Rumor Possibility of AMD on STX form factor

Discussion in 'News' started by ASRock System, Feb 23, 2018.

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    I saw that, I think he may have just assumed, as I did.
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    I thought this was SFF forum, where we usually ask "why not" instead of why :p as long as it is in the spirit of making something small

    I guess Intel STX boards will remain the best option for crazy "why not" builds like STX 160.0
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    This is sparta, not SFF Forum. XD

    But seriously, There is no reason why the support shouldn't be there. If they want to extend that platform for an AMD deskmin with MXM, they're going to need it.
    Maybe it's just a BIOS thing.
  4. W4RR10R

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    I have been trying get in contact with Asrock, on this forum and through email, to see if we can get this support or what their reason for not doing it is. It shouldn't be more difficult than a bios update with the non APU SKUs added to the list of acceptable CPUs for the board.
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    For those who have the A300W, might we get a rundown of the RAM being used, specifically what is/is not confirmed Samsung B-die, and what kind of performance/speeds are stable...?

    I am holding off on getting my A300W right now because unsure of which RAM to get...

    I would like to get 32GB, but if there is no B-die kit at 32GB, or if a 16GB B-die kit is faster...?!?

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    I have the same question + will A300W support future APUs (95W 3600G)?
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    But is that verified Samsung B-die RAM...?

    I plan on going straight to a Noctua NH-L9a AM4 for cooling the APU...
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    Not that I am aware of, just grabbed the cheapest fast SODIMM I could find.
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    Sorry, to pull you back into this, is there anyway I could get you to test your 1700 in the A300 to seem if maybe my 2600 was DOA I don't have another AM4 board aand stick of DDR4 to test my 2600.
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    Looking newegg photo, memory chips are K4A8G085WB-BCPB
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    Sure can, but unfortunately not immediately. I'm out of town for business right now and won't be back home until this Saturday. I didn't get the chance to test it last weekend before I had to leave.

    G. Skill F4-3200C16D-16GRS is B-Die, or at least the pair I received is. Doesn't seem to be a common B-Die, though. XMP Profile for rated speed/timings has been stable for me with my 2400g.

    Here's the Thaiphoon Burner report:
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    So does anyone have experience with having a board repaired after bricking it with a bad BIOS (I haven't done it .... yet). I may have found away to add the support I want on my own, I just want to know if I screw up is it going to be cheaper to get it flashed and a repair shop with an eeprom programmer or just buy another A300M (~$150).
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  14. Kmpkt

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    I have two on the way and would be willing to brick one for science. What are you looking at in terms of BIOS to be used?
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    No need to brick one, I've been trying to get some help over on the bios-mods forum, one user said that the microcode for the 2600 (and I assume the rest of the ryzen CPUs) is in the BIOS from Asrock, so there has to be something else missing or blocking the use of the non APUs. I would still like to pursue a non warranty voiding move (ie. an official Asrock BIOS update). They also advised against cross-flashing a bios saying that it would be extremely unlikely to work, but thank you for the offer.

    Oh yeah, I went to a hardware retailer and paid the $20 to put my 2600 in test board they had to make sure I hadn't gotten my part DOA, and its not, just one more thing thats not the reason.
  16. Kmpkt

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    Not to put the cart in front of the horse, but knowing that the 3600G is coming out what would people like to see offered on this platform if another generation is released? I know certain influential people from AsRock lurk on these boards and I'd love for them to improve version 2.0 of this unit. My Wishlist looks like this

    - Support for 95W APU (3600G)
    - 4 pin power connector instead of barrel connector with the inclusion of a barrel to 4 pin panel mount connector for the barebones version of this board
    - Move both M.2 drives to the underside of the PCB in order to allow for more power phases etc. on the top side
    - B550 or equivalent chipset. Presumably this will come with higher speed memory support
    - Improved rear I/O (Dual NIC, two of each type of USB, eliminate VGA header to allow for this)

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    1. x16 or x8 pcie slot, maybe parallel to the board on the left side when viewed from the rear IO, to allow discrete gpu's.
    2. 4 sodimm?
    3. Flat/angled sodimms for a thin mini like board.
  18. SFF EOL

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    - 4 pin power connector instead of barrel connector with the inclusion of a barrel to 4 pin panel mount connector for the barebones version of this board

    What does that mean? Do you mean lose the molex for an extra SATA power socket- sorry if I'm being dumb?
  19. W4RR10R

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    The board currently has a 5.5mm DC in jack much like a laptop. This is located with all the other rear io, the 4 pin would allow the dc in jack to be moved else where in the case, like if you wanted to use an internal acdc adapter, rather than the included external brick.
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  20. Kmpkt

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    1.) Can't see a proper PCIe slot happening here for no other reason than they wouldn't want to cannibalize their ITX boards. That being said if 500 series AMD chipsets end up rolling with PCIe 4.0 we should see twice the throughput of current M.2 which means an M.2 to PCIe 3.0 x8 adapter should be a very real possibility.

    2.) Can't see the use for 4 SODIMMs for the vast majority of users (APU gamers I'm thinking). A lot of real estate that could be used for other stuff.

    3.) Same as above. Real estate on this board is very limited. Would rather have more power phases and the possibility to have a 95W part (possibly with headroom to overclock).
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