1. X

    .SKP MSI b450i Gaming plus 1.0

    Measurements are guesstimates, with most components stolen from other motherboards. The IO heatsink is vaguely accurate in height/width, since my model of another heatsink fits within a similar tolerance to the real heatsink and motherboard.
  2. TheG8One

    Concept Asrock A300W liquid cooled?

    Sooo I just ordered the Asrock A300W, and looking at all the components needed to build it out. After searching everywhere I haven't seen anyone who has liquid cooled this little monster. I understand its due to size, but would it be possible to attach the cooler to the cpu, and the...
  3. BryceK

    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    Hi All, For the last few months I have been thinking of making a really small build, but to have some graphical performance I needed to use a 2400G or 2400GE (which will be available at some retail stores in the Netherlands at the 4th of March). Now looking at the common brands non had a Thin...
  4. SaperPL

    .STEP Wraith Stealth REV:D NO SHROUD 47 mm Fixed radiator symmetry

    Wraith Stealth Revision D with fan made by AVC, without shroud, fits where intel box cooler fits. Format: STEP/IGES/SolidWorks AMD P/N: 712-000052 REV: D
  5. Phuncz

    News ASRock releases new BIOS for basically every AM4 board !

    ASRock has been generous this holiday by releasing new BIOS updates for basically every AM4 socket board they have ! The update includes Pinnacle Ridge AGESA, which is a newer version than Raven Ridge AGESA or Summit Ridge AGESA Here are the more popular mITX board...
  6. ASRock System

    Rumor Possibility of AMD on STX form factor

    There are so many frieds discussed about AMD solution on STX form factor. I told Crew ASRock had one AMD FM2+ 5x5 board.... Let me show off one board I found on my boss's table. We did a very very quick research during CNY. AMD 2200G box fan is so high that can't be installed into our...
  7. Thehack

    Production AM4 Brackets for CPU Coolers (C7 + others)

    SaperPL was mentioning how it would be nice to have AM4 brackets that turn the C7 cooler 90 degrees. I'm about to put in an order for some sets but I would like to know if the community is interested in them?
  8. cj360

    Dan A4, Hdplex, 1070 Re

    So my Dan case arrived and I decided I would copy one of the pictures from the case thread with an hdplex, 120 aio, and full size gpu. Here's my current parts list, 90% of the parts were already bought for a node 202 which are now in the Dan A4: CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor...
  9. cleveland

    AM4 DC input motherboard

    Are there any AM4 mobo with this kind of power input? The voltage, as well as the form factor (ITX or Thin-ITX) aren't relevant (at least for me), as long as the mobo could be powered by an external brick.
  10. 3feetcat

    .STEP Cryorig C7 Radiator + Fan v2.0

    Cryorig C7 build in Solidworks 2017. I tried to upload the Solidwork files but seems the files are too big.
  11. ondert

    Rumor New AM4 Athlon 35W CPUs?

    Hey folks, Looks like AMD is going to hit Intel on the Pentium level also. This will be fun! Report says that new Athlon 200GE and Pro 200GE 35W cpus with 2 cores/4 threads were listed on Asus' website. It indicates that these cpus will have Vega on-board gpu. Though, we'll see Pentium vs...
  12. mtspark

    Cooling Could anyone tell me what this is from?

    I was working on my case changing the cooler and put one panel on flipped it over and out popped this heatsink, I think... I'll go down the list of parts I have in case. Asrock ab350 itx Noctua l9a Ryzen 1700 Zotac 1080 mini G-unique archdemon Lian li 300mm type a Flare x 3200 Modivio case I...
  13. CC Ricers

    Cooling AM4 kit for Zalman cooler

    Does anyone know of any good stores to buy a Zalman AM4 kit from? I have a Zalman CNPS2X which comes with brackets for AM2/AM3 sockets, but need ones for AM4. It's not clear from Zalman's own website where to inquire for a AM4 kit for my cooler, if I should direct e-mail or not.
  14. Kamiii

    Cooling Pump/block/res combo am4?

    Looking to build a custom loop in a node 202, hehe. Anyone know of any good pump/block/res combo's for am4? Would help me out a lot!
  15. cj360

    3D Printed am4 bracket?

    So I ordered an older cpu cooler that could fit into smaller cases like the S4 and Sentry with their lower height limit for cpu coolers. Cooler in question is a Titan TTC-NC25/HS and it has many different mounting brackets, am4 is left out for obvious reasons. The kit from noctua is a couple...
  16. A

    Starfield MC600 with Ryzen 1700 and GTX 1060

    I have been meaning to put together a small form factor PC for simulation work, VR, etc. I needed something small, quiet and very powerful (for a highly graphical and multi-threaded application). I've been fairly impressed by the latest 65W TDP performance of the eight core Ryzen 7 series. The...
  17. wesbl

    Ebony Cube

    Hi! I'm waiting for my Lazer3d LZ7 delivery, but some parts of my build just arrived! Motherboard: Asrock AB350 Fatal1ty Itx. CPU: Ryzen 1700. CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS8900quiet (adapted by me! They sent me wrong conversion kit :(). Ram: 2X16Gb 3200Mhz CL16 Corsair Vengeance. SSD: M.2 NVME 1Tb...
  18. Thestarkiller32

    Motherboard AM4 mITX Chipset

    Hi, I'm planning a Build in a RVZ02 and the question is: [X370/B350] OR [X300/A300] because the 4 now available Mainboards are mostly junk in terms of Vcore temps, layout and specs....:( So sould we simply take a bag of SoonTM and wait for the holiday launch of Raven Ridge + X300?
  19. P

    Solved Which AM4 itx board for NCASE?

    Planning on building a SFF workstation in an NCase M1. Processor will be R7 1700 and will put in atleast one 3.5 inch drive. Looking at the Asrock and Gigabyte boards. Asrock ticks all boxes except the lack of USB 3.1 and Gigabyte ticks all boxes except putting one in the case might be a bit of...
  20. C

    AM4 ITX Cooler Compatibility

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer my question of whether or not the Dark Rock TF would have any compatibility issues on both the AsRock AM4 ITX or the Biostar X370GTN which I am about to be using until the AsRock board becomes available. Also probably worth noting that I am using...