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    Watched it while working so must've missed it. What did he say? Did he say why?
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    he's mentioned it in several youtube videos actually.

    its because their manufacturer [ Lian Li ] ,which works with SFFLab & Josh, is moving from Taiwan to mainland China.

    this also explains SkyReach prices on ebay.

    since you can't just order a SkyReach case for $199 anymore, directly from SFFLab, a seller on ebay probably won't accept $199 for it.
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    This is news to me, as SFFLab says they will be restocked.
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    Josh has clarified this previously.

    put simply- his info is correct, while SFFLab's info is incorrect.
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    The Skyreach 4 MINI page still has the "BUY NOW" button linked to SFFLab's page and that incorrect message.

    Josh needs to remove that link and advise his prospective buyers of the situation.
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    Makes sense. I had never seen a clarification.
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    What modifications are needed to go brickless with a HDPlex 400W?
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    Here's the ebay listing. Guy's asking $700 now.

    IMO, the listing is bogus. Calls out stock photos and 2-3 week to process. Guy is probably behind on a paying a bookie and needs a quick $700 so he doesn't lose a finger.
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    For a s4m, you'll need a gpu that fits and find a way to plug it in
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    how much does a powdercoat cost ?

    $400 ?

    $450 ?
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    I put in an offer a few days ago, the seller turned me down and told me that he received a bid from a buyer at $800, but he could sell me a case he made himself for half price. Surprisingly that "$800 buyer" did not go through still, which makes me think he doesn't own a NFC and is instead using it as a front to flip his custom cases. Dude is trying to play some Wolf of Wall Street fast moves on people.

    I think I am going to get a MC600 and just sulk around here until Josh makes a new batch or I can be lucky and respond to a buy/sell/trade post before the many other people circling that sub like a hawk
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    $800 !!!!

    wow, that's a lot.
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    It cost me $100 to have a Corsair 900D fully powder coated and that's a 100 liter case.
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    respectfully disagreeing. since there's a pickup option, that's evidence they do have it.

    if you get to pick your own custom powdercoat color, why do you think it would be so fast to process ?

    let's say i decide to buy it right now, & want a neon green SkyReach. how would they already have actual photos, of a neon green SkyReach case, before that color was even requested ?

    it might take a while to do a custom powdercoat.

    finally, in regards to " overnight " shipping price, they have a pickup option at 80% off.
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    I think you are in cahoots with this seller.
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    I also asked Josh and he said he didnt know if hes gonna make another batch but if he did, he said it would be big
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    That's sad to hear as the HDPlex 400 AC DC is almost available :/
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    must be very popular, because Josh has a SkyReach case with them, in his last youtube video :