amd cpu

  1. 3lfk1ng

    Closed [USA-CA] AMD Ryzen 3900X

    Moving out of country. Selling a lot of hardware. Local pickup is preferred but shipping within the US is fine if you want to cover the shipping costs. Included in the sale: Ryzen 3900X w/ polished ihs and original box
  2. Tjo2012

    Log Dr Zaber sentry 2.0 with a Corsair Titan NC25TZ cpu cooler and a msi gtx 1070 mini aero

    Starting this build because my sentry 2.0 just came in today. Im upgrading from a silverstone sg13 and I need some advice on how to make my own cpu mounting bracket for the Titan NC25TZ on an AM4 format. specs am4 r5 2600x msi gtx 1070 mini aero cl16 3200 trident z rgb 2x8gb asrock fatality...
  3. D

    Custmod 4.7L PSU question(s)

    Hey Guys, I am planning to build a new computer using the Custmod FX lm case. My pain point is the PSU... Finding a proper high power modular Flex ATX PSU is nearly impossible. My build will contain: ASRock Fatality B450 (m-itx) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + Cryorig C7 RGB 16GB Memory (Geil Super Luce...
  4. Ricobandito

    Silverstone RVZ03B under Water-Custom-loop

    Wheyo Guys and im really appreciate to share my experience, progress and your feedback and suggestions to my project. Whats the plan? Im gonna build a custom loop into the Silverstone Raven RVZ03B. There are some things where i have or want to make modifications. I try to keep you guys up to...
  5. R

    Custom Watercooling loop DAN case v3 / ITX gpu / HDPLEX 400W / R5 2600

    Hey everyone, So I was one of the people who jumped on top of the new v3 case with support for 92mm and and 120mm aio cooling. I started off with the Asetek 545LC with a full length card and an SFX PSU, I liked it but my god the pump tubes were stressed. Next I ventured into 120mm AIO cooling...
  6. ASRock System

    Rumor Possibility of AMD on STX form factor

    There are so many frieds discussed about AMD solution on STX form factor. I told Crew ASRock had one AMD FM2+ 5x5 board.... Let me show off one board I found on my boss's table. We did a very very quick research during CNY. AMD 2200G box fan is so high that can't be installed into our...
  7. FabianCrazyman

    Full ATX Small Case

    Hello everyone, new user here. Been looking arround and thinking about a project and i found this forum. I've seen a lot of good works, and i love who everyone is trying to do a computer as small and powerful as possible. I had an idea of how i would like a case to be, using full lenght parts...
  8. confusis

    .SKP AMD CPU 2015-12-14

    Highly detailed with 938 pins. Theoretically can be used for AMD sockets 939, 940, AM2, AM2+, Am3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+