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    Hello my dear friends! The launch of the SKYREACH 4 MINI is around the corner, and I still have so much to do.

    The one bit of info I want to give now is that I consider the new S4M not to be a different product than the current S4 MINI but there are so many updates and changes and news that I wanted to go ahead and make a post to keep the "NFC-Systems - S4 Mini" thread less cluttered.

    The (very) long introduction video is being uploaded as we speak and should be available late tonight. I will post it here when it finishes. I uploaded the high-definition Sketchup model so you can play with it.

    If you have any questions for me after watching the video, or want to start planning your builds and doing creative things regarding the new MINI, please post them here.

    Thank you all!



    Which PSU to choose?

    I don’t understand the difference between AC-DC or DC-DC or Pico or HDPLEX power supplies, Help!
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    Hmmm I am thinking about stacking the S4 minis like my Schiiit stack (modi/magni) ....
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    Exciting times Josh! Congrats on all the development so far
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    congrats on a beautiful case! can't wait to purchase a couple!
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    Very exciting, Josh! My original Retrobox build looks just killer in S4 MINI #191 - You better believe Retrobox 2 will be housed in one of these babies!
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    lookin sexy!
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    Woot! Excited about this :)
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    Patiently waiting for the vid to drop....
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    All the pictures I've seen of it so far have been it laying flat. I'm concerned about vertical stability since both ends have those curved edges. On the S4 Mini (classic) the one side with the curved edges isn't as stable as the side with the wrap around bezel because of those curves vs the sharp edge on the bezel.
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    Sweet. Watching now.
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    Video up.

    @Sean Crees

    That is a valid concern. You are correct that the bezel side down in the vert position is super stable, and the opposite orientation on the S4M-C is less so. Same with the S4M--it is not as stable.

    However it is still plenty stable. I have a desk mounted on wheels in my office that I fling around and I haven't had an issue.


    It is no accident that the chassis bolts together through the sides now. Not only does this reduce the screws needed to get inside (which also cleans up the chassis and makes it look much neater) but it allows for business customers to easily screw in an adapter plate to bolt their MINIs down. This was a requested feature. You will also be able to VERY easily attach a widened base which I don't believe is necessary for all vert users but it could look really nice milled out of walnut or carbon fiber. :)

    THANK YOU for the great question and I am sure there will be many more!
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    Can the choo choo take a break. I’m dying!
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    I think you did a great job. I agree with all the changes. That said, I'm never going to put anything larger than a 1070 with a 65w tdp CPU in it. So i'm kind of glad i got a classic before they sold out. Almost didn't get one in time.

    I have a feeling these new ones are going to sell like hot cakes, since as you said most of your customers want 1080's or better in them. Congrats on all the progress you've made in the last 2 years, you definitely deserve it.
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    Watching the vid now. You've done a fantastic job! Your explanation for the naming scheme makes a lot of sense to me now :)
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    amazing video, neat! New thread!

    I LOVE the new skyslots on the 4th side, for increased CPU venting! :D
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    Can you say how many are available for pre-order? Should we worry about these selling out?
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    Pre-orders REALLY help me out but you don't need to panic about them selling out. With the help of an investor, I went all in and bet the farm, Jeep, and my baby's shoes and ordered ALOT
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    Congrats Josh! Love the new layout, design and features.
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    Just to confirm, you can install a 65W CPU together with a 250W GPU with a internal PSU/no extrenal brick? Or what's the GPU limit with a 65W CPU with internal PSU?
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