have preorders up by then.

    I'm excited about the invite to this forum so I can share some of my discoveries about the process and learn from others going through similar ordeals. :D

    --------------NFC-SYSTEMS "S4 MINI"--------------------

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    Noice, Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see what you show off at PDX Lan.
  4. rawr

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    Hopefully you can generate more interest with this thread! Good luck.

    PS are those spare S3 Minis on ghe back shelf there
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    Nice to know S3/S3mini isn't the last of your console PC project.
    One thing that left me confused after watching the video is which DC-DC converter you have in mind that's to be used in S4. At one point you mention a max 19 Amp Dell brick so you have those old 12V ones in mind, then you have a caption indicating 19.5V 10.5 Amp Dell brick. Also you mention this case should handle 380W total TDP from the CPU and the GPU, but I see a mini DC-DC board in the rendering that is of the stick-it-into-the-24pin-socket type, and whether you go with picoPSU, picobox Z-series, or some other obscure mini DC-DC board that you can find from China, I don't think any of those mini DC-DC boards have enough 12V line, at least based on their rated max and peak amps. If you go with the HD Plex 250W one or picobox X3/X7, you would need a space somewhere inside the case to mount it in that I don't see in the rendering in case you use a dual slot "ITX" GPU like Sapphire's R9 285 that you mention.
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    Very thoughtfully made. The wrap-around brushed aluminum facade, in particular, is brilliant.

    Will be following this! Look forward to updates :D
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    Thanks for the comments! Veryrarium, I don't think at this time I will be selling PSUs, but maybe accessories (wiring, connectors) and providing links and resources for choosing your own small format PSU. The chassis will actually fit a HD-Plex PSU in the front under the power button aperture for 19v solutions, or if the end user prefers they can go with a PICO solution. I have actually tested mini-box's PSU up to 260w constant @12v. You need to upgrade the cabling to 15 AWG, but it takes it like a champ. I am going to be making a video of how to do this.

    In the end, I just want to help out fellow enthusiasts who are looking for the compromises and design that the S4 offers. I already have one business that is my "job." XD
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    Which power brick would be able to supply the 260W?
  9. veryrarium

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    Thanks Josh, I didn't think the HD-Plex one would fit but it's good to know that it does fit.
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    I like it! But personally, I liked the S3 Elite/Mini a bit more. Having the GPU and CPU coolers intake from one side seems like a more versatile solution in my eyes.
  11. rawr

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    Yeah, but the custom riser needed for that was pretty expensive.
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    I love the comments and suggestions. I love the S3 Mini and I hope to bring back another run in the future, but since this is my hobby I can really only handle one at a time. The S4 offers more of the features from the S3 Elite without the STUPID high cost of milling out a 2" block of 6061T aluminum :)

    I agree that having the GPU fan and CPU fan on the same plane made cooling easier, but so far I am surprised and satisfied with how the S4 performs in a horizontal orientation. I'm not a fan of feet but I have had a couple comments saying they like how that looks better...going to show that everyone's tastes are different!

    Rawr, I do have a couple S3 Minis in the back that one of my larger customers hasn't used yet...as well as some other prototypes. I'm thinking about using them for a charity but I'm still debating on how to go about it. Also, Meanwell sells a PSU that with some mods supports the 260 watts...and more. I want to make that video this week. :)

    I just finished powdercoating some of the parts. I never have done a green...so I went with a two stage fluorescent candy green over a silver hammertone. It shifts between a neon yellow and fluorescent green in the light. This is just for the show, obviously:

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    Sweet. Nice photography!
  14. rawr

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    So I looked at Meanwell's products, and I think this is these are the most powerful desktop ones that they offer:
    There is a 260W brick, but it's 20V, whereas the Pico is 12V. Will the GS280A12-C4P (the 12V 222W brick) be able to handle higher wattages?
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    Oh my god that thing is great! This is perfect for thin mITX + GPU builds!
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    You're holding out on us Josh, just noticed you have pics on your FB page with it built in :p



    Man that looks good.
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    Nice seeying this come together nicely !
    Cute heatsink on your WiFi card :p
  19. rawr

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    Which GPU was used in this?

    All I have to work it out from is the IO:
  20. iFreilicht

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    That photography is top-notch. But I'm a bit weary about the SSD position behind the GPU. I know it's a convenient location, but that drive is going to get really hot.