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  1. cornut

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    honestly no idea, I'm not sure which one I'll even use (black or frost). I'll get it figured out when my pre-ordered hdplex ac-dc & 2070 show up. I'm hoping everything goes as planned with a brickless build
  2. reifnotreef

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    Just wanted to hop on this and say hello to everyone. Picked up a Skyreach 4 Mini off r/hardwareswap, got it with a HDPlex 400w and a Dell 330w brick.

    I just tonight took a gamble on ordering a cheap R9 Nano on eBay, hoping for the best! Was going to get a 1050ti but found the Nano and had to go for it, I love that little beast .

    With the small size of the Nano would the HDPlex ac-dc be a viable option? Trying to go brickless!
  3. CARC Mini

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    it will fit either on the side, or in the front with modification.

    its your choice.
  4. cornut

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    from what I've gathered, the AC-DC on the side, the hdplex 400 you already have up front. Depending on GPU, you may need something like this:

    Some GPU's won't fit, those that do will likely need a creative way to connect the 6/8pin
  5. Moonshiner01

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    Which 2070 did you get?
  6. reifnotreef

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    I've picked up a super cheap R9 Nano, so the 8 pin is at the rear of the card. And I think I should put the ac-dc on the side of the card, rather than towards the front of the case, because of the way the heatsink/fins of the Nano are oriented.
  7. cornut

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    Inno3D Twin x2, I could only find it internationally ($540) and it's doubtful I'll get the free game nvidia is offering with new GPUs