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    You should follow up on that design! Think of it as an extra deep 3D bezel mod!
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    I like it. Certainly like the thought of not having visible screws on the front.
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    Hi @Josh | NFC apologies to bring this back up, after your advice about the aviation connectors in this post S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C) I bought some GX16-3 connectors along with sleeved cables, heatshrink, schuko connectors and prepared them very nicely.

    Anyway, that said... while they are laying aside on my desk for some time now I just came to the conclusion that the GX16-3 connector doesn't fit the cutout hole on mini without making it bigger!

    So I was wondering if you have any tips to make this work nicely, without making to much damage to the Mini? Or maybe you can briefly show us how you do this in the next live stream?

    Thanks for any help!
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    May I know which hole we are talking about?
    If its the rear ones, definitely it wont fit, as its 12mm. If its front ones, i dont see why it can't because the connecting diameter is less than 16mm.
    Some pictures might help.
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    I was talking about the hole on the back yes. Since Josh mentioned that his method is using the GX16-3 connector to connect the power cord I didn't check the mini first before I assembled my cables as I assumed it would fit right away.
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    Due to delays in getting a replacement HDplex AC-DC, I am going to go for a Dell brick instead. How does one connect the dell brick to the 400 watt HDplex DC-ATX? Thanks in advance!
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    Thank you. Glad I saved the accessories.
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    Sorry is this has already been asked, but could you fit a mini-dtx board, like this one inside an S4? I couldn't see an answer, but I might have missed it.
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    That is a micro-ATX board that you've linked. The S4M only supports mini-ITX boards.

    If you wan't to do some modding you could fit an mATX board in the chassis but can't use the expansion slots for a GPU or alike.
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    That specific board will fit without any modding, but you'll be giving up the ability to fit a GPU in the expansion slots since the motherboard will block it. The S4M just has the 4 standoffs for ITX, the lowest 2 mounting holes of the 6 on that board will not be secured but that shouldn't stop you from doing anything.
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    Ok, thank you. I'm looking at a kind of weird use case using two single slot cards, so I need a second PCIe slot, but if I wouldn't be able to fit a GPU, than its a no go.
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    You could potentially look into ITX boards that support PCIe bifurcation, so that you can run two cards off a single slot using a specialized riser. That's all I know though as I have no experience trying that, so I don't even know if there is a riser that would fit the mini and which itx boards support that feature.
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    Took some time today to make a quick video of installing Distro 400 inside the S4M:

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    Thanks for doing all this investigative work. I’m in the same boat. I have a skyreach and g-unique 12v power system and would love to operate in console mode with the gpu inverted. Has anyone actually created an inverted faceplate for the gpu itself? In your pictures you’ve removed it, but I’ve seen other posts describing how it would be possible to commission a new GPUs faceplate for the 1080 ti mini or altering a Tesla backplate. Both of these options strike me as easier than creating a replacement for the skyreach part.
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    Not sure if I'm too late with this response, but a few weeks ago I built a computer in this case for a buddy which is running an (SiliconLottery) i9 9900K @ 5.0GHz cooled by a Noctua L9i and a Gigabyte 1080. Thermal throttling is minimal, and he's been super happy with it so far. I would say that cooler is definitely more than enough.
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    The SFFLab website lists the Skyreach 4 Mini as being back in stock in March, but those seem to be the default silver color scheme.

    I personally love the look of some of the custom paint jobs that can be seen in Josh's videos, such as this Black+Orange one [​IMG] and would love to purchase one.

    Does Josh do custom orders for just the case, or does it have to be a complete build? I am comfortable putting the build together myself if that was an option, and if really necessary I'd be fine getting it powder-coated locally as well, but I'd prefer to pay Josh for his work directly.